Wednesday 15 June 2016

Little Things That Make Me Happy

Hey lovelies, hope you're all good! 

Firstly, let me thank all of you for the amazing response on my previous blog post. It became the 'most viewed post in 24 hours' on my blog and has beaten the others. I'm so glad I can't even tell you in words! Thanks a lot for always appreciating what I write, and for always encouraging me as well. It just makes me immensely happy to say that I'm really really fortunate to be able to share so much with you all.

As we talk of happiness today, lets just dig in some quick points as to what really makes you, or me, or anyone HAPPY! Is it the love that you get from others, or the belief that someone trusts you always, or the feelings of dynamism or energy. It wouldn't be wrong if I say happiness lays in building yourself, over coming challenges and conquering one's own weakness. All this does make you happy! 

But hey, does ONLY this brings a smile on your face and you feel gleeful? NO WAY! I refuse to trust anyone who dismisses the fact that little or big things (as in objects) make them feel joyous and pleased. YES! That's what I'm going to share with you in this post, The Little Things That Make ME Happy!

1. Picker At Pace Logo from ThemInABox

If you know me well, you already know my story behind starting this blog (if you don't, please read HERE and come back to read ahead). Having said that, you know how much I'm fond of writing and sharing my thoughts over certain things, which I believe should reach people in any way. Also, to connect with lovely people like you and hence, Picker At Pace is one of the most important parts of my life. Recently PAP turned 2, and I got myself a HANDMADE WOODEN LOGO to place it in my room/office to look at it every morning and realise how much it has grown, and how much it makes me happy to see where I am today, which I might have not been without having started Picker At Pace.

Got this logo made from an instagram store called, THEMEINABOX whose owner does all the cutting and painting of the products herself and that makes me feel even happier because bruh, she does some real hard work!

2. Wall Art form TwoGud

No. 2 on my list of things that make me happy is this WALL ART from TWOGUD, which sums up my love for pizza in just 4 words! This cool wall art makes me so cheerful everytime I look at it, as placed on my wall right beside my bed and makes me feel that true love doesn't fade ever. And c'mon you already know my relationship with pizza so I need not write it here and bore you again! (Well, pizza pizza pizza..will always be my first love)

3. Bed Table from Wrapstar

All those who follow me on Snapchat, are acquainted with my attachment to this MULTIPURPOSE BED TABLE and how excited I was when I received it and have maintained the same excitement till now. My life has taken a beautiful turn after using this amazingly handy bed table. It has cured my back pains, giving me relief from bending down and writing all day and night. Also, avoiding my laps to incur heat in this scorchy summer! This is one of my most favorite pieces and needless to mention, of daily use. My dad was so jealous that he insisted on getting one for him too :p

I got this one as a gift from WRAPSTAR.IN, having won it in a giveaway hosted by one of the bloggers on instagram. This table is really handy and perfect to use even while travelling. Foldable, fits perfectly in a medium sized suitcase, and has a special feature where the top of the table can be pulled up and adjusted making it more comfy to place a book to read or write on. It thus makes me really carefree and untroubled!

4. Computer/Laptop

It never was that I ran behind things or searched for them to get myself some happiness from them. I always found happiness in the smallest of things that I own, and that also makes me stay away from despondency! I find the true happiness in my work. I do a lot of writing, editing of pictures, working on social media and all that happens on my personal computer or laptop (or even phone, to mention). Basically, these gadgets are an integral part of my life and make me feel really sorted, thus bringing a smile on my face when I sleep with absolute satisfaction!

5. Picker At Pace Pendant from Privi Accessories

Last but not the least, at the moment this SELF CUSTOMIZED PENDANT is my most favorite piece that I wanted to share with you all. I had been waiting desperately to share the pictures, and my love for this one! My friends on Snapchat and Whatsapp already got a glimpse of it when I bought it from an instagram store, called PRIVI ACCESSORIESlast month when this blog turned 2, as a gift from me to me. Its one of the coolest pendants I own, and the most beautiful as well. Of course, it makes me immensely happy because 'I now wear my pride in my neck!'


It feels so great to finally be able to share this amazing story of my life, about the things that make me happy. I would also love to know what are the things that make YOU happy, because its never just about me, but about you as well, so comment down below and let me know.

PS : All my life, I've seen people comparing themselves with others and losing confidence because they could never be them. As per me, what we should compare is not ourselves against others but who we are today against who we were yesterday, and who we will be tomorrow. While this may seem simple and obvious, true happiness is found in a life of constant advancement! Let me know your views on the same :)

Photographed by : Mrinal Khatnani and Karan Sawnani



  1. I love your pap logo and pendant the most. You always inspire me to work hard.

    1. This is such a great compliment for me Sumbul. I'm so glad :')

  2. You're one happy person..very positive, giving me just the kind of vibes I need..and so is this post..putting you forward as the glowing beauty that you are..and look cute af :) ;)

    p.s. pendant's awesome

    1. Karan, Thanks for always being so supportive. :)

  3. You are missing something , a mirror to remind you what you are and how valuable / capable/ strong and hard working you are:)

    1. Aww!! Thanks Azman. You never fail to bring a smile on my face. :*

      PS : Thanks for the reminder. ;-)

  4. I totally agree and feel so happy to be surrounded by such a positive person :*. Kudos ! Keep up the good work Shubhiii :*

    1. Thanks pretty!! :* You too make me the happiest, always. Love your smile :D

  5. These little things are true essence of merrymaking i agree with this post completely!! U recalled all those things that are small yet have powerful impact :D amazing post

    1. Thanks a lot Divya. Your words are so encouraging, always! :*