Friday 27 November 2015

Flare & Fringe in Blue for Fall

Bonjour, les filles!

With a wicked smile on my face, I understand right now, half of you haven't understood what does the above line mean! Well, I appreciate the common sense some of you used to decode the words, it means 'hello, girls' (in french). No no, I'm not learning french, was actually deciding upon a lunch date with my team of photographers and one of them had a french class to attend. She started telling me some words and I thought of throwing them at you too! Lol!

Anyways, tell me how are you? Enjoying winters? Well, I have started to do that because there's just no other way out. I pulled out my body warmers, jackets and shawls yesterday since the weather took a drastic turn and I started feel the chill. But during the day its still a little hot with the cold winds blowing, and I tend to wear short skirts so I thought of sharing one of my last looks for Fall '15 today! Its super easy to carry and extremely classy; so scroll down to read more....

skirt, shrug : | top : Old Buy (DIY) | shoes : Max Fashion
bracelets : Handmade | earrings, rings : Flipkart | sunglasses : Colaba (Mumbai) | necklace : Lucknow Mohatsav

Its not everyday when I work upon my looks vigorously. But sometimes, when I'm in mood and not feeling too lazy, I tend to try some quick DIYs to revamp my closet! Recently I'd been seeing a lot of fringe creations into tees, bags, skirts and almost every where. T-shirts caught my attention way more earlier than the other stuff, and I thought of giving my old pieces a fall cut! I read a knotted fringe top tutorial on Inakshi Harneja's blog (Voguish affair) a few days back, and I got boosted to try out it myself! So for this particular look, I cut my tee from the bottom half and knotted it up into fringes which actually came out to be good! The only catch was that it turned into a crop top since then and I felt so shy wearing it. I tried it upon jeans, leggings, palazzos, but nothing worked. 

Upon searching for new clothes online, I got my eyes on this blue short skirt on StalkBuyLove and bought it instantly, because I had envisioned to create my favorite Fall look with everything that could flare and create magic! The DIY crop tee matched perfectly with the skirt and while I twirled, I could see the fringes doing their job with glamour! Now, you know I'm a petite woman ('coz I myself have said that umpteen number of times) so I wanted to opt for something that could give me a taller silhouette and yet complete the look in an exquisite way. Upon thinking ardently, I finalised to add a long shrug over the skirt & top. The shrug section on StalkBuyLove came to my rescue and I got just the right piece for myself! A blue, cotton twill shrug that had a bold front cut and long sleeves that saved me from the blowing wind. Almost like a knee length dress from behind, or a cape blazer, it looked so magical! Its such a versatile piece that it can be worn on a casual jeans - top, a short dress, or a skirt blouse look like I did!

Creating comfy looks is my habit (as to put it straight), and going modish is what I want almost everytime I step out of my house! So opting for a pair of casual sneakers from Max store's kids section (because my feet is so small) was my favorite part of this look! And the much needed accessories that included a spike necklace that added a boho charm, a few handmade bracelets, some silver midi rings to match the earrings and my super cool blue lennons that gave the whole look a complete blue feel, which I actually realized after I teamed up all the pieces together; well 'twas all perfect! Also, I would like to mention that after a really long time time I experimented with my hair and went in for a fish braid as to keep the appearance all trendy and fad!

To end, this look will best suit you in the day! But if you're planning to carry it at night, opt for heels in place of sneakers and add a statement necklace in place of a casual one! If you liked this outfit, do let me know in the comments below and for my daily OOTDs, feel free to FOLLOW ME on instagram & twitter!

Photographed by : Nahid Saman


Thursday 19 November 2015

Triple Role with my Lavie Bag

Hello pretty ladies! How's it going? I know most of you are busy preparing for your exams these days and also trying to cope with your attendance at numerous birthday parties. Don't you think November has way too many birthdays lined up? I personally noticed it, as if all my friends were born in this month! :P Anyways, coming back to your exams and parties where you're juggling in between both, one major thing you all need is bags. As per me, girls are really good with picking up clothes for occasions but do not really care about the bags they carry! Take my word for this, 'bags really can change the style of your whole outfit.' But, we can't always have bags as the same number of clothes we have in our wardrobe, right? So, today I've got you 3 outfit looks using a single bag from a super luxury brand called LAVIE (yes you guessed it right, the one Kareena Kapoor was the brand ambassador for), that you can rock by adding the same bag with all. 

LOOK 1 - Casual Swag

crop top : AND  |  jeans : MANGO  |  wedges : Clarks
 feather clip : FabAlley  |  bracelets : Handmade  |  bag : Lavie

Be it be college lectures, shopping, or casual outings with your friends, you always need to be comfortable yet stylish. For my first look, I opted for a pair of sky blue, skin fitted jeans, a black crop top and subtle pink wedges that are extremely comfy. Also, many of you know that I'm a very lively person and love to add popping colors in my basic outfit, so I put a bright orange feather hair-clip in my hair and a few handmade bracelets in my wrist that went really well with the mustard yellow bag I carried. This bag is extremely stylish, easy to carry and spacious, basically fits a lot of stuff I could need at college especially! Its a pure swagger!

LOOK 2 - Party Chic

top : Vero Moda  |  leggings : Forever21  |  heels :
earrings : Blur Store  |  Bag : Lavie

The first thought that crosses our minds while dressing up for regular parties is 'to look classy but not monotonous!' A day party calls for some bright colors and a basic solid team up! So for my second look, I pulled out an old pair of black leggings and paired it up with an elongated, neon top that had some cool stripes embossed on it. For my footwear I went chic and opted for heels and to enhance my look, I picked up beautiful dream catcher earrings! This yellow Lavie bag made the whole attire look so elegant & pretty because it matted out the neon shade, and also created an illusion of yellow on yellow. The best part about is that its designed as a bucket bag and I am fascinated by these kinds of bags and also that it fits almost all my essentials and I love it so much!

LOOK 3 - Snazzy Dates

dress : Missa More  |  sneakers :
necklace : Lucknow Mohatsav  |  bag : Lavie

Who says you need to wear sexy gowns and heels on your dates? A glamorous outfit can also be created putting together a trench coat dress, a pair of casual sneakers and a funky, boho style silver necklace to add that pinch of sexiness like the ones in the pictures above that I used to create my third look with the very trendy Lavie bag. It went so apt with the outfit because the bright mustard yellow color stood out on the olive green dress and the floral print sneakers also complimented both the previously mentioned stuff. This bag is so versatile because it can be carried as a crossbody bag, you can reduce the buckle and use it as a hand bag and ofcourse you can carry it as a shoulder bag too by putting it on one side!

PS : Like always, I love taking flowers for my boo on our dates so I thought of giving you this idea too though these artificial beauties are from and currently I have them decorated in a vase in my living area!


I hope you liked these outfits and the way I've added the same bag with all of them! If you did, do let me know in the comments below which look is your favorite out of the three! And now, THE BIG NEWS - You can stand a chance to WIN A LAVIE BAG from the brand through me by participating in a giveaway contest on my instagram. Please check out the rules on my account by clicking HERE and do enter! All the best girls!

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries


Tuesday 17 November 2015

Love fades, Friendship is Eternal!

We all have had cold showers of pain,
Our friends have then stood in our rain,
Deathly feeling of loneliness,
No need to feel shameless,
We've been there before,
Not wanting to feel any more.

Our hearts been broken in half,
Mind still living in the past,
Cold dark thoughts of suicide,
Why don't we do it tonight,
Don't worry it will go away,
Learn to love another day.

Put it in the back of mind,
Let it rest and you will find,
Dark clouds begin to part,
New love will mend the heart.

Thoughts of suicide disappear,
Self-esteem will reappear,
One day we'll again say,
Our friends stood by us night & day.

(All pictures are taken from Google)

Ps : I've always had ups and downs in my life, but my friends have always picked me up whenever I fell, always consoled me when I was sad, and have always wiped my tears! So, I personally believe that a bond of friendship should always be strong, because lovers might leave but friends stay forever!

If you liked reading this short piece today, do let me know in the comments below. Also, share it with someone who according to you needs motivation to get out of their depressing past! And, I'll be back with more posts very soon. Until then, sending across lots of warm hugs!


Friday 13 November 2015

All dolled up for a date night

This one's for my gorgeous girls, who are always asking me to suggest something cute for them to wear, something on a date night! So girls, I really wanted to introduce a structured skater dress to you! This style has seeped in my wardrobe since Spring and I'd been wanting to put it up long back but couldn't really figure out the right time. But now that so many of you requested me to write about it, I'm here to tell you some fun side of it.

The skater dress trend isn’t exactly new, as it traces back to the 90's inspired by the ice-dance costumes and a reminiscent of the baby doll dress. It resembles the light-heartedness of one. It serves a purpose of making the wearer look all adorable and stunning and it evokes innocence. The dress has a trademark cut. It basically comes in fitted at the waistline and then skims over the hips and thighs in the way of a full circle skirt. The cinched waist and flared skirt makes a woman feel and look good, without sacrificing comfort or style. The length of the skirt is typically designed to fall mid-thigh and it’s splendid for those who love to show off some legs. If you love twirling around in a dress/skirt, then this will surely be the ultimate twirl-inducing dress.

dress : ASA collection | heels : Jabong | bag : Gifted
handcuff : Gifted | neckchain : Bling | rings :

I recently got my hands on this cute piece from ASA Collection, an online fashion store run by a group of girls based in Lucknow, but they ship all over India. This dress has a fun shape to it and as typical as it is said, this one too fits from the neckline to the waist and flares up from there till bottom. Like the usual skater dresses, it is short in length and has a back zip fastening. Now that's what I love about it, because it hides my heavy thighs! Also, you may see my dress is a color block from top and has this aztec pattern at the bottom flares and the mix of winter colors like red, navy blue, and white complimented each other so well! 

Since I created this look for a date night, I chose to team it up with a cute pair of stilettos, a long gold chain with white marble studs, a matching gold hand cuff to balance the look and a pair of copper-gold rings in my finger! Also, because I'm a minimalistic by nature I chose to ditch my earrings for the night. Now you also know I just can't do without a handbag so I pulled out a quirky, bold bag which one of my best friends gifted me on my birthday. It went so well with the dress and my heels so I just had to take it along, and of course because it fitted all my essentials! Girls, trust me, a skater dress has fun loving written all over it. It can make you feel exclusively dazzling in your date/prom night. Adding to that, you can even wear it in a party around the block!

In my opinion, people who want to show their chirpy and joyousness via their wardrobe, skater dress are definitely the perfect pick. They look absolutely adorable, and one has to love how vibrant they are. Everyone does go for the sexy look, or bold look once in a while but a "cute look" is something we tend to go for very often. With the perfect type of clothes one can get it and let their outfit flow! Try looking for some at ASA collection, because they have a lot of cute stuff up there. Go check them out now.

Photographed by : Nahid Saman


Sunday 8 November 2015

Be the unconventional girl this Diwali

Say hey, my lovely ladies? Are you stressed? Not getting your perfect Diwali dress? Well, worry no more because I'm here to tell you something amazing! This festive season you gotta be the unconventional girl, the one looking the best, standing out of the rest!

To be true, Diwali is my most favorite festival and I wait for it whole heartedly every year. I feel that Diwali brings with it a sense of enthusiasm and festive fervour that no other Indian festival incites. In simple words, unless you live under a rock, you can’t possibly be impervious to the festive flavour in the air this Diwali. Now hold on tight because I'm going to take you to a fashion ride today, suggesting you an outfit for the big celebration day, and I'm sure you'll love it!

slit maxi top : Saatchi Fashion | leggings : Forever21 | heels : Jabong
earrings : AeTee Designs | bracelet :
*flower crown designed by Shishta Maurya

The festival of lights is just round the corner and you are running from pillar to post to make sure everything goes well. From making elaborate plans on how much sweets have to be consumed to deciding on the various designs of rangolis that you will draw at the doorstep, the card party at your place and the elaborate decoration that needs to be done in the temple area, everything is being chalked out well in advance. But did you decide your outfit for the day yet? If you are like me, you’re in a bit of a quandary about what to wear. You already wore that bling anarkali last year, the gota patti sari too has seen its day in the sun, a lehenga feels too OTT for the occasion. And that leaves you with – nothing!

Here I bring you something that you might have never thought would be apt for an occasion like Diwali, like such a grand affair! A light color, slit maxi top filled with quirky and exquisite prints like butterflies, from top to bottom worn with a pair of solid color leggings, heavy statement earrings with a chunk bracelet, a floral crown on my head, teamed up with a pair of green strappy heels in my feet where the gold color of stiletto adds to the much needed bling to the outfit is my pick for this year's biggest celebration and my favorite festival, like I mentioned above!

Saatchi Fashion, a designer store based in the heart of Bangalore is delivering some cool slit tops all over India now. They recently launched their festive collection with contemporary designs, mainly made up of cotton silk at much affordable rates; where maxi tops like these are the most in demand! The best apart is that the customer can choose to get the top customised as per her wish! I was quite adamant on not wearing any traditional Indian outfit this Diwali and this store came to my rescue on instagram! Diwali is all about the triumph of light over darkness, so I opted for lighter colored maxi top (looking much like a kurti though) covered with brighter coloured butterfly print that look so cool all the time, and that exuberant flair gives the maxi top a boho-chic look too! I couldn't stop dancing and making it go up-down, and in all directions, watching it flow and myself sway like never before!

Now, remember that Diwali is meant to be enjoyed so make sure you are happy and comfortable in the outfit of your choice. Also, whether you are out shopping at nights before Diwali or hosting a card party at home, staying fashion forward is a must! With the festive days just around the corner, the first thought that comes to mind is what to wear to make yourself stand out from the rest, so quickly go and take a look at Saatchi Fashion's latest collection right away and order some quirky, fun attires for yourself this Diwali to look & feel your best!

Wishing all of you a very Happy Diwali in advance! Make sure you have a green and a safe Diwali! Until then, sending across lots of love.

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries


Sunday 1 November 2015

Glitter Makes Everyone Shine

What's up people? Hope y'all are doing good!

Okay, before I start anything today, just tell me, how often do you open your post boxes, pull out letters and smile looking at the number of greeting cards that you received rather than your business letters and grump?! 

Isn't it a relief to know that you have friends and family members who think about you & wish you on every occasion? Of course, for me its a beautiful feeling, specially if its from my siblings/cousins! But, past 6 months I have been opening my letters very carefully, and some of you already know the reason why, (in case you don't remember, read everything HERE and HERE). But again, in all the excitement, I goofed up! LOL!! Scroll down to watch how..

It sure feels captivating when you find a greeting card from your brothers and sisters in the pile of cards you just received! And especially from the ones you've not seen in a long time! You open it with a feeling of excitement mixed with a lot of low emotions. Mostly tears! But hey, did you ever imagine you could be pranked by your own loved ones in a way you could have never imagined?!

This Halloween, I became a target by someone whom I myself introduced to this glitter bomb prank, from! Never thought its going to be experimented upon me! Damn! The sudden pop of glitter heap went straight into my eyes, inside my shirt; highlighted my hair with golden specks of glitter, blocked my nose and yes, I tasted the salty sparkles too! Looking no less than a spooky Halloween pumpkin, I laughed out loud with craziness but this got me annoyed too! To be specific, my first reaction was WTF! Though I knew that after I played a prank on a lot of people this year by choosing glitter bombs from YEHG, some of my friends will be taking a sweet revenge from me too, but didn't expect it to be this soon! Sometimes, you're not just in the mood to tolerate any prank, and when its this bad to clean up from your body & corners of your room after the card burst open and messed up everything, it takes ages to wipe off all the mess!

On the contrary, its so easy to buy a glitter bomb by paying Rs.349 through a debit card, entering the recipient's name, address and the color of glitter you want to put in the bomb, add a personal note (wicked or sweet) and just press a BUY button the site that adds a wicked smile on the prankster's face. Like, 'wow'! I wish had a feature of sending me a 'Beaware' message before sending me a card on behalf of the prankster.

To end, a big thanks to my sweet cousins who got me to be a part of a fun glitter party at home, embarrassing myself in front of 10 others, looking scary as hell and still trying to remove the glitter particles from my hair, though already washed a billion times since the day!

PS : Now, there's also something really special and unique that this website offers now. It has this new category on the website with the title MAKE ONE HAPPY; where you get to choose to add one of the three options - A meal, An ice-cream or A pair of new slippers for 1 street kid at a time, while you buy a glitter bomb for your friend. The best part is that the website team is going to personally deliver the gift to the kid on your name for free, so you know it is going into the right hands.

So, stop laughing and go play a scary or a sweet prank on your friends or cousins this festive season with glitter bombs from and either make them smile or scare them out and shower some love on a little kid around by sending him some love across!

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries