Monday 29 June 2015

Color Popping with StalkBuyLove

dress, bucket bag : StalkBuyLove
heels, belt : Jabong | neckpiece : Gifted

Its not everyday that I am forced to refuse my friends a dress they ask me for. This time I was in such a dilemma to have done so to one of my closest friends who asked me if I had a white dress. Messing up the whole wardrobe and finding none was a hitback! Damn! So, what do you do when you're in a crisis of a color that is so basic? Obviously, go out for shopping, right? But if you get a chance to shop sitting at home, logging into the StalkBuyLove website, what's more pleasing? Doing so, I just found an elegant ivory dress that stole my heart at the first glance! I just had to buy it any how. Well, its been an exciting June 2015, I've been added to the Exclusive Friends Circle of SBL, and getting an opportunity to pick 2 of my favorites for the month, here it is, my first pick is this ivory sheer stripes dress which has brought pure love to my wardrobe! The dress is such an awesome looking piece. Mainly made up of knit cotton and the trims be of polyamide net, its a perfect blend of fabric for summer, helping me stay cool throughout the day. Plus, the ivory color is so soothing under the clouds, and the sun makes me feel all bold and bright by exposing the plainness of the same color look all hot too! This dress fits me really nicely, giving my body a curvy shape which hides my bulkiness ofcourse, since its an A-line silhouette with an elastic in the centre, it flairs up the whole style giving it an edge and the net at the top and bottom of the dress gives it a definition to near perfect. Its a true versatile piece as you can wear it at work, casual day-outs, at shopping, a summer brunch or even parties by just adding different accessories and jewelry since white goes with just any odds and sodds.

You can see in the pictures above, I created the look by adding a pop of color that is quite cute and bold (well, I know these two adjectives rarely go with each other, but that's the beauty of white, it can create magic). I added the red-white stone cut neckpiece to the ivory dress, which is complimenting the red-white footwear that I've worn. I am truly obsessed with the neckpiece which a friend gifted me. Its super chic and crazily made. The cut-out stones are so pretty! I'm also in love with my new pair of peep-toe stilettos that I bought from Jabong a couple of months back! They are very cute and really comfortable because of the platforms at the bottom, and the buckle that makes me stand tall with confidence of not tripping while walking (I've had quite embarrassing moments in heels without buckles). 

As to continue my shopping experience with StalkBuyLove, it is no surprise that this website offers you the best of fabric material and the trendiest styles across the globe, starting from apparels, to accessories, bags, and more! So, my second pick is the orange bucket bag which I'd been eyeing since a few weeks on this website. Its an absolute kicker, since it is malleable and fits the odd things I've been troubled cramming in my narrower or more structured bags. It is such a spacious bag that I can now fit an extra pair of shoes, a big lunch box along with my everyday essentials in it without thinking twice. The best part is that, its huge size doesn't force me to compromise with the look I want for the day! This bucket bag is sort of the dark horse of versatile-yet-polished handbags in my collection. Also, one of those trends that swells up when no one is looking and it seems just right for the carefully structured fashions, all wasp-waisted and ladylike! This candy orange color makes me fall in love with it over and over again, and the gold detailed chain hooped with the tassels of the color blend is my favorite part. It brings out the style right, more because it matches the same color detailing of the belt that I added to the dress, covering the elastic on the waist. The orange-gold belt is from Jabong, which I bought only because of the Lock and Key design that hangs perfectly from the buckle making the whole look really quirky! 

When it comes to styling myself in the hotter days of summer, I prefer wearing cut-sleeved dresses that be all easy-breezy throughout the day! As for this particular look, red and orange are the perfect summer colors and I've recently fallen in love with and the white color which has drawn my special inclination towards itself, you know the reason now! BTW, while going through the StalkBuyLove website, I recently discovered some really stylish pieces that any girl would want to get her hands on, specially the colors, all candy and stuff!! This website has been one of my favorites past two years and if you follow me on instagram, you already know how fond I am with their products. So, if you too want to grab some trendy clothes/bags/accessories, go ahead and checkout the official StalkBuyLove website and keep yourself up to date at the fashion chain!

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries


Thursday 25 June 2015

Exclusivity at Pep My Persona

Although, clothing can be found in virtually every style in our modern society, putting together a unique look can still be difficult. Fine jewelry is great for special occasions and daily wear, but Fashion Jewelry steps in when it is time to take your outfit up a notch.

These days, e-retail stores (or in simple words, online shopping) is having a good share way too much more than local shops. Just like most of you, I too have subscribed to so many e-retail stores on facebook and instagram. And its really nice to see so many trends being updated everyday in various stores. A few days back I landed on this amazing jewelry site called 'Pep My Persona' and I was delighted to see some real exclusive pieces. For me, exclusivity is really important and this store just had some right jewelry and accessories for me. 

earrings, arm cuff, multi-finger ring : Pep My Persona
dress : Ria Dutta (one of my favorite designer)

Earrings are the butterflies of the jewelry kingdom, they can enhance and make an outfit look superb. I believe it is the easiest piece you can wear that can add an oomph to your whole look instantly. I chose these pearl drop earrings from 'Pep My Persona' because these are incredibly charming and include a fun shape and look so elegant at the same time, the pointed part falling exactly at my shoulder, looking all edgy and sexy!

Since my outfit was a cut-sleeve, I thought of adding an arm-cuff. I chose this flower shape, which was simply a breath taker! It is made of brass and is adjustable. It is fun, simple and easy to wear and can compliment any look with its gold coloration. The best part is that you can wear it for a balanced life full of energy and enlightenment. It definitely leaves you indifferent!

When it comes to finger rings, I actually feel a little obsessed with them and keep shopping at different stores. When I landed on 'Pep My Persona', I found a lot of exclusive multi-finger rings and my heart went 'Gosh! They are so beautiful'. More because I had never seen such pieces on any other store. I chose to get the one (I'm wearing in the pictures above) because that looked super classy. Starting from the big stone that fitted on my first finger, the second 3-line stone thing covering up my knuckles and then a twisted set of two more stones. This piece makes my hand looks a little extra special and is now one of my personal favorites.

earrings, palm cuff, finger ring, ear cuff : Pep My Persona 

My love for earrings says, 'picking a favorite pair is like picking from a box of chocolates.' You have just too many choices! Its never sad to buy more earrings, and this time I got my hands on these really pretty studs. The most fun part about this pair is that one of them is a long hanging thing to a flower and the other one is just the flower shape stud. Now that is quite unique! Since, earrings are those pieces in your jewelry collection which you can wear with any outfit, and match almost any occasion under the sun! Let’s not forget in the end, it is very personal too. So pick the earrings that represents who you are and how you feel. Hair up or down? That's up to you!

I think it was Jessica Parker who first came to my mind when I asked myself, 'Who wore a palm-cuff before?' while scrolling down on my laptop screen on the 'Pep My Persona' online store. Since its one of the most fashionable statement pieces now a days, I always wanted something like this in my collection too. The one I'm wearing is so gorgeous! Such a creative way to adorn these now for all ignored blank palms. It looks super on trend and you can make them into a bit of conversation piece! They are surprisingly comfortable to wear, and you can easily go a full day with one of these on your hand. Like most other jewelry trends, this style can be worn in many ways. You can layer up the bling, or if you really want to make it a statement go for a twisted entwined brooch like stoned encrusted piece for an event. 

As I mentioned above (in the previous look), my obsession for finger rings has literally no end. And with so many different styles and designs coming up, its always increasing! The twisted finger ring I'm wearing in the pictures above has a removable charm that converts into both a ring and a pendant, making the piece versatile. The plated leaves and the stone makes it looks more cute and alluring. Well, I love it more also for a reason that I now do not need to stack up several midi rings in one finger and wait till each one falls and I search for them in embarrassment. This piece has reduced my job to 'add just one ring and you are done'. Needless to say, I am obsessed with this new accessory too and don’t anticipate getting bored of it soon!

I love the fun, direction jewelers have taken with earring designs, specially the ear cuffs – perfect for when you want to give a little whimsy to any look. This glamorous piece (I'm wearing in the pictures above) grabbed my attention instantly on the 'Pep My Persona' website. The mermaid design looked super divine! Its so evident that earcuffs are the number one jewellery trend right now, with all the hollywood and bollywood actresses stacking up the pieces everytime. It has become the most lovable and coveted trend of 2015 with its unconventional and unique style. The best thing about this chic and stylish piece is that it is not only fashionable, but also versatile enough to be worn with ethnic as well as western outfits.


Now, If you are a fashionista who likes to step out in style everyday or someone who wants to update your look, the gorgeous fashion jewelry at 'Pep My Persona' is not only stylish and chic, but affordable too. There is no reason why you should have to spend too much money in order to look great. You should just do some guilt-free shopping on the 'Pep My Persona' website and I'm sure you will fall in love with so many of their jewelry pieces. *A good news for all 'Pep My Persona' lovers, you can now follow the store on facebook & instagram and place your orders there too.


Friday 19 June 2015

Glitter Makes Everything Better

I guess when I was a kid, I wasn't the type of person playing a lot of pranks. Rather, I was the type upon whom pranks were pulled. And I don't think my friends have grown up or anything's changed yet! Well, did you ever think you could just get pranked on your birthday with a greeting card? Did you ever think before opening a greeting card, on any day for that matter? Well, you are surely going to do so about a ten times now! And, this post is going to tell you WHY!! 

Sounds about right. How many times have you received some sparkly greeting card in the mail, only to find yourself cleaning specks of glitter off of your clothing and the forgotten corners of your apartment for weeks on end? The worst. Herpes of the craft world is right. Just look at the pictures above, don't you think I look like a Christmas tree, all shiny shiny? Yeah, I just got glitter bombedTrust me, the shiny stuff ends up all over your hands, your face, and your home, and it's all but impossible to clean up. I'm not even sure one should be amused or angry on the sender, since the card carries this wonderful note, saying, "You just got glitter bombed. Since its your birthday, I thought of making you shine. Hope you enjoyed!" Well, thanks for making me shine on my birthday!

Your Enemies Hate Glitter is the only website you can refer back to, when there is this anonymous sender sending you heaps of glitter (in India). Owned by brother sister duo - Divya and Maheep Singh Sankhla, this website was launched two months back. Their only idea was to give you a chance to annoy someone you dislike or play a sweet prank on your friends by sending them a greeting card filled with as much glitter that could be as terrible a gift, without really getting your own hands dirty. This service helps you send the recipient shiny, sticky and even stubborn glitter in an envelope that isn’t easy to wash off. What’s more? You (sender) can choose to be anonymous.

The website is pretty self-explanatory. It promises to send a glitter-laced letter to anyone, anywhere in India.You deposit Rs.349 on the site, enter the recipient's address, sit back and wait. In a few days time your enemy will find a nondescript but non-threatening envelope in the mail which they won't realize is stuffed to the brim with glitter until it's too late. Once they pull out the letter inside the glitter bomb will be released, and you'll be left feeling a smug sense of satisfaction for anonymously striking back at your foes or have played a prank on friends for fun. They will also include a note telling the person exactly why they're receiving this terrible gift (only if the sender wishes to send the note). The glitter will be mixed in with the note thus increasing maximum spillage. And really, isn't this the real reason the internet was invented? No wonder, this wicked business idea has got a really huge response in just two months. 

As you may see (in the pictures above), I'm kinda happy to have all that glitter on my face (well it actually made my day, an unforgettable day), I'm sure many others too will take it in the positive way! So, now if you too want to prick on your enemies or play a little cool prank on your friends (on their birthday), you should go ahead and checkout this amazing glitter bomb service site, and become a gang star by making others shine and smile!! ;-) 

PS : I only posed with the birthday cap for this post, my birthday actually is in September so don't worry, you're not late in dropping in your wishes! :P

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries (Rhea Ghosh) 


Wednesday 10 June 2015

Lucknow Mango Festival

Know Your Mangoes (by LMF)

As the king of all tropical fruit - 'mango' makes our hot summers delicious and as we all know, there just can't be a summer without mangoes and there can't be a better way to celebrate the mango fever than the Mango Festival. The Mango Festival celebrates the scrumptious fruit and everything about it. So, we present to you, The 3rd Lucknow Mango Festival, Farmer's Market and Gourmet Mango Experience on Sunday 14th June, 2015 in collaboration with CISH (Central Institure of Subtropical Horticulture, a Division of ICAR), Mandi Parishad UP, UP Horticulture, UP Tourism and NABARD for a unique Agribusiness Ecotourism Mango event. The Lucknow Mango Festival is a tribute to the popularity and the passion which almost everyone shares for these delicious fruits. No doubt referred as the 'king of all fruits', the mangoes are a treat to all and the mango festival, one of the most delicious of all Lucknow festivals is the perfect time to celebrate this fruit. Like the last years, this year too, the Mango Festival is going to take place at the at 'Saidanpur Mango Orchards' (on 14th June) & also in Lucknow, where the venue is 'UP Paryatan Bahwan, opposite Fun Mall, Gomti Nagar' (on 21st & 22nd June, 2015), organised by the Habibullahs. Also, 21st June being a Sunday, we have organized a special festive day for you having a food fest and cultural events like 'Aam Ki kahaani (for the first time) and 'Shayari on Aam'.

Mango production was never ‘king-size’ in the Saidanpur village of Barabanki due to water scarcity. But in 1965, a young woman of a royal family set out for the fields on a ‘palki’ and started turning around the fortunes of the Habibullah orchards. The begum sahiba advised farmers how to increase cultivation. Consequently, adequate water supply was arranged and words of motivation from the learned lady instilled confidence among farmers who got down to work with all enthusiasm. The orchard began to flourish and yields multiplied year after year. Profits too rose from mere thousands to lakhs within a couple of years.That was Begum Hamida Habibullah whose intellect and enthusiasm changed the face of the mango orchards in Saidanpur. Several varieties of mango, including Maliahabadi, Dussehri, Chausa, Langda and Safeda, were planted by the Begum herself, in conformation with the guidelines of the agriculture university. The saplings sown then have now grown into big trees that are producing quality mangoes. At the Lucknow Mango Festival to be organised in Saidanpur village on 14th June, 2015, you can have an insight into the contributions of Begum Habibullah and several other women farmers who have been nurturing the mango trees with all love and care.

We invite you to relive old memories or create new ones, savour a fabulous selection of Lucknow's finest mangoes with locally grown Beeji Mangoes like Gola, Khushboo Gola, Surkha, Lalbebaha, Ali Gauhar, Sindhuria, Tarifi, Tamancha and more. Buy boxes of Mangoes direct from the farmers to take home or to gift to family and friends, taste the freshness of the fruit in the orchard it was grown and tantalise your tastebuds with Mango delicacies like Mango Pakori, Biryani with Aam ki chatni, Mango Salsa, Rollarappa rolls with a Mango twist, Mango Ice cream and many more. There is a showcase of almost hundreds of varieties of mangoes at this Mango Festival. There are different varieties of mangoes that are brought by different mango growers to be a part of this delicious festival. The visitors here also get the opportunity to taste mangoes for free and savor the delicious experience for the rest of the year. There are the traditional favorite mangoes as well as the new hybrid discoveries of the fruit. There is a wide array of different flavors of this juicy fruit to taste, in different preparations. The mango extravaganza involves not only a delicious feast of this luscious fruit, but also cultural programmes and events such as mango eating competitions and children's shows. The king of fruits has had the fancy of the Lucknowites since quite sometime. So, we have developed some mouth-watering, authentic and unique Indian recipes for mango lovers. With the temperature soaring high everyday, the foodies will get a chance to cool off with either the traditional Aam-Pudina Raas & Mango Smoothie. Some highlights of the 'Aam' menu are dishes like Daal Aur Aam Ke Kebab, Mango Brusceta, Aam ki Biryani, Ambia Murg Tikka, etc. To satiate the sweet tooth, there is also a Mango Phirni and Shakramba.

The festival will include growers of the non-market "Custodian farmers" who are still conserving rare local mango varieties which adorn the plates of the mango connoisseurs in different regions who relish their health benefits, uniqueness and diversified uses. The aim is to promote Uttar Pradesh's most famous product, Mango and to make the mango season a tourist (domestic & international) attraction as well as promote agribusiness and cottage industries around mango by products, attracting tourists and investors. The publicity generated will make people aware of the investment and business oppurtunities that this can offer. Leading to more mango based industries in the future and also to ensure the sustainablitiy of our local agriculture, resources and the economy. We also aim to develop Lucknow as the premier national and international culinary tourism destination and to increase recognition of the same through research, consumer education and product development. Buyers from all over the globe are welcome to take part in this mango festival where there is vigorous trading of the fruit too. We are also giving corporates the opportunity to be part of the festival with a dedicated corporate area for their teams to enjoy the Mango Festival. In collaboration with Taj Hotels we offer an exotic Mango Menu at a secluded area of the orchard with rain dance and other activities for preferred customers or team members. You can also purchase a mango plant to grow in your own backyard.

These real big mangoes surprised many visitors

A cultural dance performance by a young artist at the 2nd Mango Festival

Qawwalli programme at the 2nd Mango Festival 

The first & second edition (in 2013 & 2014) of the Lucknow Mango Festival organised by the Habibullahs saw Lucknowites beating the heat to enjoy a mango-licious day! The days was nothing but 'aam'. Farmers experienced direct sales to consumers more than doubling their sale price. It was 1005 profit to farmers as we did not charge them for participating. Organised at a mango orchard, there were rare varieties of mangoes on display like Chilta Khas, African Apple and Husn Aara, a mango-special buffet for guests to gorge and a host of entertainment options to keep everyone busy. Qawwals from Deva Sharif enthralled the guests with their soulful music, while kids indluged in pottery-making, magic show and a mango-eating contest. Elders also had their share of fun, many were spotted taking a ride through the orchard on a rustic bullock cart. 

Different varieties of mangoes that vowed the visitors

Different mango products available at the festival

The Lucknow Mango Festival is an attempt to grow more mango based industries in the future and also the growth in local orchards and the economy. So, now if you want to buy naturally ripened mangoes direct from farmers and help support our agricultural economy make your way to this part of town any time, you are in for a mango treat with a great variety of mangoes on offer from across other states as well as rare local varieties. 

Road Map to the Saidanpur orchards.

You can also watch the LIVE video map to the orchard HERE.

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Thursday 4 June 2015

The continual journey of THINK TOTKA

Hi guys, hope everyone's good there!

Firstly, Tons of thanks to all of you for the overwhelming response to my first ever video message that went up on youtube a few days back as I completed one year as a blogger on this blog! (For all those, who haven't still watched my video, do so HERETo be true, it was like a huge task because I've always been so camera-shy. Well, today I'm going to be introducing you to the creators of my video, which a lot of you had been requesting, plus I myself wanted to do it so that you get to know who could bear me behind the camera, control patience and encourage me to revoke my mood swings! 

From complete mess, to pure magic, a film production company has to face everything at some point of time. But, dedication, hard work and perseverance are the keys to success, said someone 
long time back! This amazing production house by the name Think Totka has risen up in the last 10 months like a phoenix. Yes, their journey started 10 months back as the members of this formed team passed out of a prestigious film-making college in the town itself. The brainchild of a Lucknow lad, Wamiq Khan, Think Totka was co-founded by three more friends of his who shared the same enthusiasm like him. So, what happens when so many creative minds come together? Yes, magic! This company is the coming together of talented, like minded people who share a variety of skill sets that contribute to cutting edge media creations. Here work is not only work, but is fun, interactive, and a melting pot for good ideas that are forged in the fires of production to deliver quality media solutions to one's communication needs.

Meet The Team

Wamiq Khan : Founder/Creative Director/Screenwriter/Editor/Sound Recordist

Collecting people and forming a team is the hardest job that one can ever think of. The person has to convince everyone that his idea is unique and productive, since not everyone is acceptable to do something like film-making. Wamiq brought together people who inspite of being skilled in their individual fields were ready to learn something new everyday. His idea was to make a strong brand with collective experience of his team members which could handle projects with all possible perspectives to ensure smooth execution of it. To be specific, you can call him the back-bone of the team, who has always visualized to achieve the greatest of all through his exquisiteness. Also, being as versatile as he is, excelling in his field of work, he guarantees flagrancy in everything that he does, giving his clients supreme output.

Abhijeet Srivastava : Co-Founder/Director/Screenwriter/Cinematographer/Editor

It had always been film-making for him, only that fascinated him. Like any other art, it is a very profound means of human communication; beyond the professional pleasure of succeeding or the pain of failing, one wants his film to be seen, to communicate itself to other people. Since, post production didn't really enraptured Abhijeet, which he initially learnt, he went ahead making short films for quite some time and realized that film-making was certainly what he wanted to do.

Yusuf Khan : Co-Founder/Writer/Performer

It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Being asked to join in while forming Think Totka, the founder didn't really need to persuade one man who actually came out be an angel in the team, is Yusuf. Through characters, plot and setting, he creates places where previously invisible truths become visible, or to make it easier for the director to posit a series of dots that the audience can connect. The vision he carries with all his work is to reflect himself in it. With everything he writes, he leaves a part of him on it with a lookout that perhaps someday, he'll recollect all of it on papers and perish forever in a book. On the other hand, as a performer, he maintains the enthusiasm which is the result of protracted study, resoluteness and reflection. 

Ratnesh Pavan : Co-Founder/Photographer/Graphic Designer/Actor

While excelling in graphic designing, Ratnesh really wanted to try his hand into photography, cinematography and acting too. When he joined Think Totka, he knew he needed to give an innovative visual shape to everything the team does. He is available to engage with any kind of still photo shoots and cinematography which also involves the creation of original print communication, corporate identity design, logos, posters, flyers and album art. Other than this, Ratnesh has also acted in a few short films and wishes to continue do so, since its one thing that keeps him enthralled.


It is rightly said that a company is nothing without a team. Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work. Think Totka has always been a hard working group, each member of the team inspired by various film-makers, has an individual vision of his own as to what he really wants from life and where he sees himself in the coming 10 years maybe. This is what keeps each of them going! The formation of Think Totka has given each of these men a great start to their achievements. Their first ever project 'Revamp', a conceptualized short film was acknowledged by the Toronto Urban Film Festival in 2014, in the US, which gave the team a boost to produce more such stuff. Since then, Think Totka is also simultaneously promoting & online distributing a diverse of short films and documentaries which embraces culture, faith and philosophies. They have a rising YouTube channel where they have uploaded films like 'Awaken' which is a social message appealing the world to save girls' pride, a social interaction video by the title 'India says NO to HATE', another one being a commercial project for Lucknow's best coaching institute and many more (watch HERE). Other than film-making, the team has also covered Hi-profile fashion shows through photography under reputed institutes like AIFT (Lucknow) and NIFT (Raebareily), in the presence of actors like Kalki Koechlin and have been appreciated by many for their exceptional work.  

Be it a brand, a project, a product, a work of art or anything. Think Totka's dedicated and creative crew gives it with the help of the modern digital technology to promote it. They treat every project like a unique work of art which makes their clients grow. They are committed to producing a diverse range of quality entertainment for today's marketplace, with 4 experienced team members, covering live action along with in-house post production facilities, this company provides a full production resource for its clients - right from creative scripting through to broadcast. They bid the project keeping in mind one's budget limitations because their only mission is to deliver effectual and captivating world class films and their long term relation with any esteem organization that will insure the production experience is professional and enjoyable. 

Since I myself have worked with this entire team, I can very well say that they have the best collaborative approach which enables a zeal and zest throughout the project. These guys made me feel extremely comfortable and as passionate as they are for their own work, made me too for mine! It was indeed, a lot of fun while I was shooting for the video with them. Its not often that you get to work with such an easy-going team where the members are really considerate and benevolent! I was overwhelmed by seeing them committed to integrity, vision, passion and excellence in every shot they took.

(pictures taken during the video shoot for Picker at Pace)

Think Totka's journey has been really enjoyable till now. In the founder's words, "We make films. We make promos, commercials, explainers, virals, music videos, shorts, documentaries…you name it, and we do it. What makes us different is, we provide you the best professional work within your budget, whatever the platform is. We have no looking back now, since the vision always was to excel. To go beyond what everyone was doing. We always had it in mind, still do, which will make us different is to be original. We want to keep it real, we want it to be ours, whatever we create, all that we do should scream of originality, non-conformism and of Think Totka as a brand name, be it at the stock market, or the business brand of the year, we dream to achieve it all in the years to come!"

So, now if you have an idea of what you would like in a video, or you just know that you want a video made. Either ways Think Totka is up for it. They can develop an idea for you or run with what you have. Give them an opportunity and they will provide you with the best project estimate with options to enable you opt for the best basis in your creative vision for the projects. 

Find Think Totka on : Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Call them at : +91 8960575884, +91 7800290615


Photographed by : (Exposure Imageries)