Saturday 29 July 2017

Daily Hair Care with Hair & Care Fruit Oils

Hair are the identifying characteristic of mammals on Earth. We as humans are blessed with amazing hair but taking care of it is important, in spite of daily busy schedule. Its no secret that voluminous hair helps boost our personality and highlights our pampering nature. And, you would agree with me that oiling hair is one of the best workouts for your curls to grow and gain strength. Although the method of applying and usage of oil has evolved, oiling for long and strong hair is still followed from the ancient times! I have been losing hair a lot lately, and have been a sucker for hair oils in all this while. Most of you who follow me on social media know that HAIR & CARE is one of my favorite hair oil brands because I talk about it often as I, along with my granny have been using it since years.

Recently, the brand launched its new range of hair oils which includes two exciting variants with carefully designed combinations of fruits that work best together to moisturise and energise hair. Marico with Hair & Care sent me a box of these two products to use and review, along with a beautiful tiara studded with fruits that looks absolutely winsome. Read below my detailed review about the fruit hair oils, and a few extra benefits of regular hair oiling!

The first one comes in an orange bottle that indicates that this oil is infused with fruits like Orange, Anaar (Pomegranate) and Strawberry. We all know that a lot of health benefits are associated with fruits; but hair get complete nourishment with this variant of the Hair & Care fruit oil because Oranges come as natural conditioners with numerous benefits from its pulp, juice and even peels. Whereas, Anaar is rich in essential fatty acids and punicic acid and strengthens the dull strands and gives hair a natural gloss, along with Strawberries that have antioxidants which help keep hair moisturised, shiny and smooth!

The second variant of the Hair & Care fruit oils comes in a green bottle that suggests the inclusion of fruits like Olive, Mosambi (Sweet Lemon) and Green Apple, the health benefits of each of which are no surprise. Olives are rich in vitamins A, E and antioxidants, that help protect the keratin in hair and seals in moisture. Mosambi contains vitamins that strengthen hair and is also used for the treatment of split ends and dandruff. And, on the other hand Green Apples are packed with vitamins and minerals that help promote hair growth!

Talking of health benefits with the usage of hair oils, I mean the health of your hair. Hair grow when they are given enough nourishment to sustain. Although, hair is just a protein strand, it also requires regular feed of vitamins and other essentials. There are a lot of benefits that we all gain by oiling our hair regularly, and some of them are quite common ones such as : Good hair growth, prevention of bacterial and fungal infections, relaxation of mind and body, strengthening of hair protein, increase of shiny and lustrous hair, prevention of dandruff, prevention of greying.

Its been over two weeks and I have been massaging my scalp during the process of hair oiling with the Hair & Care fruit oil in the orange bottle. It's a pure blend of non-sticky hair oil with a divine aroma that makes me feel relaxed! Priced at Rs. 60 for 100 ml of each bottle, Hair & Care is delivering love to your hair in the healthiest and yummiest way. #MustTry


If you liked this post, do let me know in the comments below which variant of the oils would you like to use. Also, please share this post with your loved ones and help them choose the best fruit hair oil for themselves! Until next time, lots of love.


Monday 24 July 2017

Curves that Flatter with LastInch

"A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman's body!"

Someone quoted the above correctly. But there are women who love their entire curvy body rather than just the smile, and I'm glad they do. We're progressing! True it is that curvy women are special, but that's considered because they're classified differently. Not all curvy women are the same. Maybe you're a triangle or an hourglass, a diamond or an oval, a figure eight or inverted triangle. Whatever your shape, you're beautiful!

For plus size women who love taking risks with fashion, there is no word more groan-inspiring than the word "flattering." There are plenty of plus size styles you may choose from. In fact, some of them have nothing to do with your shape at all. Well, a few days back one of my plus-size friends told me, she's afraid to buy clothes online due to fit concerns, and that's what makes me pen down this article today, to help all plus-size women refer to where they would find everything they need in terms of fashion clothing! I came across this site while searching some oversized dresses for myself, as I too have started feeling bloated at times and in those moments I love throwing up 2 size plus to my actual.

The trendy collection on LastInch is inspired by young enthusiasts who always want to look in-style and fashionable. From the right outfit for bed time, business wear, to a perfect date night outfit, the website has all types of plus size outfits for your every special occasion. I got myself a pretty dress that I chose to wear at a party recently accessorized with various stuff shopped from different brands. You may want to check out all details below.

dress : | heels, earcuff : Jabong | bag : Ni & Sa | bracelets : Zotiqq

If you'd told 13-year-old me that 23-year-old me would one day be sitting on a computer discussing plus size fashion as an actual, thriving industry as opposed to a teenage dream, I would have told you that 23-year-old me must've taken some pretty serious hallucinogens. Ten years ago, plus size brands certainly existed, but they didn't exist in quite the same way they do now. Thanks to the efforts of body positive activists, bloggers, models, celebs, and designers, the plus size industry has grown rapidly. And that means that today more than ever, plus-size women have options!

Scrolling through the dress section on LastInch, I stumbled upon this gorgeous looking piece in pink with lace all over that fitted curves exactly, pre-layered with an oversized see-through georgette top. Its basically for women who have a heavier upper body but love to wear body-fitting dresses and still look graceful! Since I had chosen to wear the dress to a hep party, I accessorized it with some shimmery jewelry to compliment the look! A golden dangly earcuff, silver hand cuff in one and a stack of tassle bracelets in the other hand, with my new obsession in bags - the round black one with multi-colored tassels that matched my dress and the shimmery black heels!

PS : I'd take a moment to appreciate how artistically that bag has been crafted. I got it from Ni & Sa, a brand by two magnificent ladies who want to bring an evolution into the fashion industry with faux leather bags that speak both of class and bohemian culture. If you're intrigued by their collection, you can find it
 on facebook, instagram and also on now! 

For a long time, "having options" seemed like such a huge aspect of the body positivity movement's efforts, at least to me. But, plus-size is a fashion victim no more! As newcomers jump into the space and established retailers expand their offerings with new collections and collaborations, this category is finally having a moment. You've got giving plus-size women real options in fashion — not just clothes that feel dowdy or oversized but trendy clothes that are made for them. TBH, If I had it my way, I would never call it "plus-size". Though, we use it as a term because it's something to help classify!

I hope all you women out their liked reading this post. I've given so much of substance here, and after a really long time I feel so happy to have possibly shared it with y'all. Do make a move and share this post with your friends too! #ShareToCare

Photographed by : Outlook Doodle by Supriya & Devina Rastogi | Makeup by : Divya Vishnani


Friday 21 July 2017

Aplava Shopping Haul (in just Rs. 2000)

In the busy world that we live in, it often becomes impossible to find time for ourselves and to go out shopping in malls, stores for stuff you need. And that's when online shopping comes to our rescue where they offer various products under variety of brands on a single website, sending them to your door step at your convenience!

I recently had to shop for some skin and hair essentials that I use on daily basis, and along with that some beauty products that my makeup artist recommended that we need to get hands on for my shoot schedules. With shortage of time, of course we couldn't go out shopping and that's when I stumbled upon this cool brand!

Aplava is a website that claims to want to give its customers an experience of divine purity. What I really liked about the website was, that their team has developed a mechanism to advice and recommend products based on your skin type and skin concerns. All you gotta do is, use the 'personalized beauty section' on your profile page to get customized recommendation for your daily skin routine. They have a team of dermatologists, beauty advisors who select brands from a wide range of product categories including skincare, hair-care, makeup, bath and body, fragrance, candles and aromatherapy, mom and baby, home care, etc.

Also, what caught my eye was the affordable pricing of the products for each one, along with different discounts which you apparently don't get while shopping at the stores! So, I happened to purchase a lot of products from, and all for a total of Rs. 2000, now isn't that exciting? Take a look at my haul below.

1.) Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash (for my brother) : Rs. 167
2.) Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo (650 ml) : Rs. 410

3.) Maybelline Colossal Kajal : Rs. 180

4.) Street Wear Color Rich Perfection Compact (Neutral) : Rs. 175
5.) Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base (Beige Blush) : Rs. 175

6.) Votre Refining Toner : Rs. 199

7.) Street Wear Color Rich Mega Shine Lip Gloss (Smokey Brown) : Rs. 170
8.) Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color (4gm - Nude) : Rs. 175
9.) Coloressence Mesmerising Lip Color (4gm - Red) : Rs. 175
10.) Mesmerising Lip Color (4gm - Earthy Touch) : Rs. 175

I thoroughly enjoyed shopping at, and for many people, shopping online for beauty products of their choice is the most suitable source as it not just saves your time but with some research, you can acquire huge savings also by taking hold of money-saving offers and discount coupons on all your purchases. And for those who are scared of fake products being sold online, trust me APLAVA is one of the most trusted websites I've come across and recommend you all to take a look at!

It deals in quality branded beauty products that offers different choices to select from to provide to every shopper’s budget demands and preferences. Currently, they're offering a Monsoon discount of 10% on a purchase of Rs.999 or more with surprise sample products along with the package. Use code : JULY to avail it now!


If you were looking to buy skincare, haircare or beauty essentials soon, I really hope this post helped you in some way. Let me know in the comments what do you think! Until next time, lots of love.


Tuesday 18 July 2017

Monsoon Affair with Monochrome

Monsoon brings end to scouring heat of summer and the pleasant weather gets under way. There is a positive change in the atmosphere and life becomes beautiful. But, rain doesn't mean going back to the bygones; the change in the weather also demands alteration of your wardrobe. Monsoon fashion has always been associated with light fabric, bright colours, and rain affable clothing. But I always wondered, how would just black and white look during the season?! 

Shades of black and white and the damp weather are not usually synonymous. I always had the intuition that translucent white and perennial black individually might not look admirable, but coupled together the two could look divine if carried out properly during the deluge. The thought compelled me to experiment with monochrome and the end result is what you are going to see in the pictures below. 

top : Zara | culottes : Pantaloons | heels : Dorothy Perkins
watch, cuff : Daniel Wellington | ring, choker : Myntra

The simplicity of monochrome makes it a timeless classic and it's a revival to dominate our wardrobes in 2017. Whether it's prints, stripes or colour blocking, working the monochrome look is so easy, like my new look that includes a pair of striped culottes from Pantaloons with polka dot tee from Zara tethered in a crop top!

Well, this culotte style features a voluminous leg that billows out from a clinched waist and ends to 2 inches above the ankle making it a great substitute for pants and denims, saving you from drenching and wet hemlines. There’s also a comfort aspect to them — the flowy polyester fabric makes it just so cool! High waist tie-ups and vertical stripes are my favorite for the season (or just anyway), cause they make me look slimmer and taller respectively, and it's wonderful you see. As for the tee, it's a white cotton piece with black polka dots, with a broad v-neck that I off-pulled from the shoulders and knotted at the end shortening it in length. There’s something chic about those cropped polkas and lengthy stripes right now, that make the look appear apt for a work place and a party right after that, eh?

Accessorizing the look minimalistically, I simply added a black choker to edge up my neck, a finger ring in black stone, a pair silver sterling mesh strap watch with a slim cuff from Daniel Wellington's latest collection to sprinkle some glamour, finishing off the look with a solid white strappy footwear to keep the monochrome theme in running, very proudly from top-to-toe!

Photographed by : Yash Athwani , Devina Rastogi  |  Location Courtesy : Free Spirit Cafe


Wednesday 5 July 2017

Lots of Love - India's premium kids' couture label by Sonakshi Goyal

Hello ladies, Its been long that I've asked you, but I really really hope y'all are doing good. With that, I welcome you back here and thank you for reading and loving my posts with all your heart. I've been talking fashion past 2 years now, and many a times in between I've received questions about kids' style trends but having less knowledge about it back then, I had kept it on hault! But, a few days back when one of my designer friends messaged me informing about her new venture - LOTS OF LOVE, which is a premium designer label for kids, I instantly wanted to get her on board and do a feature! Hence, this post. 

The world of fashion is taking a new generation by storm. And this generation is young, small and tender. Kids fashion is becoming big, getting all the attention from designers, companies and well yes the parents. Looking at the growing trend and need for premium designer wear kids clothing, Sonakshi Goyal, alumni of ISDI Parsons, has launched her first kids clothing brand with a vision of changing the face of kid’s fashion in India. Lots of Love, as a brand presents an exclusive line of kid’s couture in the country. Sticking to the vibrant hues, the brand presents over a wide range of products with trendy styles, printed patterns, austere style of outfit and comfy dresses from color block clothes to mannish dressing.

Today, each one of us want to dress fashionably, and with that all mothers want their kids to look the most stylish as well. Remember when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan took her daughter to the recent Cannes Film Festival and all eyes shadowed the little Aradhya Bachchan, who looked nothing less pretty than her queen mom. Lots of Love, as the name suggests, designs all clothes for kids with absolute care and love in couture edition to make your lovely girls look tiny tinsels and pretty princesses!

From casual knitwear, block prints, to semi-formal and formal (party and prom dresses), in pastel and bold colors with soft and sparkling hues respectively, the label provides you with all types of ready-made garments with the best and comfy fabric quality for your kids. Its easy and hassle-free to select your kids' size and place orders on the website :! The orders are free from delivery charges, and reach always on time, which is yet another reason for you to trust the brand.

With the growing needs of kid’s fashion, it is now becoming popular to dress your mini-hipster in the current trends. Working women especially, these days faces a lot of problems while shopping for their kids and to keep up to the up-town fashion. And for that very reason, Lots of Love caters to all your problems, by providing a platform to make your shopping experience one of a kind!

Lots of Love definitely is a one-stop-shop for kids clothing. It’s your choice how you want to dress up your kid, if you want to follow the trend or if a subtle style is more your thing, I'm sure they have got something for everyone, which you will love. Also, style experts from Lots of Love share different styling tips for each product so as to make your kid a trendsetter! All the more better? Yeah!

Check out the Lots of Love website here :

Find them on Facebook HERE, Instagram HERE and Pinterest HERE.


If you're looking out for stylish clothing for kids, you must check out the website and try out their newest collection! Also, share this article with other moms to sort their lives a little! ;) Until next time, lots of love.


Parts of content and all pictures provided by Lots of Love

Saturday 1 July 2017

Women Hygiene : Stand & Pee FUD + Period Pain Relief Patch

For many many years, we women have got jealous over the fact that men can stand and pee, but we girls can't! Thanks to the inventors of the toilets who allowed the guys to just zip down, pull out their weenies and pee anywhere. Its actually so much unhygienic because they don't even care to wash it many a times like that! Whereas, we girls always have to sit on a toilet seat and pee (or for women who pee on the side of highways in emergency while travelling, have to sit as well, say hiding behind the bushes). I know, it might sound bizarre and so gross, but that's how it is, right?

On the other hand, men can pee sitting down, but few people realise that women can actually stand up while doing their business! If you’re interested, there are devices in the market to help you get done. PEE BUDDY is one such product site that sells these amazing Female Urination Devices (FUD) which help women to STAND & urinate in all public & common toilets; which helps minimize germs, is effective, and reduces the risk of coming into contact with your own urine.

Made in India, PeeBuddy is India’s first portable, disposable FUD. It is a revolutionary product for women who hate dirty toilets when travelling or work or leisure or those with medical condition. Using PeeBuddy, you can simple STAND & PEE and avoid all UTIs/Infections/Yucky Experiences at dirty toilets. It is made of cardboard, and comes with simple open-place-pee-throw instructions and is very convenient to use with no spills.

How To Use

Step 1 : OPEN
Gently Press the top front and back to POP open the PeeBuddy.

Step 2 : PLACE
Move panties aside. Place the open end of the funner / PeeBuddy between your legs right under the flow area.

Step 3 : PEE
Tilt hips / bend a little, ensure the funnel is tilted downwards. Relax and Pee.

Step 4 : THROW
Dispose off in the bin.

While the concept may be new to you, European women have used female urination devices for years. Peebuddy is India's first FUD, but not the first device of its kind. I myself have used it on my recent travel trips, and I have loved it. And I think you’ll agree it’s easily the best! Using PeeBuddy helps you stay away from infections, UTI etc. No more wiping of seat, no more squats, no more holding it in. 

Priced at Rs. 200 for 10 Funnels in 1 Pack - Check out for larger packs and prices on the website :!
Use code : WELCOME15  for 15% discount.


The second product that I want to share about is a Period Pain Relief Patch by Sirona, available on PEEBUDDY. These patches are 100% herbal and are the must for women during those monthly troublesome days. Many of us during period pain tend to consume various pain killers in forms of liquid or tablets which after a while starts affecting our body miserably. I personally avoid consuming them because I know the ill-effects! You would suggest using a hot water bottle, but let me bring it to your notice that it's impossible for women to carry it everywhere, every time!

So, on my recent look out for something new and easy-to-carry, and easy-to-use to cure my pain, I came across this Pain Relief Patch that works on the simple formula - relaxing the muscles and providing discrete, continuous and non-messy relief from pain and muscle cramps.

How To Use

Step 1 : OPEN
Take out the strip from cover.

Step 2 : PEEL
Peel off the protective liner from the cuts in the middle.

Step 3 : PLACE
Place it uniformly over the pain affected area.

Step 4 : THROW
Dispose in the bin after use.

Well, I would highly recommend using this patch during pain in the lower abdomen or lower back, and cramps. It has done wonders for me and has made my life so easy, and I hope you can say the same for yourself after using it during your periods next month maybe?!

Priced at Rs. 292 for 5 Patches in 1 Pack - Check out for larger packs and prices on the website :!
Use code : WELCOME15  for 15% discount.


If you liked reading this post and felt it's useful enough, please share it across with your girl friends and help them overcome some hygiene and pain problems. After all, that's what friends are for!