Tuesday 24 January 2023

Picker at Pace is Back!

Hello everyone!! It's been over 2 years I haven't written a single piece on this blog. I'm sure most of you already know that I got engaged in July 2020, right after I wrote my last article here, and since then I've been super occupied painting a new chapter in my life!

This was during the first lockdown when I met Vanshaj and chose to get married to him. I prioritised planning my wedding over fashion shoots, blog writing and building brands. To be honest, I didn't have the bandwidth to manage everything simultaneously, so yeah, the PAP blog went on halt.

I finally got married in November 2020, moved my base to Noida and resumed posting on Instagram. I also started setting up my new home, resumed working for a few clients back in Lucknow and while I was trying to balance everything, life had other plans for me. In less than 6 months of me moving away from Lucknow, in March 2021, my grandmother passed away and a month later my father passed away. So it's only my brother who's left in the family and it took me a while to let all of it sink in! With my husband and my in-laws being by my side, I finally gathered some courage to move on with life.

Nevertheless, I've missed writing and I had been thinking of resuming this blog since a few days! So like Joey said, "I'M BACK BABY!!"

In today's post, I'll be giving you a peek into some important days of my life from 2020 - my engagement and my wedding functions. Let's get started...

Our Engagement - 22.7.2020

I spoke to Vanshaj for the first time in the last week of June, met him in the first week of July and 15 days later we got engaged in the presence our families and friends in Gurugram.

We enjoyed a 4 month courtship and planned our entire wedding by ourselves with minimal help from our families. Our outfits, the venue, the decor, the food, so much! In the middle of the pandemic, when the world had limited resources to offer, we planned our wedding just like we had imagined since always - simple, minimal and just with our closest people being a part. We had 4 functions spread between Lucknow, Delhi & Gurugram.

My Mehendi - 20.11.2020 (in Lucknow)

Our Haldi - 21.11.2020 (in Delhi)

Our Youngsters Night - 21.11.2020 (in Delhi)

Our Wedding - 22.11.2020 (in Gurugram)

watch the complete wedding movie HERE

I would have never imagined a time in my life when nothing would seem more important than getting married to a guy who was an absolute stranger till a few months ago. But as they say, 'love comes in the most unexpected ways', I found mine when the world had stopped! 2020 was indeed one of the most special years of my life, and in all sadness and in health, I found my partner for life. Now, it's a crazy journey that's just begun! PS : In the upcoming blog posts, I'll be sharing details about the outfits Vanshaj & I wore for our functions / ceremonies. Until then, lots of love.