Sunday, 20 May 2018

A Tale by Suta : Timeless Classic

I've been obsessed with fashion ever since I can remember, and overdressing has been a thing for the longest time in my life. One would think that these two things are antithetical, that if you love fashion, you love dressing fashionably, but, for me at atleast, this simply wasn't true. Until very recently I loved fashion so much that I wanted to try all of the colours, all of the silhouettes, all of the trends, often all at once.

The latest type I tried was the evening gown. Trust me, I had never donned a gown before this that enhanced my curves and filled in me the confidence to rock the ramp (maybe one day). Thanks to SUBHA MEHRA for creating this beautiful piece and convincing me to pose in it for a few shots for A TALE BY SUTA - Subha's designer brand under which she creates some fabulous designs for girls that aren't only exceptional but also divine! 

Interestingly, I've realised that nothing can beat the classic elegance of a long flowing evening gown. You can dress any woman in an evening gown and watch her change into an absolute diva! There is an endless list of styles and patterns that are designed. From high school proms to Oscar nights to cocktail parties, elegant formal gowns make their presence felt everywhere. It simply accentuates the curves of curvy women, and hides the flaws of stout women. Slender and petite women look stunning in these too. Thus, there is a gown for women of every body type! The piece that I'm donning in these pictures is purely magical. Made of scuba fabric in a flowy style with graceful cuts on the back filling me with feelings of amour!

I chose to accessorize my look with a sleek diamond necklace from PUNJAB JEWELLERS AND SONS, that came in a set with a pair of earrings & ring as well. You will have to agree that it makes the look complete and vivacious at the same time! PS : I can’t thank my makeup artist SIMRAN TANEJA enough for making me appear an absolute stunner. It’s mystical how she plays with some brushes on my face and transforms me into a dream everytime! Some darker hues this time with smokey eyes, plum lips and lots of highlight for utter boldness.

There was the time, as a young girl, where I refused to wear anything except for pink, and anything except for skirts, which resulted in weather-inappropriate outfits, many trips to ballet uniform stores, and, I'm sure, a firm belief by my mother that the world is far too gendered. Finally, there was the time I undid all this girliness and bought everything black, and turned into the most stylish wardrobe decision I’ve ever made with also some black gowns hanging in there. As for this one, it has my ladylike heart forever!

I hope you liked reading this post and gazing at the pictures, as much as I loved shooting for it and writing for you. Do drop in your comments in case you want to send some love to my team for helping me dress the best, or for any queries. Until next time, love and luck!

Photographed by : Madhukant Tripathi & Sayed Danish


Monday, 7 May 2018

Mash N Grill food festival at ITC Fortune Park BBD, Lucknow

On a balmy Thursday afternoon, just when Lucknow was getting into the grip of tropical noons, I was invited for a tasting menu at ITC Fortune Park BBD - Lucknow. Starting 4th May, the ORCHID restaurant, situated at the 1st floor at this boutique hotel, has begun the MASH N GRILL food festival (running till 13th May) that is worth a try if you are a fan of the Tex Mex cuisine. It is basically a fusion of American and Mexican cuisines, deriving from the culinary creations of the west, and is characterised by heavy use of meat, potatoes, grilled veggies and spices.

I attended the event with some fellow food bloggers from the city, and between mouthfuls of the delicious bites and conversation on the similarities of the Mexican & Indian food, we kept each other regaled with our stories on kitchen food innovations and sultry tales about our passion for food. And from there, I got an idea of collaborating with my friend and blogger - Azmaan Khan from Talking Tastebuds to share a review about the veg & non-veg dishes for you all (where only Azmaan tasted the non-veg food).

I know you've been missing the reviews about non-vegetarian food on this blog for past 10 months, and for once I'd like to give you what you ask for. Hence, below is a detailed description of the dishes we tasted and what we felt about them all. Scroll down to take a look..


Grilled Polenta - These are grilled corn meal cakes served with pepper coulis and mescaline salad. One of my favorites from the menu because I am a corn freak. Beautifully grilled upside down and tasted best even with no salad.

Grilled Tofu Skewers - If you like a healthy substitute to cottage cheese, tofus are for you. This colorful dish consists of soya marinated tofu, bell pepper and mushroom skewers served with hot pineapple tomato salad. I love when you get to hold these stick dishes and keep munching on them one by one; it just feels fun to eat it, especially when it's spicy and grilled to perfection.

Cheese & Pimento Fajitas - Something super solid to hog on. If you're a fan of wraps, you'll definitely want to try this. Cheese & pimento rolled in tortilla bread, served with Mexican tomato salsa & sour cream. I enjoy tasting wraps and this was just one of those yummy dishes I can eat everyday. Tastefully grilled with soft and chewy texture.

Cajun Grilled Veggies - Well, not everyone might be a fan of boiled and grilled veggies, but I surely am. I feel good eating vegetables that aren't a part of my daily meals. At times, it's good to try some smokey grilled cherry tomatoes, zuccini, broccoli, marinated in cajun spices and served with bamboo stick. It is delectable and wholesome.

Mashed Potato - So when you talk of Mash N Grill, you basically get grilled food from the Mexican cuisine and mashed vegetable dishes from the American cuisine, which consists of potatoes as staples. This extremely plain potato dish tastes as simple as it's name. A blog of mashed potatoes on your plate to pair up with grilled non-veg dishes that you're going to read about below. I took a bite of it with some lettuce sauce and felt something just melted into my mouth as soon as I put it in.


Grilled Chicken : Deeply grilled chicken in barbecue sauce and rosemary confit. Easily palatable with a perfect blend of taste and texture. Definitely one of the best available in town and worth the money!

Grilled Salmon with Potato and Lettuce Sauce : These are marinated scotties salmon stake grilled, served with spinach & potatoes. The salmon was nicely grilled, though I'm not a huge fan of the dish, I tried a few bites. it was properly diced and grilled and had retained its flavour well. I enjoyed it with the sliced potatoes served with lemon butter sauce.

This was our first experience with the Tex Mex cuisine, and we personally liked the preparations. Even though our tastebuds urged for more spice, it was fun trying something out of the box in the city. It's a must try food festival and we recommend you to visit soon, since 13th May being the last day for it.  |  Address : 29/7, Rana Pratap Marg, Dainik Jagran Chauraha, Lucknow. 

If you liked reading this post, do let me know in the comments below. Also, for more food reviews and pictures, follow me on my new food page on instagram, and for rest on facebook and twitter.

Photographed by : Azmaan Khan


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Latest in Town - The Flying Saucer Cafe Lucknow

"And, we've got a new cafe in Lucknow." The phrase that I've been hearing for past 1 year on a regular basis. But how many of them are we really excited about? The recent one that's opened is THE FLYING SAUCER CAFE - Delhi's top restaurant chain, that has been distributing franchisees all over India, and it's now in Lucknow too! 

Lavishly spread in a 8300 sq.ft area, the restaurant features the biggest Island Bar with a great mixology menu at Rohtas Arcade - Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar offering Mediterranean, Italian and Pan Asian cuisines. It is an eclectic and ecstatic fusion of a restro bar, while the quirky interiors feature a myriad of seating options, ranging from upholstered loungers and single seats to high wooden chairs. Pale lighting creates a perfect aura for relaxing and partying inside this virtual spaceship. The cafe has an ancient European feel to it with a half indoor-outdoor area, basically for people who would like to sit and smoke while eating!

Flying Saucer Cafe is the current most vibrant place and one of the biggest brewery in Town! They serve world cuisine with a modern touch, where the medley of Indian roots and Western accents is sure to delight your palate. The cafe has an expansive menu and has dishes and drinks that can be enjoyed from a 15-year-old to a 70-year-old. 

When I visited the place, I tried a few dishes and drinks that tempted me to try some more, so below is a review of all those with names. Take a look..

Drinks :
The Mediterranean Smoothie - A mix fruit smoothie, majorly with orange pulp and strawberries. Such a sweet refresher with crushed ice on top to soothe your glands. 

Main Course :
Pasta Alfredo - Just like any other cafe presentation, in a pan with slices of garlic bread and topped with black olives. However, the cream cheese was nicely blended with the penne and it tasted delightful!
Veg Dumplings - Beautifully presented in a bamboo steamer to keep them hot. The dumplings were filled with spinach and cheese, and TBH, I've never tasted such yummy ones with that flavour in Lucknow. Kudos to the curation!
Indian Platter (veg) - consists of tandoori paneer tikkas, hara bhara kebas, dahi kebabs, soya chaap with salad and chutney. It was a blend of authentic Indian spices and flavours that swayed my taste buds.  #MustTry
Aglio Olio Spaghetti - Favorite in the world. Less in quantity as compared to other places, but tastes amazing. Soft and delectable while you slurp!
Mezze Platter - A perfect party platter with Lebanese hummus and pita bread slices. I'm not a huge fan of this dish but I really liked the hummus that's made with chickpea and salt.

Desserts :
Sizzling Brownie - Desserts that make you drool. Walnut brownies are my favorite and with the super soft sponge with melted ice cream when placed on the tongue takes to you to another world all in all.
Cigar Roll - Tried this on the recommendation of the owner/friend, and seemed like the best decision of my life. No other place in Lucknow serves it except Flying saucer, as per my knowledge till now and this sweet roll with cinnamon filling, and served with rabri tasted heaven!

Molecular Mixology Presentation & Mediterranean Smoothie

Indian Veg Platter

Mezze Platter

Pasta Alfredo 

Aglio Olio Spaghetti

Veg Dumplings

Sizzling Brownie with Icecream

Cigar Rolls

Apart from the mouthwatering delicacies, the creative minds behind the cafe also believe in providing the best entertainment in the city. They get the most sought after bands and artists performing at the restaurants that makes The Flying Saucer Cafe a one stop solution for complete entertainment. In a span of two months since the day of the launch, the cafe has brought in many celebrity artists - including Hardy Sandhu, Sukh-E, Udita Goswami, etc. 

So Lucknow, you must visit The Flying Saucer Cafe for best food, nightlife and ambience, known for selling an experience like none other which makes it stand apart from the crowd!

Launch Party - 7th Feb, 2018.

Bloggers Meet : 28th Feb, 2018.

Find The Flying Saucer cafe on facebook & instagram.

The Flying Saucer Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


Wednesday, 21 March 2018

A Tale by Suta : Ethnic Empress

If Shakespeare taught you, then “To be or not to be” is one of the greatest puzzles in life, the epitome of existential quandary! Well, its time to change the syllabus. The real question for a bride regarding her wedding plan now is “What to wear? What not to wear?” Unlike the old days where the bride had nothing to do with the wedding except showing up on a fixed day where she would see her husband-to-be for the first time, brides want to be a part of every detail these days. And believe me when I say that today’s bride knows what she wants, whether it is her soulmate or her designer bridal lehenga!

I mean every girl wants to look like her best on her wedding, and the lehenga choli combination makes you look as stunning as ever. To be honest, it's the staple for every bride. But it has also become the first choice for every festive season making us girls look enthralling! I recently stumbled upon a designer SUBHA MEHRA in my city, Lucknow; and I chose to blog for her garments so that I could share with you the stunning designs she's created after graduating from NIFT Delhi. Her brand is named as : A TALE BY SUTA which has so many ethnic tales for you. To read the first one, let's scroll down..

lehenga, blouse : A Tale By Suta | jewelry : Punjab Jewellers & Sons | makeup : Simran Taneja

They say, the lehenga choli is a must have in any bridal trousseau. And that's true too. After all, for how many occasions will you wrap yourself in a saree albeit a stunning one?! Salwars or Anarkalis won’t cut it for every occasion, certainly not on the main events! The lehenga choli for wedding celebrations is a great alternative. It swishes and turns and adds a bit of drama! The choli could be any style, as conservative or bold as you want it. The dupatta can be draped any way that you wish it to be. A Tale By Suta understands and acknowledges your requirements & suggestions and designs it exactly how want your outfit!

Like the one I'm wearing is a true piece of beauty. Subha chose to add the best of fabric to each garment and she made the lehenga with veloure and raw silk that had an intricate gold embroidery making the lehenga look absolutely gorgeous and out of the box. The little net border in blue at the end of the lehenga that falls from the waistline gave it a unique appearance as when matched with a navy blue velvet choli that falls off-shoulder right above my waist and has perfectly fitted quarter sleeves. The entire choli is bordered with copper pearls and that's enticing too! I draped the net dupatta in copper color with similar tassels in a certain way hinting of royalty (you can also leave it lose on one side).

Since I chose to create this look for you as an idea for your bridal look, I also collaborated with PUNJAB JEWELLERS & SONS to give you an option for jewelry. The luxurious necklace set that I'm wearing with the lehenga is from them and I absolutely love how intricately it's been designed keeping in mind the ethnic need of a bride. A combination of original gold with green, white & red stones makes it a head-turner! The heavy jhumkas give such a traditional look, and paired with a huge pearl ring, my entire look appears to be nothing less than queen like.

It's always tough choosing the bridal outfit and jewelry for your main day, or for any special occasion for that matter, but what's even tough is picking the right makeup artist who's going to swish her magic wand and transform you into a beauteous element! My pick in the recent months has always been MUA SIMRAN TANEJA. For this look, she gave me a bold makeup with smokey eyes with false lashes and heavy brows, deep copper contouring on the cheek bones, gold highlights on the sides & nose making it appear thinner and a wine lip shade to add a touch of regal. She also gave me lose curls letting them fall only till my shoulders! The best part about getting my makeup and hair done by Simran is that I don't have to instruct her at intervals. She knows what suits her clients and it's always a smooth process for all!


I hope this post helped you if you're looking forward to getting some ethnic outfits designed for yourself or thinking about investing into some authentic Indian jewelry, or if you're looking for a makeup artist to paint your face for any occasion! Let me know your views in the comments below. For more, follow me on instagram & facebook.

Photographed by : Madhukant Tripathi & Danish