Tuesday, 5 March 2019

4 different sweatshirts, 4 different looks ft. H&M

Hello my loves! How are y'all doing? The last week's been pretty crazy, I had my li'l cousins over and I was their personal tourist guide, taking them around and showing them all of Lucknow. But, it was fun 'coz I was kinda reliving my childhood! Well, now that they've all gone back, I'm back to writing my blogs, like I promised this year will be better than the last. I have for you...this very refreshing post with H&M today. Oh yes, I finally have the brand up in my cloud and I couldn't be happier!

Though the winter season has almost come to an end, but what's better than sharing a closure with some sweatshirt styles that I rocked unapologetically in the last 2 months. Below I've shared with you the hoodie styles that you can fashionably mix and match with different pieces to create something that suits your needs! I never thought I could go that west but it did happen. Scroll down for the looks..


Casual, comfortable and snuggly. These are every girl’s definition of a sweatshirt. The classic combo of a white hoodie on a blue denim is never going out of fashion, and I chose to throw up my very sporty looking white sweat on a pair of spunky blue shorts, and touch up the look with a red hat to hint some swag. My new sport shoes in black & white did all justice to the look, and of course a lot of you are aware that I've started following a fitness regime so you'll never find me without my apple watch. That's a series 4!

You can very easily go out for a run in this look, or just casually for a winter brunch. Trust me, it's super comfy & swaggy to carry!


Okay, so before I even begin expressing how much I loved putting this look together, let me just say I felt like I'm walking the NYFW. The colors are perfectly coordinated, and the black sweatshirt with the New York monogram on the front is super sassy. I added it over a long, sky blue, pleated skirt of which I wore the back side in front. Yes, the slit is supposed to be at the back but I pulled it to the front, and it did turn out to be a thing, so why not! Added my thigh high boots to give the look a fancy edge, and save myself from the chill under a super flairy skirt! 

This look is a very refreshing combination in the winters and can be a head turner at events. You can don it at a lunch or a dinner party! The hoodie on the sweatshirt will save you from the chilly evenings.


Hoodie sweatshirts are the most humble pieces in our wardrobes. But, sometimes sweatshirts are more than a lazy day outfit. The trick to convert your boring sweatshirt and jeans look is very simple - add Heels. A basic pair of skinfit jeans in a dark, bold color paired with my favorite grey taupe sweatshirt from H&M's NASA collection was my easiest OOTD, everyday, especially when I'm meeting different people. I just threw in a matching pair of knotted heels in brown suede with the outfit, added metallic accessories and a brown wrist watch and I was good to go!

Morning to noon to evening to late night, I can forever live in this attire.


Sweatshirts have long been associated with sporty types but have evolved into a versatile wardrobe necessity; and they're not just designed for keeping us warm and toasty on cool wintry nights. We can pair it with high heels or sneakers, formal blazers or coats, statement earrings, and anything in between, it will always add the perfect contrast to your dressed up outfit.

As for my last look, I did the same. Added the element of elegance! I wore a below-the-knee length dress (which I generally don't 'coz I don't really know what to add over it, it's all noodle strap and I kinda fear showing off my heavy arms). Wearing dresses in winters is always a task, but layering it with a crop sweatshirt was a good idea. I topped the black dress with my most favorite sweat piece ever. It's a crop from H&M's 2018 collection and has "chase the rainbow" embroidered over it on the left, also has a front, high-neck zip, making the look interesting! To finish off, I wore a pair of silver hoops (matching with the zipper hoop) in my ears, and went bold with my red footwear - the snake print edition.

This look is strictly for the weekend parties. You're sure gonna get applauds for this one!

By now we all know sweatshirts are the most comfortable & practical item in our wardrobe and this fashion-forward piece is here to stay! I hope you liked reading the post, and checking out the pictures! Do let me know which one's your favorite look out of the 4 above; and which one would you actually like to don, maybe for the next winters?! 

Photographed by : Ravish Siddiqui  |  Makeup by : Simran Taneja

Location Courtesy : Bombay Brasserie (Lucknow)


Wednesday, 20 February 2019

The Camo Style ft. Cultfiction Clothing

Hello everyone, I hope you liked the last post that I published yesterday, talking about my rainbow attraction. It's really close to my heart, and I wanted y'all to take a look! If you haven't chanced upon it yet, do it HERE now.

As for today, I've got you another fashion post from a different brand - CULTFICTION CLOTHING. They do not sell on their own website but other major ones like - Ajio, Jabong, Koovs, Myntra & Flipkart. The brand is one of my favourites when it comes to sporty chic outfits, and I'd been a regular customer, until one fine day they sent me some sample pieces to try and share with you guys (my lovely readers). Let me tell you, Cultfiction is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to skin friendly fabric and authentic colors, and like most of you know I love stepping out in comfort more than spunky apparels, this brand just does it right for me!

For this post, I've chosen to share two of my favorite camouflage looks from Cultfiction. I've taken a sparkle of runway inspiration and brought camo back! The oh-so-wearable trend definitely won’t disguise or hide your high and mighty style game, trust me! 

The first piece is a camisole top, with camo pattern in red, blue and white. My most favorite color combination for the chill season! Darker colors just make me look a li'l prettier in this weather you see. Well, it's a crop top, more like a t-shirt, and fits me perfectly. I tend to avoid wearing sleeveless tops but this one adds the right curve to my shoulder and looks sexy! I paired it up with a black distressed jeans and white heels to give the look an edge. 

PS : Since this post was shot in the summers, you know it's more like a summer outfit, but of course can be donned in winters with a jacket layered unapologetically, ain't it?

The second piece is a camo shift dress. Now who wouldn't want to make a statement in the rough-and-tough khaki and grey hue to look totally badass. It's time we carry forward an essence of femininity and sexiness by adding an army-inspired uniform to our wardrobes for instant kickass sass. Do we dare to bring back the trend? Hell yes!

This shift dress is a very stylish yet comfortable piece in my wardrobe and will always be, until I find something better (not happening anytime soon I believe). The pattern is stunning and can be carried in any season, regardless of the offbeat style. I can layer it up with a long coat in winters and add longer boots. As for this look, I chose to wear my ankle length boots, and clinch a sleek belt on my waist. Also added a chunky metallic bracelet to give the look a definition.

Recently I stumbled upon a picture of Victoria Beckham walking the streets of New York, carrying the best version of herself styled in a camo tee, and that inspired me to finally publish this post! But with that, it also begs the question - if one of the most stylish woman on the planet is backing the return of camouflage, should you be too? Well, the answer is : it's a counterintuitive fashion trend, and we all want to stand out! It's impossible not to notice it! So girls, make 'camo' a runway trend and pull out your camouflage outfits and show your flirty, colorful camo side for spring!

You can buy the top HERE, and the dress HERE.

If you liked reading this post, do let me know in the comments below, because I love reading your feedback. It just helps me better my posts, and keeps me motivated! More love and power to y'all. 

Photographed by : Sparsh Ahuja


Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Rainbow Attraction ft. Shein.in

Hi guys, how's it going? Been long I've updated you about what's happening around. A lot of you noticed that I've been MIA throughout the last year and I've received so many questions regarding that! True, not even 2 posts per month sometimes. 

Well, as some of you know, and to those who still don't, that I moved to New Delhi in June 2018 and had been trying to explore a fairly new world altogether! I've never really stayed away from my family before, but for the past 8 months, it's been hell crazy. I've learned to live all by myself, work my ass out under bosses, pay my own bills, solve electricity and water problems, cook my own food and drove on roads at 2 AM that I've never travelled before! A lot of lessons have come my way where I've met with accidents, dealt with them (mostly with no help, and sometimes with the help of friends who've now become family). I've built new relationships, survived heartbreaks, and kept some tucked in while I culturally transform myself! Honestly, I've evolved as a person, and have also managed to keep in action as much as I could. 2018 has been a slow year for Picker at Pace but I think this was essential. I really needed a break from constant writing and wanted to classify my priorities! 

PS : I've moved back to Lucknow now. Well, I hope y'all have the answer to your questions, and you don't hate me anymore for not keeping you looped in! 

Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR guys. It's 2019 (almost 2 months done to it already) but nevertheless I'd want to restart this blog with some super posts. Sharing below with you guys my fascination for rainbows and how I ended up buying the most colorful top in my wardrobe, also the one many of you have your eyes upon! Scroll down to read it all.. 

A lot of you have been enquiring about my obsession with rainbows. You literally saw a LIVE haul session on my instagram that consisted of more than 20 things with the rainbow print. Honestly, the 7 odd colours have been the reason for my evolvement. They bring so much positivity in me, and keep me motivated. Though rainbows not only depict bliss always, it's a mix of grey feelings as well, when I'm not so motivated and shed bucket full of tears because I'm not coping with what's coming my way. However, what the rainbows have taught me is to not give up trying, and that whatever the moments are - happy or gloomy, they shall pass!

I'm attracted to rainbows, so much so that I wear them and walk out of my house only to keep the feeling intact. I found this rainbow top on SHEIN.in and I added it to my cart without even checking the price! The design looked decent, and the off shoulder style made it appear pretty as well. I chose to club it with a pair of yellow shorts from Shein.in itself. The shorts had cute knots on the sides and were of just perfect length! A cool combo for summer outings and even for winters can be paired with boots and the overall outfit can be layered with a jacket. I mean if you're a shorts lover, you'd not want to ditch this look. It's so vibrant and attractive! To add, did you notice the charming rainbow pendant? It compliments the outfit and also the other accessories - gold bracelets and the monochrome earrings match perfectly! 

Also, these ankle boots are one of my favorites. These are an old pick from H&M and I'm so fond of them that I don't think I'll want to get rid of them for a long time now. These go so well with anything and everything, especially cute outfits and formals. Must have these kind in your collection!

You can buy the entire outfit from SHEIN.IN, and of course can thank me later! Do drop in your feedback on this post if you liked reading it. Coming your way more this month, stay tuned! Until then, lots of love to each one of you.

Photographed by : Shiv Ahuja


Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Pamper Your Winter Skin with Ethicare

Winter is all about festivities, holidays and over indulgence of food and drinks. Without proper care this over indulgence can take a toll on your skin. The weather is harsh during this time contributing further damage on the skin. While this season spares no skin type, today we will be talking about acne prone skin. Using the same products as other months of the year can cause acne flare ups, therefore it is necessary to make the following tweaks in your skincare routine!

1. Cleanse twice
2. Exfoliate gently
3. Don’t be scared to moisturise
4. Take your dose of SPF

And for the above mentioned, I have my few favorite products from Ethicare, to help you choose the right products if you have the same skin type as me - slightly oily, prone to pimples & acne.

Ethicare is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India with 100% focus in dermatology and cosmetology. Founded in 2003 by a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur, Ilesh Khakkhar. The organization has been dedicated to innovation through new regimen, new medicine, new technologies and new ways to beautify the world. 

The 4 products I use these days to keep my skin in place are :

ACMED FACE WASH - Used to cure acne which cleanses excess oil, dirt and dead skin. Tea tree oil used in Acmed ensures anti-bacterial action against bacteria common to pimple prone skin. It also has a breakthrough innovation like pimple care globules that you can actually see penetrating in your skin while you wash your face, ensuring proper delivery of pimple care active ingredients.

It is available in 70gm pack.

Direction to use :
Take some of it with a little water onto your palm. Work up lather and gently massage on your wet face and neck with a circular motion. Rinse off with clear water and pat your face dry. For best results use twice or thrice a day regularly.

UVMED - This spectrum sunscreen gel provides 50 times more protection from sunburn, as it has been produced by special ingredients and unique formula. It protects the skin from UVA I, UVA II and UVB, and has oil-free formula so it is ideal for oily, acne prone skin.

It also prevents darkening of skin, sunburn, premature ageing. It is useful for both indoor and outdoor and can be used in any season. It does not contain any colourant or perfume that may cause allergic effects.

It is available in 50ml pack.

Direction to use :
Apply UVMED evenly on face and all exposed areas of the body 20-30 minutes before exposure to sun. Re-apply after prolonged swimming or excessive sweating. Massage UVMED into the skin very gently, until it vanishes. (Don’t rub vigorously). Regular use of Uvmed helps in preventing any type of skin damage done by UV rays.

CALADEW LOTION - This magical lotion with its balanced formulation, offers soothing-cooling action and gives relief in skin condition like prickly heat, insect bites, itching, sunburn, nappy rash etc.  Zinc oxide is used to heal the skin and offers mild sunscreen action. Caladew has Excellent spread ability. It offers instant cooling effect.

It is available in 75ml pack.

Direction to use :
Clear affected area of the skin then gently apply the lotion there. Use for bad skin condition like urticaria, prickly heat, insect bites, itching, sunburn, nappy rash, chickenpox, scabies etc. Use 2 to 3 times daily for best results.

AKMASQ - A natural and innovative approach in pimple care and complexion care technology. It absorbs oil. It has gental cleansing base for irritation free cleansing. It provides antibacterial action by tea tree oil. It is bedt for for improvement in complexion and removal of acne marks. Akmasq has chandan and turmeric, while the cucumber essence in it gives cooling and soothing feel. Vit. -E and pro-Vit. B5 has healing properties. 

It is available in 70gm pack.

Direction to use :
Clean your face & neck and apply Akmasq evenly, avoiding the area around eyes and mouth. Let it dry and let ingredients penetrate for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash off Akmasq with water and pat dry. Thrice a week application of Akmasq will give you freshness and freedom from oiliness throughout the day and will improve complexion remarkably giving glow to the skin.

So, now that you know what I use on my skin in winters, you should try these products on yourself too, and let me know if it worked for you! Buy all from ETHICARE.