Tuesday 6 February 2018

The Bold Winters with Thigh-Highs

Hey loves. How's it going? Everything's super hectic at my end, and with that the change in the weather seems like the powers up there are in dilemma. I mean, we were all enjoying sunshine so bright, and all of a sudden there are chilly winds to surprise. Anyway, that doesn't refrain us girls to dress hep, eh?

Today, it's the thigh-high boots that I'm going to talk about. I've been wanting to get a pair since years, and finally got my hands on these black suede ones from SHEIN.COM! The first question I asked myself when I unboxed them was, 'How the heck are we supposed to wear these enticingly provocative yet on-trend boots in a way that embraces their innate power and sexiness whilst still feeling classy and stylish, and not totally over the top?'

The answer, as I found that lies with most things, lies somewhere between portraying total confidence and the attitude of IDGAF. But to really get this look right, I knew I had to pay careful attention to the amount of skin peeking out between the hem of the outfit I choose to don with it and the boots!

shirt : Female Fashion | shorts, rings : Forever 21 | boots, choker : Shein.com

Winters are suppose to be chilly, and you're suppose to wrap your yourselves with layers, but then, that distinctive character of yours has to be brought out as well. I chose to team up my thigh-highs with just a monochrome check shirt and a pair of denim shorts for the day. It's a casual cotton long shirt (that I got from a local store in Lucknow - Female Fashion, known best for it's uncoventional styles and designs), that I threw up like a dress on myself, letting it fall just at the right place to space enough with the boots. And of course, the shorts are just for certainty purpose to avoid embarrassment in public. I finished my look with some nude makeup on my face, a black choker in neck and rings in my fingers!

My style of dressing comes with little, to no-effort, but that doesn't mean it's too easy to carry. If you are looking forward to try this style, be sure that you choose a pair that is contemporary, sophisticated, and practical. It's true that they’re a closet gem as they can polish off a broad range of looks from mini to midi skirts, cuffed shorts, or skinny jeans. You can always pair them with a short skirt or a dress to reveal a sexy sliver of skin and achieve a softer look than you would get when wearing stockings. If you decide to bare some leg, try to limit it to about three inches of thigh between your boot and bottoms!

I have experimented with so many looks in all these years, but this shall remain my ultimate favorite, I swear! It took me a lot of courage to convince myself to don this look in public and pose with the right attitude, making my photographer and people around comfortable with the boldness! Damn, I can't believe I did it.

If you liked this look, do share the link of this post amongst your friends, and don't forget to leave a comment below, telling me your thought over this post! Until next, love.

Photographed by : Saumya Kumar | Makeup by : Simran Taneja | Location : Levana Suites