Tuesday 23 June 2020

Dressing Avant-Garde at BMW Lucknow

Hey stunners, I hope y'all are doing good! I know these times are unexpected and extremely tough for many. It's been over 3 months that I've personally been locked in my house and all that I've done during this time is Eat, Sleep, Netflix Repeat!

However, one good thing that happened meanwhile is that I got time to re-evaluate this blog and think of some avant-garde ideas. And, now that we're discussing 'Avant-Garde', let me present to you a heads-turner in this post, in collaboration with ADITI JAGGI RASTOGI - PRET and COUTURE, and celebrity makeup artist JYOTIKA MIRPURI AROURA.

I was introduced to this term about 2 years back and I realised many people choose to wear avant-garde clothes because they want to break free from daily expectations. Just like I want to define myself outside the social norms that dictate how I should decorate and clothe my body. Hence, Aditi and I thought of up-doing our fashion quotient and creating a fabulous piece to don! We took inspiration from high fashion staccato art done by various designers in the last couple of years and experimented with variety of fabrics, cuts, textures and accessories.

This neon green outfit is super chic and can be worn for a cocktail night, or a reception party, or any grand occasion one could think of. I paired the outfit with white cross strap heels from SHEIN. On the other hand, I love how the green fabric blossoms (fabric craft - fabric origami) were used not only on the dress but on my hair as well. Jyotika indeed did a fabulous job with my hair using the magazine paper fans in line with these blossoms. For my makeup, we kept it funky yet pretty, making the colors pop on a canvass. Jyotika just picked all my favourite colors from the rainbow and painted my face, and we loved how it turned out. 

My perfectly done nail extensions by TANYA ARORA also give an edge to the whole look. These are so easy to apply and remove (just stick them on your nails using peel-off stickers and you're done). You can get your set from BUFF and SHINY.

Now, this look wouldn't have come out as grand as it appears if it weren't for BMW to let me use the new BMW series 3 (GT) Gran Turismo. This car is a stature defined through its muscularity combined with the flowing roof line of classic coupes. Precise contours and expressively sculptured surfaces from a fascinating interplay of light and shade. It's a versatile character full of ideas and destinations; with is sporty design, its exciting dynamics and its generous space, the BMW - series 3 Gran Turismo brings together an unique vehicle concept. Now, who wouldn't want to drive this beauty? If you're in Lucknow, buy your BMW GT from BMW Speed Motorwagen - Chinhat.

Lastly, you see these beautiful roses from THE TRILLION ROSES. These are such fine piece of art! Roses symbolise love, humility, innocence, friendship and joy. You can order premium rose bouquets from The Trillion Roses instagram & make your loved ones feel special. They've got quite a variety!

All these photographs have been clicked and edited by ZEESHAN KHAN - who is definitely my favourite in the city. He is a wedding and fashion photographer and I love every bit of work he does!

The entire idea behind this look was to distract ourselves from the pandemic thoughts and our monotonous lifestyle. We went as crazy as we could to crawl out of the Covid fear. If you liked this post, do share it on your social media handles with your friends and family. I'd also like to read your feedback so don't hesitate in dropping a quick comment below. Until next, lots of love!



  1. Beautiful ❤, natural🌸

  2. Really killer beautiful 🥰

  3. That's one beautiful dress I love this colour... Grand photoshoot done by you girl👏👏❤️ I like it

  4. You look so glamorous and a perfect model .
    Keep shining and stay blessed Shubhi ��

    Varun Bajpai

  5. Damn �� stunning look..

  6. The way you describe the post is quite detailed and alluring.

  7. You are a beauty shubhi❤️��

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