Monday 19 October 2015

The Autumn Doubles

Hey stunners! Hope y'all are having fun and enjoying this Autumn season to the fullest! Well its almost running in its last days and winters are on the roll, but still we haven't got those heavy jackets out, no? 

Well, its been a while since I did a collaboration post. The first one was with Sumbul from Stylebon for Missa More last month and this time I've chosen another rising blogger, Poorvi from Shades of Jade. She is from Lucknow too and I'm really fond of her blog name, btw! So yeah, today we're sharing with you our looks for Autumn '15 which we both decided for one another picking up our favorites from a brand we love a lot!

So, if you didn't already know, I'm a particular fan of this amazing fashion website called STALKBUYLOVE and to be true, the clothes in the line are amazing! Of course I've said that umpteen number of times in my previous posts with the brand and also that I have a special inclination towards their collection of jumpsuits! For the very same reason, I chose to work on my Autumn look with Poorvi using some latest jumpsuit designs SBL added to their stock.

She's wearing - jumpsuit, jacket : | heels : Annabelle
clutch : Globus | necklace : New Look | sunglasses : Miu Miu

I'm wearing - jumpsuit, jacket : | heels :
clutch : Zara | handcuff, necklace : | sunglasses : Ray Ban

While searching what would suit both of us from the range, Poorvi got hold of a beige colored jumpsuit for me that had bottoms trimmed to the length of culottes which I personally wanted to buy for myself a few days back but didn't had faith whether it would look good on me or not, since I'm a petite woman, always scared to experiment! But she chose the same piece and filled in some real energy in me while describing it as a chic jumper, made keeping in mind all sizes and shapes and the noodle strap to give it a notable look which had a cross back to add to the uniqueness! Plus, it was purely made of cotton fabric which was like a boon to my comfort!

When it came to styling the whole look with that jumpsuit, I picked up some easy accessories like a dark brown fringe necklace that had a golden lining on each of the tassels, solving my match-match theory with the golden handcuff I wore on my left wrist. A pair of trendy wayfarers from Ray Ban and a monochrome envelope clutch which thankfully matched my snake print heels that I love the most! For me, Autumn has always been a cue to get my darker colored clothes out and since my jumpsuit was a lighter color and a plain one too, I teamed it up with a heavy black leather jacket from StalkBuyLove's latest winter collection, since it had some really cool and sexy golden zipper details at random areas which complimented the whole look really well and also because I wanted to save myself from the cold breeze too!  

Coming to Poorvi's look, I picked up a sexy monochrome jumpsuit for her. Of course, while choosing the piece, I had in mind that she is tall, and the full bottom length would suit her long legs the best, while the upper attached white top that gave a look of a shirt will look fancy and cover up her skinny body from the front and to my thinking, it actually brought out the perfect silhouette to Poorvi's body. Easy to wear, one piece jumper which had an elastic to divide the upper and the lower parts and the semi-cotton, flowy fabric attracted both of us the most. Plus, its such a versatile piece that one can wear it in the day or even for an evening party and Poorvi was quite happy with the color, so we finally bought it after a research from the never ending collection on the website!

Since Poorvi loves to keep everything quite simple, she didn't accessorize much but just added a slender layered golden chain over the collars with a pair of monochrome club master sunglasses that were on point with her attire! Her pick with a cream color clutch and similar colored heels were something I thought was incredible. To complete her look, she chose to add a less heavier leather jacket, which she too got from StalkBuyLove's latest winter collection, and well that was a surprise to both of us that our choices were quite similar!

Being bloggers, we both know some girls look upto us and ask us for advices for looks as per the changing trends in the changing seasons, so hey these were our Autumn looks for this year and we hope you enjoyed reading about our picks! As per both of us, "jumpsuits are totally in this season, and you should not miss out on StalkBuyLove's latest A/W collection, because they have some of the trendiest pieces stored for you!" If you still have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below or reach me on any of my social media accounts, namely instagram, facebook or twitter!

Photographed by : Daniel Joseph


Saturday 10 October 2015

Sell, Buy, or Borrow with Closet Buddies

Hola everyone! 

Firstly, I would like to wish all of you very Happy Navratri and Durga Puja. Hope all of you are having a great time! So, I was wondering how fabulously all of you must be preparing for all these festivals, specially your clothes, comfortably said as Outfit Of The Day for each of the 9 days?! All your Indian wears must be out, no? Damn! I wish I could see all of your attires!!............Oh hey! What if I say you could show your OOTDs to me and to all other friends around India at once, with the help of a phone app, and also lend it to a friend in any corner of the nation if he/she likes it! Sounds bizarre? No more will it be! Scroll down to read more..

So, recently I came across this new application by the name CLOSET BUDDIES, in the world of 1000 others; started by Juhi Bansal - an ex banker turned blogger turned entrepreneur. While her blog 'Closet Buddies' turned out to be one of the most popular fashion blogs in Gujarat, she came up with this extra ordinary idea of creating an application with the same name to build a community of women giving them an opportunity to choose their outfits from 100s of other closets rather than limiting themselves to their own everyday!

Like yes, who would have imagined you could sell off your designer clothes through an app across the nation to your buddies, or rent it to them or just buy or borrow somebody else's outfit if you like it! Its such an easy-to-go app, works on your mobiles/tabs and takes you to a whole different level of making money by selling or renting your attires and also keeps you updated about the latest fashion in stock! Woo! What else does one want from life? There are just few simple steps that you have to follow & you could be the next buddy in my list & we could together build a network! What say?

1. Download the app HERE (currently available on Android only).
2. Sign in by connecting through Facebook or enter your Email & Password to sync.
3. Make your profile by entering some mandatory details such as name, age, city, etc. 
4. Start following buddies and create a network as to where you would like to sell/lend/buy/borrow your stuff!

The application is available on Android only as of now but its coming soon on IOS too! Well, a good news for IOS users for now is, you can check out the Closet Buddies website feed on your desktop and can write about any outfit you like/need to the app head on!

Now, to sell your clothing. Click on the OOTD button on your profile page and upload a picture of your attire. Add some necessary tags like the category (Indian Or Western wear), brand name, color, etc. Add the amount you want it to sell it for, add a catchy caption to the picture and publish it on your wall! It will automatically be shown in the news-feed on the app to all the other members! Once a member clicks on your picture to buy, and finalises the order, you are going to start making money. 

I have added a lot of clothes in the 'selling' category and you can always follow me on the app by searching for Shubhi Garg in the search box, and take a look at my closet! All my attires are exclusive and are available to one and all! 

You can also BUY or BORROW anything you like from some hand picked brands, made available by other members on the app by clicking on 'Closet Ideas' section on the app! Options like 'what's trending', 'your buddies', 'latest collection', etc. will pop up for you to choose from! You can add your likes in your wishlist and buy them whenever you want! Doesn't that sound awesome? 

Digitize your closets, share them with buddies, make some money and shop for new stuff, all at the click of a button! Now that's a vicious circle I would hate to get out of! Now, what are you waiting for? Get set and download the app right away, pick your latest fashion styles and stay gorgeous always! 

For any enquiry, you can mail me at, or drop a message on any of my social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! Until next time, sending across lots of love!


Sunday 4 October 2015

Satisfy your sweet cravings with a quick MUG CAKE

Hey guys!! Hope everyone's enjoying autumn! I know days are turning boring and dull because of the weather and I myself have experienced that I'm turning lazy past a few days. Well, one reason for not being able to blog since a few days was this too! But hey, I can't stay away from what I love for long, so because you all repeatedly ask me to put up a food post, here I am with something sweet again, only for you!

Now, we all wake up in the morning, all tired and lazy but the first thing we look out for is our morning tea, coffee or chocolate milk! But what about the days when we are craving for a dessert at 5 am in the morning but we can't satisfy our taste buds because no one's got that much time or energy early in the morning to bake a cake! Oh wait, who said we can't do that? Now make your cakes at any hour of the day (or at midnight) and satisfy your sweet tooth craves! Today, I present you the very quick recipe of the very yummy mug cake! You won't believe, you can make it in just 5 minutes!


1. Cake Mix [I've used TOPS brand (vanilla flavor) but you can use any]

2. Milk  |  3. Butter  |  4. Chocolate Spread/Nutella

5. Coffee Mugs (any shape & size)

6. Whisk  |  7. Spoons


First we'll make a Vanilla - Pineapple Cake.

Step 1. Add 4 table spoons of cake mix powder in the mug.

Step 2. Add 3 table spoons of full cream milk.

Step 3. Add 1 tea spoon butter.

The cake mix already contains standard amount of sugar so I did not add extra sugar to my cake.
In case you want your cake sweeter, you can add about 1 tea spoon of castor sugar.

 Step 4. Mix all the ingredients with the help of a whisk. Make sure to form no lumps!

Step 5. Add diced pineapple into the mixture.

Step 6. Put your mug filled with the cake batter in the microwave.

Bake it for 2 minutes 30 seconds. Watch the cake rise from the microwave door!

NOTE : Repeat steps from the above recipe from 1-4 and move further as shown below to make a Chocolate Cake

Step 5. Add 1 table spoon of chocolate spread instead of diced pineapple to make a chocolate cake. 

 Step 6. Mix all the ingredients with the help of a whisk. Make sure to form no lumps!

Step 7. Put your mug filled with the cake batter in the microwave.

Bake it for 2 minutes 30 seconds. Watch the cake rise from the microwave door!

Pull your mugs out, the cake should have risen in the mug and should have holes in the sponge
(as shown in the picture above).

Step 8. Check if its completely baked by poking a toothpick, if it comes out clean, your cake is ready!

Step 9. Garnish your vanilla pineapple cake with sliced pineapple and chocolate cake with melted chocolate/choco spread!

Enjoy your cake in the mug or transfer it into a bowl, its going to taste heaven!

Hope you all liked this quick recipe! If you did, make sure you comment below telling me the same and if you have any suggestions/additions to it or ideas of variety of flavors, also comment below and let me know! You can also follow me on instagram to take a look at my daily meals. And yes, I will come up with more recipes this month since its been too much of fashion in the last, so stay tuned!