Wednesday 18 December 2019

Wedding Style : Part 4 - Marriage / Reception

Hey everyone, how are y'all doing?
It's been 4 years that I've been doing the wedding fashion series on this blog, and the kind of response I've received in terms of the views and messages all across, is commendable! Thankyou so much for always encouraging me to keep working on the series, every year.

As for 2019, we've come to the end of the series - with today's post - the last part of the Wedding Style. And, I have something interesting to show you guys with STRAWBERRY FASHION STUDIO, so keep scrolling.

I've been avoiding attending marriage functions, and reception parties because all I got was a box of questions from all aunties "beta shaadi kab kar rahi ho?" But, what I've come to think of is I shouldn't be worried, and the best answer can be "aunty, jaise hi aap koi meri takkar ka khoobsoorat ladka dhundh do!" And now that I've brought up "khoobsoorat", let me just tell you, I'm quite impressed by how beautifully my makeup artist SIDDHI CHAUBEY has decked me up with such a glam look, and a super pretty messy bun, on top of this pre-stitched saree from Strawberry Fashion Studio.

You know, these days most of the girls struggle in draping a saree. So, to save the time and from the hassles of draping a saree, an amazing rescue has been designed called "pre-stitched" / "ready-made" sarees. These ready-to-wear sarees have pre-stitched pallu and pleats. And these can be worn in just 30 seconds; sounds some sort of a wonder! Honestly, these pre-stitched sarees provide for stunning grace once it is worn. 

I'm currently in love with this particular piece in fuchsia pink - with diamond embellishment as the belt (clinching perfectly o the waist). It's a perfect drape style to be worn at any marriage function or reception! I just feel this saree has the majestic quality of garnishing and enhancing the looks of any lady up to acme. Falls exactly at the right length, and the blouse with that deep cut on the back looks mesmerising enough to get all eyes on you! 

To complete my look, I added a sleek diamond bracelet, a set of diamond earrings with ruby in the centre and a bold finger ring in the same design to compliment the color and style of the saree, and elegance it provides! The makeup and hair are just perfect for the occasion, isn't it? Let me know your thoughts on this look. Until next time, love & hugs.

Photographed by : Zeeshan Khan


Monday 9 December 2019

Wedding Style : Part 3 - Sangeet

Sangeet, the most fun-filled event amongst the wedding ceremonies, is the most looked forward to occasion! It's that ceremony where everybody brings their 'A' game, and dazzle all throughout the performances, games, some dancing and singing.

But what matters the most is the look and style you decide to carry at such a fancy event! If you're a guest, especially from the close friend gang, you've got to top your Sangeet Attire Game. And definitely, deciding on what to wear and what makeup look to carry at your friend’s Sangeet is not as easy.

Well, that's exactly why today's designers & makeup artists come to your rescue, just how ASTHA AGARWAL (designer at Astha's Designer Hut) and KRITIKA RASTOGI (makeup artist at Kritika Rastogi Artistry) came to mine. 

To start, let's bring your attention to this gorgeous lehenga set in yellow and emerald green.The embroidery and the mirror work look fantastic, and can make anyone stand out in the crowd with such simplicity yet the elegance it has to offer. I love the knots on the back of the choli, and the long tie-up attachments on the lehenga, falling on the side, along with the heavily bordered dupatta. It's really quirky.

Correct me if I'm wrong but in my opinion, lehengas have always been crowd pleasers. It just suits everyone. But with my advice, you should always pick the right texture, design and color that suits your body type, along with the right designs and quantity of the accessories that you want to add. Just like how I opted for these super elegant, but heavy gold earrings studded with green emeralds, a simple gold hand cuff in my wrist, and gold heels in my feet to complete my attire.

ASTHA'S DESIGNER HUT - Located at Gol Market, Mahanagar, Lucknow

The next step to take care of is your makeup! Just see, how beautiful I look (OMG! I'm self-praising, and also thinking in my head "mujhe meri hi nazar naa lag jaye'). Kudos to Kritika for painting my face so beautifully, and keeping it all natural. I told her my personal style is subtle and elegant, and that's exactly what she gave me. I love the green eye lids - have been blended so well, and the crisp eyebrows, and my cheek bones and the entire face with just the right amount of highlighter and contour and the little blush she wanted to add. Also, my lips - that's my favourite lip shade and doesn't even make my lips appear thinner. All in all, I'm getting all my makeup done by this fabulous lady for all occasions - and mostly because she understands my skin - knows her techniques well, and uses the best skin friendly products!

KRITIKA RASTOGI ARTISTRY - Located at Shalimar Gallant (Mahanagar, Lucknow)

It's actually that time of the year when you're all looking for outfit inspirations and makeup artists suggestions, and I really hope this post helps you! If it does, so share it ahead with your family & friends :)


Wednesday 27 November 2019

Wedding Style : Part 2 - Haldi / Mehendi

The date is set, the invites are out, all is merry in your world. The countdown has begun for your best friend’s wedding and while she’s basking in the glow of her engagement, you’ve been frantically googling ‘what to wear to my bestie’s haldi & mehendi”! Out of so many pre-wedding functions, Haldi & Mehendi happen to top the charts in terms of popularity. It's a roller coaster ride of fun-filled moments for both, the bride and her and friends, where a lot of merry-making takes places.

In the frantic motion, I've got for you a stunning outfit that you can choose to dress in for your friend's Haldi and/or Mehendi functions. I picked this extremely gorgeous Chikankari jacket in a sunshine yellow colour with slim pants and a short layered kurta from STRAWBERRY FASHION STUDIO

Designer Aditi Jaggi Rastogi knows how to bring the best twist in the most traditional silhouettes, and this beautiful outfit is a sheer example of perfection! The intricate chikankari work speaks of the cultural understanding, and the style speaks of modern mixed with traditional. 

I chose to accessorise this piece heavily with a bold statement necklace, studded with polki kundan from BK SARAF JEWELLERS (Mahanagar, Lucknow). They have a wide collection of pre-wedding & wedding jewellery, and if you're looking at some stunning sets, BK SARAF (Mahanagar) is the place you need to head right away this season!

Keeping it dramatic, makeup artist SIDDHI CHAUBEY gave me a bold pink & yellow look, to add to the glam function. She left my hair loose with waves and added a little golden rose pin to it. For my feet I chose to add nude heels to keep it color coordinated and not go bold all over!

I hope you liked this Haldi / Mehendi look, and if you did, do share it across with your friends. Tip : Ditch the heavy weaves and layered lehengas for something light, easy-wear yet perfectly statement-making this wedding season - just like this beautiful piece I'm wearing!

Photographed by : Zeeshan Khan


Saturday 23 November 2019

Wedding Style : Part 1 - Cocktail

Howdy fellas? it's again that time of the year when we girls are hooked onto instagram, swiping and scrolling through outfits with speed 10x. We have tons of weddings lined up and we're going crazy selecting our outfits, isn't it? And to top that, we have not one or two but four functions to attend because damn, it's for our best friends. As for you, like every year, I've got my Wedding Fashion Game on and I'm sharing the first part of it with this post - The Cocktail look. 

When it comes to weddings, let's all be honest it's never about the COCKTAILS literally, but all about the cocktail outfits. And, the 'cocktail' dress code is arguably the most hyped for the bride, but of course you being the "dulha dulhan ki saheli" have to look gorgeous too! Frequent though it may be, it's also the hardest to navigate, with the lines between 'too formal' and 'too casual' often blurred. Cocktail wear for me is one of the most popular dress codes and I have seen it become the default. And, guess who came to my rescue once again - STRAWBERRY FASHION STUDIO by Aditi Jaggi Rastogi.

Aditi designed this beautiful 3 piece set in candy mauve  - with a multi tiered sequinned skirt, an off shoulder corset top with ruffled sleeve, and the stunning ruffle stole like a cherry on the cake! I love how the entire skirt is filled with shimmers, sure to leave heads turn! In terms of accessories, I haven't really put on anything, but you can simply add a sleek diamond necklace, with a diamond bracelet and you'd be good to go! PS : Don't forget your shimmer heels, just to help you stay in good posture & make you look taller than ever.

As to end, I got my makeup done very seriously, 'coz it pretty much affected the entire look. Thanks to Siddhi Chaubey for decking me up with her brightest makeup products,  and truest skills, and for curling my hair to perfection & adding the fairty tale touch with the hair pins from Absolutely dreamy, eh?!

If you're looking for a pretty cocktail outfit for yourself or for any of your friends, you must check out the new collection at STRAWBERRY FASHION STUDIO - located at Shahnazaf road, Lucknow (right opp. Sahara Ganj Mall. And you can thank me later! ;-)

Photographed by : Zeeshan Khan


Wednesday 20 November 2019

Pamper Your Skin For Weddings at Salon Meraki

It's the Wedding season OFFICIALLY!!!

Now, we all love this particular time of the year when we get dressed to impress, unapologetically hog on our favourite food, and get to dance unstoppable on the DJ music. The beauty of the Indian Weddings is just that happy state of mind! Isn't it? Also, this is the time of the year when every girl looks like Alia Bhat from Student of the Year when she’s grooving on the Radha song or like Kareena and her girls gang in Veere di Wedding. More than the Bride, it’s the “Dulhan ki Saheli” who has in the limelight and why not? The bride already got her D-day, it’s now OUR time to shine.

Honestly, a lot of my friends are getting married this year, and I'm having the best time of my life selecting my outfits. But, one very important aspect of looking my best is to pamper my skin and experience rejuvenation. With my busy schedule, I really don't get time to take care of my skin, but I did manage to take some time out and visit SALON MERAKI recently and get some super beauty services done!

WAXING (@INR 1500)

We started with the first service : Waxing. One of the most important parts of our beauty regimen is the removal of excess, unwanted hair, which can help contribute to the softer, cleaner look. I personally feel there are some benefits of getting waxing done at a professional salon, which are :
1.) Improved skin texture.
2.) No skin irritation or allergies.
3.) No cuts and minimal bruising.
4.) More comfortable, rapid, and produces even better results.

I got full arms, underarms, full legs, and my back waxed. The professional at Meraki made it really comfortable for me, so that I could feel no pain why she pulls the hair!

DE-TAN (@INR 3500)

The second service I opted for was a complete body de-tan. We started with the face, then the arms, the entire chest, the legs, and lastly the back! I personally feel, after a session of de-tan, it becomes easy for our skin to remove a layer of tan, and lets our skin pores breathe and retain its nourishment; also it helps me deal with acne (specially on my back).

FACIAL (@INR 1800)

Okay, so post de-tan I went for a quick bath, and dried myself to lay down for a facial. Honestly, nothing can match the feeling you get when you glide your fingers over your face and feel that soft and milky skin; and that only comes with a good facial done by a professional! Thanks Meraki for the best feeling in the world.
In case you're wondering why is it necessary, I'd really like to share some benefits of facial :
1.) Reduces stress and relieves psychological distress
2.) Promotes blood circulation
3.) Helps detoxify the skin
4.) Eliminate whiteheads and blackheads
5.) Exfoliates & tightens your skin

The facial included cleansing, exfoliating, scrubbing, moisturising, and then the professional gave me a face & back massage that helped relieve complete stress.

THREADING - Eyebrows & Upper lips (@INR 50)

TBH, I started getting threading done just 4 years ago, and since then I'm addicted to the procedure. There are months I don't get time to visit the salon and I skip the process and I start looking terrible! This time I made sure I leave no service untouched. Okay, one very important aspect of threading is that it's a technique that requires a great amount of skill and takes hours-upon-hours of practice to master, and all professionals at Meraki know their job best so I recommend you to visit them for a perfect set of eyebrows every month, and chemical-free removal of unwanted hair from your upper lips, just like I got done.


Lastly, I got a very relaxing manicure & pedicure done at Meraki. I feel both these treatments are a must not only to acquire a well-groomed look but also to keep your finger & toe nails healthy. And, while manicure and pedicure is a great way to feel pampered, their benefits go much beyond indulging yourself :
1.) Removes Tan
2.) Stimulates Blood Circulation
3.) Exfoliates Dead Cells
4.) Relieves Stress
5.) Ensures Soft and Smooth Skin

The professional at Meraki was very well learned, and he knew the exact pressure points to press post the cleaning of the fingers and the toes. I was super satisfied with how my hands & feet now looked - very well groomed!

Kudos Team SALON MERAKI for providing the best beauty treatments / services, using the best branded products, all under one roof, at the most affordable prices! I've always had the best experience with Meraki and would recommend everyone to visit them for all their salon requirements!

Location : Paramount Apartments (Basement), New Berry Rd, Near, Butler Colony, Lucknow.

Photographed by : Saud Ansari