Tuesday, 26 December 2017

My First Hair Color Experience at Makeup Forever Lucknow

Hey everybody, how’s it going? Christmas in Lucknow was amazing and I’m prepping to welcome the new year in full swing with my mains. Well, the year 2017 has been crazy for me. With so many additions and changes in life, it’s been a great year so far! And if you’ve been following me on my social media all this while you must know I’ve recently got a permanent tattoo done which has brought in a lot more confidence in my personality. Along with that, I’ve been flaunting my new hair too.

I’ve been lucky enough to have received compliments for my natural waves in the past years, but with time I myself started getting bored of the same style. It’s been long that I’d been thinking about getting a visible transformation done to my hair. Like really, 24 years and it’s the same usual mane falling long and short since forever. Adding some highlights seemed one of the easiest and the most attractive ways to bring in a change! I’ve been told a gazillion times, coloring hair would add to my hair fall problem, but I finally managed to make up my mind one final day. It was definitely a hard decision, but I just had to take a chance. 

While scrolling through my pinterest feed one night, I stumbled upon a picture of gorgeous hair with double streaks in blonde and burgundy. I saved the image and sent it to Ishita Sood, who recently launched her new salon - Makeup Forever Professional at Eldeco Greens, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. The pretty girl came to my rescue. Though with some hesitation initially she asked me if I’m sure to get the experiment done, and I without second thoughts said, ‘absolutely’. Next day, I was at her studio and we began the process. Scroll down to read a stepwise procedure that my hair underwent..

Step 1 : Gentle hair wash.

Step 2 : Complete Hair Dry.

Step 3 : Wrap desired sections of hair in foil & apply color with flat brush.
(1st round of color no. 1 - Loreal 'blonde' mixed with 30% developer)

Let the hair color stay for about 30 minutes.
Once all the streaks are colored and covered with foil, your head looks like this. Almost like a zombie's!

Step 4 : Remove the foil and wash hair with conditioner.

Step 5 : Completely blow dry all hair before applying the second round of color no.2.

Step 6 : Wrap desired sections of hair in foil & apply color with flat brush.
(1st round of color no.2 - Matrix 'burgundy' mixed with 30% developer)

Step 7 : Remove the foil and wash hair with conditioner.

Step 8 : Completely blow dry all hair and set accordingly (I chose curls for mine).

So, that's how my final hair look like after the curls done - fun and lively! I usually avoid using heat products but temporary curls with rod makes the double streaking stand out perfectly. You can clearly notice the visible streaks of both blonde (more prominent though) and burgundy! PS : Get the strength of your hair checked before using blonders.

This entire hair color procedure with double highlights (for medium to long hair), using the foil technique costs Rs. 5000/-

I can vouch for the quality of products and services since I've got it done myself. So, if you're looking for a hair transformation for new year, MAKEUP FOREVER STUDIO by Ishita Sood has many treats for you!

If you liked reading this post, share it ahead with your friends and family. For more updates, follow my on my different social media handles - facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat. See you next year. Until then, love and luck!

Photographed by : Madhukant Tripathi



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