Friday 25 August 2017

My Experience with O3+ Deep Clean Facial at Makeup Forever Studio Lucknow

Hi there! Hope you are doing fine. Well, I've been managing my crazy work schedule all this while, hence have been procrastinating in putting up this salon review I wanted to post for you girls in Lucknow. But, it's better late than never, and I've realised lately that you love reading my beauty posts as much as you love my restaurant reviews. So, here's one with MAKEUP FOREVER STUDIO which is owned and was recently launched by Ishita Sood - a graduate from Makeup Forever Dubai. A well trained makeup artist with over 5 years of experience, having worked with brands like LAKME for their 2016 Fashion Week, Ambika Pillai, and many more international brands. Makeup Forever Studio is a professional makeup and beauty salon that provides services like face care, body glow, hair removal, dermaplaning, and party and bridal makeup with hair styling, etc.  

Now, it's nothing new to say that taking care of your skin is of utmost importance. No one likes a skin with acne, blackheads or whiteheads. Dust, pollution, tan and stressed life makes us little careless and all this leads to a damaged skin. And, thanks to our busy lives, taking time out for ourselves seems really complicated. But whenever we do, we just want to find the best place to go and surrender ourselves in the hands of a therapist who could do magic to our skin making it come out nourished and glowing. Same happened to me when I was invited by Ishita to try the O3+ professional deep clean facial and de-tan at Makeup Forever Studio. It made me excited and the results were truly visible! Below is a step-by-step description showing you the entire deep clean process. Take a look..

All the products that were set to use.

Step 1 : De-tan
(application of the de-tan pack to clear the initial build-up)

Step 2 : Cleaning
(removal of the pack after a good 20 minutes of stay)

Step 3 : Exfoliation
(with O3+ scrub to open pores)

Step 4 : Pore Suction
(using pore suction tubes to pull out left over dirt and lift your skin)

Step 5 : Steaming
(to extract all residue from pores)

Step 6 : White & Black Head Removal
(with the correct pin. It does pain a little, so don't try it at home)

Step 7 : Sealing
(application of O3+ face pack to seal the skin)

Step 8 : Cleaning and Cold Roller Massage
(to relax and shrink pores)

Step 9 : Massage
(a. whitening serum massage on face to soak ingredients, and grape-seed oil to load skin with anti-oxidants)
(b. Finishing off the process with shoulder massage for instant relief)

And that's how my skin looks, all glowing and nourished after a perfect deep clean with O3+.

This premium facial is priced at Rs. 1600 which as per me is quite affordable. Thanks to my therapist Babita who worked on my face with the best quality products, with very gentle hands and pampered it while helping me a get a feather soft skin!

Apart from that, I'd also like to mention the efforts put in by the owner and her team to make the salon look grand with it's blissful and colorful decor. Situated at 298, Eldeco Greens, Dream Villa, Gomti Nagar, Near Fun Republic Mall, Lucknow; it's undoubtedly one of the classiest beauty salons in town and is also pet friendly (jump up girls, you will now want to go there every week, to cuddle up the baby lhasa)! Look at the pictures below and you will fall in love with the place right here.

Left : Caramel - The cutest Lhasa ever found. She doesn't even scare you!
Right : Me with Ishita Sood.

Lucknow ladies, looking for facial therapy or high quality makeup services? Get your bums here at Makeup Forever Studio where you are treated like a queen and find love in each thing and every person possibly present at the salon! #10/10


Good news for all : I'm giving away 20% discount coupons from Makeup Forever Studio to 5 lucky winners in Lucknow, which you can use to avail any service at the salon. All you have to do to win is follow a few mandatory rules as mentioned on my instagram (click HERE). Hurry, the contest ends on 28th August, 2017.

Photographed by : Saumya Kumar


Thursday 17 August 2017

Affordable Fashion : Class & Charm in less than Rs. 5000

"You don't have to be rich to look fashionable!"

As fashion lovers, we'll admit to busting the bank for some purchases. But we're not crazy. There are some items that don't need to be designer. Beyond that, it's actually better if they're not, especially when you're talking basics that will see a lot of wear and tear. You cannot imagine the number of messages I get on a daily basis from girls who want to read about affordable fashion that's trendy, comfy, classy and charming at the same time! Of course, you'd say street style is the least expensive, but what about other trends that are more girly and chic? I've got you today's post with exact prices as picked from different brands put together in my #ootd for less than Rs.5000. Read below more details!

dress : AND | bag : Ni & Sa Bags | heels : StreetStyleStore | bow : Oony by Anab
bracelet : Auhna Creations | belt : Jabong | ring : Blinglane 

It's no secret that shift dresses are easy to wear and are universally flattering as they compliment just about all body shapes. My first pick was this cute ombre peach dress from AND which was for Rs.1699/-. For a pear-shaped, petite woman like me, this dress is a perfect piece which covers my knees, has full length sleeves, and can be donned at a casual brunch or a dine out. Along with that, to give it a more polished look, I secured the waist with a skinny belt from Jabong that I bought for Rs.200/- on a sale. Belts are edgy and fun to accentuate the lose waists, and can be twisted to form pretty embellishments at any time!

Coming to the accessories, I opted for a cute pair of peach heels that are enclosed and pointed from the front, looking posh. These are versatile footwear, can be styled with office wear, party gowns, or a simple dress like mine. I got it from StreetStyleStore for Rs.699/-. I've gotta say this that my accessories all put together are way more than all my money spent on the dress, but that's the fun part, you get too many things for cheaper rates. Like how girls want it, eh? Anyway, to add some funk to my look, I wore a twisty bracelet in silver and orange on my right wrist which is worth Rs. 150/-, sold by Auhna Creations. A pair of studs in my ears for Rs.10 from a local market. The ring on my left little finger for Rs. 499/- from Blinglane, and the cutest part of my look - the blue bow in my hair is from Oony for just Rs. 150/-. To finish off my look, I opted for a quirky tassel bag from Ni & Sa that costs Rs.1499/-. And I'm done!


No matter what age group you belong to, trendiest fashion in the best prices is a dream for every female. There are so many brands out there, waiting for you to grab their pieces on sale (especially the ones I mentioned as above). Know your shape and find your style, and you can always thank me later! If you liked this quick tip post, do let me know in the comments below. Until next, much love.

Photographed by : Madhukant Tripathi  |  Makeup : Divya Vishnani  |  Shot at : Rollarappa Lucknow - Episode 3


Tuesday 8 August 2017

Power Dressing 1O1 (ft. Ni & Sa Bags)

Hey pretty ladies, hope all's good and you're keeping pretty. It's been a while since I've had a conversation about power dressing, and a lot of you have been asking me to put across my thoughts about the styles we could don at work! TBH, I'm not really fond of dressing for work, but there's no reason I shouldn't be doing it as well. I meet so many different people at work and I've realised the first think they notice about me (and vice versa) is how I've dressed, and it speaks a lot about my personality. So, today's post is about a formal look I created recently to show you how to rock at your next business meeting! 

My favorite quote about style is "Being stylish means standing out yet fitting in at the same time."  I think this is so appropriate for workplace attire and creating a powerful style because you always want to stand out for the right reasons at work.  This means to find a style that fits within the parameters of what’s appropriate, but this varies for each individual. Clothes tell you a lot about a person, and whether you like it or not, the way you look plays a role in your success in the modern workplace!

shacket : | spaghetti, pants : Pantaloons | heels : | bag : Ni & Sa Bags
sunglasses : Rayban | watch : Daniel Wellington | ring : Blinglane

It's true that there isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to work clothing, so when creating a powerful style the goal instead is to play with how you combine these pieces to make them look different.  In the outfit above, all the pieces are pretty basic. I opted for a pair of high-ankled grey pants from Pantaloons. Now these are cotton pants with classic checkered pattern and super comfortable to wear! I paired it with a pink spaghetti and layered the top with a zebra print shacket in brown-beige. This 'shacket' is a substitute to the heavy blazers we opt to wear at work, but this is a lighter piece with satin fabric base apt for summers, and looks formal and stylish at the same time giving a stronger impression!

Along with a stylish outfit, what also is needed to invest into are the accessories you choose to play with. And bags actually play an important role in making you stand out! For my look, me being me, chose to ditch the boring leather bags and picked this cool tan bag with multi-colored tassles from Ni & Sa Bags Collection. Its really spacious to fit in everything you need for the day (files, stationery, and other regular essentials). And, the sling makes it a cross-body which is super comfy to carry too.

To finish my look, keeping the other accessories minimal, I added a classic petite sterling silver watch which looks the most formal in my watch collection; a little ring on the mini finger; and my stepped-up peep toes in beige and black to match the outfit and portray a straight posture. Trust me, heels (not too high) are one of the most important part of power dressing especially for younger girls! They make you appear classy and smart in most cases and everybody appreciates that.


So girls, the next time you're leading a team, making a presentation or just want people to know you are in charge, dress up your best and rock it! Let me know if this post helped you in some way, in the comments below. Until next, love.

Photographed by : Madhukant Tripathi  |  Makeup by : Divya Vishnani  |  Shot at : Rollarappa Lucknow - Episode 3


Friday 4 August 2017

New in Lucknow : Cafe TC (Turquoise Cottage)

Hey fellas, hope all's good? If you're in Lucknow, you know how the F&B market is escalating every day. Tons of new, small and big cafes and restaurants are launching on weekly basis; and of course we are enjoying it and recommending our friends to try them all as well! Continuing the legacy, I am here, writing for you about a brand new cafe that's opened up in the posh area of Gomti Nagar by the name TURQUOISE COTTAGE. One of the most exotic cafe franchisees in India, people living in the NCR know what I'm talking about, eh?

Café TC is a proven and tested concept since 1997, from a stunning new way dinning, scintillating, mix-cultured ambience to pulsating music, it needs no introduction for those who are for a delectable eatery and bar. The new fresh look gives a great feel to relax and unwind during the day and the evenings! Certainly, it’s one charming café by the day that turns into high energy bar in the evening.

The interiors are super alluring with raw brick walls, spunky wooden furniture more of an European taste, beautiful lanterns giving soft light and peaceful music are perfect ingredients to click pictures and feel great about being at TC. Just so you know, I was pretty much fascinated by this little corner with a bookshelf near a multi-color tinted glass window, that held some amazing authors. A cozy, little friends' zone amidst some paperbacks is something you'd never want to miss!

Front Restaurant (tables for 4, 6, 8)

Bar Area

Mini Restaurant at the side with a Road View (tables for 2, 4)

Backside Space for a family/friend's group.
Best corner to indulge into good food and reading at the same time!


Many Lucknowites like me long awaited the launch of Cafe TC because the story behind it was no secret but hep. A bunch of like-minded youngsters decided to open a casual dining Chinese restaurant in the 1995. Witnessing the growing crowd and huge popularity, in 1997 they took a step ahead to enlarge the space! Now Turquoise Cottage is considered to be the one of the coolest cafes, where classic rock songs are played while youngsters could order refreshing cocktails/mocktails and unwind themselves in an open space. I chose to order a Watermelon Mint Cooler for myself for the love of the red fruit. Quite freshening it tasted!

Food has been the major attraction and crowd puller and Turquoise Cottage has truly mastered the art of offering blended delicacies. From seasoned fruit salads to addition of cheese and Indian spices in them makes beautiful salad combos for us. I tried the most talked about Watermelon and Feta Salad with Honey Emulsion that had scooped watermelon balls with chunks of cheese, seasoned with mint and honey; and TC Style Som Tom Salad that included grated raw papaya, cherry tomatoes and peanuts seasoned with herbs; and Crispy Fried Wonton Salad with Asian greens tossed with teriyaki, mayonnaise, finished with crispy wontons. Great at texture, lovely in taste! 

Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad

TC Style Som Tom Salad

Crispy Fried Wonton Salad

It was a great afternoon that I spent amongst some really yum food which included a bunch full of appetizers that looked so good that I just felt like staring at them for hours. One such uber cool presentation was of the Velvety Corn Soup that came in a whole bun. Served with a base of mustard, this corn and cream puree tasted marvellous. The sides included two pieces of garlic bread topped with green and black olives, while nailing the English soup presentations!

While going through the menu, it was an amazing feeling to see most of vegetarian dishes in the list of starters. I chose to order the Baked Mushroom Caps which is a dish of oven baked, spicy jalapeno stuffed mushrooms topped with mayo sauce. This one bite snack is really soft and inviting! Though it tasted a bit less-spiced, so if you're not fond of wishy-washy mushrooms I won't recommend this to you.

Cafe Velvety Corn Soup

Baked Mushroom Caps

I wish I could call the further mentions as main course, but no! Cafe TC makes sure they fill tummies with just platters of starters and more because there's literally no main course by the category. Also, if you're new to my blog and wondering why haven't I mentioned any non-veg dish here, let me clarify that I only talk about vegetarian food. Hence it's a blast for vegetarians that I'm going to indulge into below. 

The platters as we talk of, are one of the must try attractions at Turquoise Cottage. Curated by expert chefs, the Indian Veg Platter (paneer tikka, malai broccoli, soya chap and veg. shikampuri kebab served with spiced onions and chutney) is one of my personal favorites out of others that are : Oriental Veg Sampler (veg. salt & pepper, spring rolls, & chilly cottage cheese served with kimchi and fries); and Mezza Platter (hummus, baba ghannouj, cacik, mukhalil, falafel, fatayer sabanik, cheese sambosik served with pita basket). 'Succulent', 'finger-licking' and 'delicious' would be understatements for each! While the presentation once again goes in for a 10/10.

Indian Veg Platter

Oriental Veg Sampler

Mezza Platter

I spent about 4 good hours at Cafe TC with my fellow bloggers and once everyone got done with their meal, we ordered the desserts. Thankfully not many of my friends were hungry so I hogged upon two whole, scrummy Apple Pies myself. The left over of one mini pie as you can see in the picture below, framed well with my lemon-mint cooler (a delightful mocktail).

Apple Pie with Lemon-Mint Cooler

Pictured with fellow food bloggers and team Turquoise Cottage

Located on the 1st floor, Cyber Heights in Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. Turquoise Cottage – TC Original 1997 should be definitely on your ‘must visit’ list for impeccable service, great delicacies and soothing ambience complemented with soft music! *Find Cafe TC Lucknow on Instagram & Facebook.


Overall rating :

Service : 10/10
(quick orders and delivery, friendly and smiling staff)

Food : 9/10
(significant quality, presentation and taste)

Pricing : 9/10 (Moderate)
(soups starting at 130/-, salads starting at 230/-, platters starting at 430/-)

Ambience : 10/10
(mix of Indian & Western, elegant & classy, well lit)

Cafe TC (Turquoise Cottage) Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

I hope you liked reading this post. If you did, please share it across with your friends and family and let them know Cafe TC is now in Lucknow. Until next, keep following me on instagram and facebook for daily updates about food, fashion, lifestyle!