Wednesday 29 October 2014

My share of review on Chetan Bhagat's latest novel - HALFGIRLFRIEND

I am not a books person, not a reader AT ALL. Its hard to even recall when did I last read & completed a book, except ofcourse my textbooks. But there was something peculiar about ‘Halfgirlfriend’..I could over hear people talking about it everywhere I went in the past one month. I was seeing selfies, people took with the book and posted it on various social media sites. I was somehow attracted to it, really don’t have an idea WHY? The other day I was ordering a few textbooks for my course in college from Flipkart & suddenly ‘Halfgirfriend’ popped up showing the view details & price. I clicked on “buy now” option & added it to my cart, telling myself to give it a shot. But an inner voice said to me, Shubhi, are you seriously going to read a book, rather a novel? Will you, seriously? I held my breadth and said, Yes I will. Two days later, I received the book & took a picture of it to post on instagram, telling the world I’m transforming, LOL.The same night I started reading the book at 12 AM sharp. (Sorry to be specific but this time did change something in me, I was reading.) It took me 3 nights to complete the whole book. Well, 3 because I used to read 12AM-2AM every night. Yesterday night I completed the book at 3.30 AM because I didn’t want to stretch it to another night and live in suspense, and posted on twitter saying, ITS ADDICTIVE! Well, I am suppose to write a review on the book, well because many of my non-reader friends have asked me to do so. Gosh! Why can’t they just open up the book and read it themselves, reviews change opinions & perceptions, they do! Anyways, here I go……

There are two kinds of people in this world – those who like Chetan Bhagat and those who detest Chetan Bhagat. Both these groups ensure that you cannot ignore him. 
Starting with the prologue, I wept and wept for 5 minutes continuously. But then I thoroughly enjoyed the read right upto the epilogue. Well, wept again in ACT 2, reading the “6 legible entries” from the heroine’s diary, to be frank.
The character build up has been beautifully done and for the first time , even though the book is from Madhav’s point of view, Riya, the female protagonist, is more central to the story than Madhav himself. The story had its twists, but there was quite a bit of predictability in it too. There were a few things that weren’t quite logical, but logic isn’t what most try to see in today’s books or movies, right? Bhagat always takes up issues which resonate with the masses. In “Halfgirlfriend”, the protagonist is a Bihari guy named Madhav who has a hard time speaking English. Now what can be more common than that? I can envision thousands of youth in Bihar, who will never read “To Kill a Mocking Bird”, but who will readily see themselves in Madhav and will have no difficulty in comprehending Bhagat’s simplistic yet charming writing style. The repeated references to Madhav’s poor English is annoying at times, but almost every book has a phase where the reader fights within himself to either put it down or soldier along. I chose to read on. And the book did hold my attention. Till the last page. And mind you, I am not a girl who reads only Chetan Bhagat novels, infact..I don’t read any authors’. But “Halfgirlfriend” had me hooked. It’s a charming love story. You will end up rooting for Madhav.
There is the inevitable drama. Almost Bollywood like. But it is Chetan Bhagat we are talking about. This slightly surreal drama is Bhagat’s style. And it’s good. He has his own niche. It’s a different story altogether. Bhagat touches on the problem of rural education in India and the book also suggests ways to improve one’s English. The techniques may seem too raw for the average Goodreads user or a regular reader, but in truth, they are effective. A 15 year boy reading this book in Bihar will understand this more than you and I ever will. One of the pinnacles of the novel encompasses the fact that  the story is also revealed from the perception of the heroine - Riya, though it surfaces through her diary entries. Moreover, the jigsaw method of gluing the broken contours at the end of the novel too is absorbing. Accommodating the Microsoft King - Bill Gates, too  takes to shore the crystalline pebbles of the novel. From one perspective, the novel is yet another amusing Bollywood saga and resembles a bit with the movie English-Vinglish where one tries to conquer the  convolutedness of English language. In the second half, the story traces fragments of Sanjay Leela Bansali movie “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam”  where the heroine crosses the borders of India in search of her long lost Lover in Italy. One pragmatic point worth mentioning is the guy choosing to work for a social cause, development of better infrastructure and facilities for rural schools; over a high paying MNC job. In a nutshell, Bhagat’s new book “Half Girlfriend” forms a perfect plot for Bollywood flicks.
To end, it was a sweet, simple and convincing story. An inspiration for some students in many ways, because in our generation is more likely to follow the stories in movies or books, so yes its an inspiration for the youth to hold on to the one they love for a lifetime. Also, to enter any reputed college in the country through the sports quota if they have willpower & dedication. But, guys…St.Stephen’s is a hard one.
Overall rating : 3/5 

Suggestions : Don't form any strict opinions about the book from any reviews you hear or read. Please go ahead and read the book for yourself! Also, if you have any additions or contradictions to the review, do comment below!  


Sunday 19 October 2014

Request to my Friends..


Everyone knows of the power of friends,
The terrific result when everything blends,
When people have friends, they don't stand alone,
Friends always help when you face the unknown.
Friends give you courage to face problems untold,
So the love of a friend can help make you bold,
They can help you to live a much richer life,
So your every day living will be less filled with strife.


I owe you so much that its hard to repay,
All I can do is just say,
That I love all of you from the bottom of my heart,
And I wish our ways never part.


I need you in my life to share my joys and sorrows,
Not yesterday and today but even tomorrow,
Because life presents you with situations and circumstances,
When its difficult to stand all alone,
And at that time all you need is someone,
Holding your hand and telling you, 
I'm there for you, no need to mourn.
I found that someone in all of you, 
And that's why I request you, never to bid me adieu.
I promise you, I'll be there for you the same you'll be there for me,
And sooner or later whatever difficulties we face will just flee!

PS : I love you matter how much we argue over certain things or do not stay in touch for quite a time, I still know our bond of friendship will never break. Hope the same from your end my loves!


Saturday 4 October 2014

Be a Fashionista!


Major print crazes don’t grow on trees, but right now you’ll find a sizeable harvest of pineapple patterns planted onto sweatshirts, sundresses and everything in between. Without a slice to be seen on the runways, pineapples have become the surprise mega-motif of the moment in fashion, as well as beauty and interiors. Wallpapers, lamps and other such spiky furnishings are the last word in hip décor; pineapple manicures are brightening up trend-savvy talons; and the piña tattoo has become the ink du jour.

Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger and Rihanna have all gone bananas for Zoe Karssen’s tropical trackies, while American DJs Chelsea Leyland and Harley Viera-Newton have tucked into this summer’s juicy-fruit frocks from Modcloth. As far as trends go, they don’t get more (wardrobe) refreshing than this!
PS : I love prints, and tropical prints are really really cool. I mean I love them. Would recommend it to you too.
So do you mind trying something fruity this summer? Go for it..:)

                                                             Picture source : Google

Janice Dickinson doesn’t look 57, but she is. We’re not going to lie, she looks great, but let’s face it, it’s a tad tacky when 50-somethings try sporting an outfit you’d normally find on 20-somethings — and vice versa. However, tinsel town allows celebrities more leeway than the real world does for us ordinary folk. As a rule of thumb, stick to age appropriate attire.

Advice 3. FLORALS.
A result of the creativity of natural science, in my opinion. Somebody just asked me if I ever loved floral printed fabric and particularly the bright colors. Well, to answer him/her, yes, I did love prints and bright colors, I do love them still. They make you feel fresh, light and alive. There is nothing about floral prints that one doesn’t like. You have to, have to like it, all ways. Just team up your dress or top with the right pair of jeans, pull ups and accessories and there you are all set to look beautiful, sexy and elegant at the same time. 
Anonymous asked: I read your posts on prints the other day, it was fabulously penned down. Prints are my passion. Is mixing them for just the young or the young at heart?

Answer : Oh really! Thankyou so much. I’m glad you liked it. And the answer to your question - Both! great style is ageless. And pairing vivid prints like florals and ikat can be modern and ultimately age-appropriate. the trick here is to make sure the contrasting patterns are complementary in color. So, if the floral is navy and pink, the ikat should be too. If the colors are too divergent, the look will turn into the chaotic.

Top : Westside | Leggings : Aiva | Flats : Flea Market (Delhi)

Advice 4. EMMY.
The polka dot chiffon top with peterpan color and the flowy skirt attached to it. This is a 1950’s vintage look..Back in trend. So this year, move with this vintage look, looking your best. Dresses like these make you look slim, as your waist is hidden under the belt, giving your body an elegant shape.

Picture source : Google

Hope this post helped you choose your favorite type of clothing for the coming summer!! If you have any questions or suggestions, do comment below and don't forget to follow me on instagram.