Tuesday 31 May 2016

Fiama Di Wills Shower Gels : Crafted for Timeless Youthfulness

Hey guys, hope y'all are enjoying the summer breezes, with mild rains like a blessing! (phew)

So, its been a while since I told about having a received a hamper full of FIAMA DI WILLS shower gels that I'm simply in love with! For all of you who follow me Snapchat, already know how much I'm a FDW addict. I've been using their products since years and have always had the best of experience! Well, today I've got you an amazing review of my favorites from their range of luxury shower gels out of which one amazing gel is designed by none other than the eclectic and iconic fashion designer, MASABA GUPTA, who has infused in her gel creations some special ingredients for a special you; crafted for timeless youthfulness! I'm already going bonkers over the collection. Scroll down to take a look...

Luxury speaks a language of indulgence and youthful radiance is the true mark of beautiful skin, and this is being the brand philosophy of ITC Fiama Di Wills has led to the making of a unique ingredient - the skin conditioning gel, that is mild on skin and preserves essential skin proteins, maintaining hydration and skin's PH balance! As FDW celebrates the modern, urban woman pursuing her passion, it got on board the electrifying Masaba Gupta to design a signature series of shower gels for them, for us to experience an amalgamation of avant-garde fashion and innovative skincare.

I recently got my hands on one of the shower gels from the precious gemstone bath collection, designed by Masaba (launched at the Wills India Fashion Week SS15) and the product name put me in excitement. As it read SHIMMERING DIAMOND, it automatically became my best friend (as they rightly say). A universally accepted symbol of love, diamonds have lightened up the eyes of many women, and this time this shower gel infused with real diamond dust and essential skin conditioners that help in exfoliation, have been formulated with exquisite ingredients for a supple, even-toned and youthful skin! Smelling like pure bliss, this shower gel is a luxurious piece in my skincare collection! *Oh, and the bottle signed by Masaba makes it a priceless possession*

Along with the gemstone infused gel, I also received one of the exotic variants of shower gel, namely BLACKCURRANT AND BEARBERRY. If you know me well, you know anything with black currants is like my favorite. The mildest shower gel I've ever used, this product just transforms your bathing experience into a blissful indulgence with the goodness of its ingredients. Providing anti-inflammatory and lightening benefits, Blackcurrant and Bearberry shower gel gives you a bouncy and radiant skin!

How to use : Pour 2-3 drops of the shower gel on your loofah, apply it on your body & scrub it all over, and wash it off with plain water. Residue from other soaps and gels may clog pores, but Fiama Di Wills shower gel acts like a moisturiser, leaving no residue and keeping the skin soft and youthful daily!

In the Timeless Youthfulness hamper, I also got a shower gel from Fiama Di Wills's mens range, which they said I could gift to anyone I want to, but my dear friend Mrinal got his hands on the bottle as soon as he saw it in the box during the shoot for his post so I chose to let him use it and share some feedbacks, and here's what he had to say : "I used Fiama shower gel for the first time and it surprisingly made me happy. Powered with micro gel conditioners, the ENERGIZING SCRUB  keeps my skin hydrated, energized and youthful for almost 24 hours. Activated with purifying beads that exfoliates my skin and gives it clarity, makes me use this gel daily for deep conditioning and instant rejuvenation! I would definitely recommend this product to all my male friends."


ITC Fiama Di Wills is undoubtedly one of the best skincare brands producing bathing products since years. Creating soaps and shower gels with refreshing and enriching ingredients, it gives a youthful skin to all!

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Saturday 28 May 2016

NIMAI in My Envy Box

Hey pretty ladies, hope you all are doing good! (let me know what you're upto these days in the comments below) Would love to hear from you :)

Well, today I'm sharing with you my first Jewelry Box from MY ENVY BOX. So, you already know that I receive the beauty boxes from MEB (a monthly subscription platform where you get a box full of luxurious beauty products from different brands) every month, which are like truly truly amazing and I review them on my social media. But, this being my first ever jewelry box from them, made me excited and I wanted to show y'all what did I get in it, here! Scroll down to take a look...

For the month of May, My Envy Box collaborated with NIMAI, a curated platform showcasing works of independent jewelry designers from across India. To be honest, as soon as I opened the packaging and read Nimai on the box, I got super excited because having shopped with them before, I kinda knew the jewelry inside my box just has to be really cool and luxurious. It took me a while to digest the fact that I now own my first, personal jewelry box from MEB curated by none other than Nimai.

Inside the box were some beautiful pieces from three different brands, namely HOUSE OF TUHINA, OLIO, SILVENSE BY VRINDA.

MEB's May Jewelry Box included :

1. Pearl Caged Earrings with Gold Polish & Grey Pearl by Silvense (worth 2800/-)

2. Classic Minimal Neckpiece in Silver by Olio (worth 2100/-)

3. Statement Electric Boho Bracelet by House of Tuhina (worth 2000/-)

Silvense is one brand that manifests in its designs the power and freedom and individuality, keeping its jewelry unique, pragmatic, clean and contemporary. Where as Olio is one of my favorites due to its crafting of handmade pieces, celebrating natural imperfections and keeping its designs minimalistic and sleek. House of Tuhina is another exclusive brand that I just can't get over. Each and every product purely handmade with love, drawing inspiration from everything beautiful that Indian design has to offer. It was indeed a box full of amazing surprises that I got with semi precious and fashion jewelry from all the above mentioned brands!

If you haven't got your hands on My Envy Box yet, what are you waiting for? Go grab some luxurious jewelry pieces at half rates of the original price, exclusively at www.myenvybox.com and experience a wonderful amalgamation of beauty, purity and luxury! ----- Surprise Surprise : I have a coupon code for y'all that you can use to get 20% off on your purchase. Use : jbnew20 (valid on 1 month jewelry box subscription only).

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Photographed by : Mrinal Khatnani


Tuesday 24 May 2016

Four Ways to Style an Oversized Tee

Hey guys, hope summers are treating you well and you all are having a good time! The heat is killin' me here, really! Anyway, I've got something special for you today, so keep reading.

After going through a lot of mails and messages on my social media accounts, I realized, many of you wanted me to do a collaboration with one of my co-bloggers in my city, Lucknow. And keeping your requests in mind, I teamed up with Poorvi Naithani (from Shades of Jade) to bring you 4 creative ways to wear an over sized tee!

Now, we’re all bound to have one kicking around our wardrobes somewhere : an inexplicably large men’s t-shirt that leaves us looking for ways to throw it upon us. They worm their way into our closets as freebies from your elder brother, or as the complimentary gift commemorating you’ve finished a fun run. Invariably, we simply throw them to the back of a little-used shelf and forget they exist until it’s time to paint the house or wash the dog and then we haul them out to be used as makeshift overalls. Surprisingly, however, this is not necessarily all they’re good for!

Poorvi and I put in a lot of thought to create 4 different styles using our over sized tees, out of which 2 of my favorites are displayed below :

She's wearing - tee, shorts : Lifestyle Store | shoes : Ruby Shoes (Singapore) | socks : Puma | clutch : Bandra (Mumbai)
watch : Daniel Wellington | choker necklace : Amazon.in

I'm wearing - tee, neckchain : Lifestyle Store | co-ords, bag : StalkbuyLove.com | heels : Factoryrush.com

If you remember reading my post about the opening of the first Lifestyle Store in Lucknow last month, you must remember I wrote about showing you guys what I bought from their collections! So, Poorvi and I got an opportunity to pick 2 of our favorites each from any section of the entire Lifestyle Store and after spending almost 2 hours searching for the right pieces, the FREE HUGS T-SHIRT from the Smiley World Collection caught our eye instantly and we picked one each, from the men's section! The sizes of course varied, and appeared larger than the large in the women's section. We both really wanted to get the oversized tees, so we thought of collaborating and doing a post to show you guys the fun ways we wore it!

Poorvi being the fun girl that she is, opted to team up her tee with a pair of white denim shorts from Ginger - another cool brand at Lifestyle, pulling the tee and tying a knot at one side corner to trim it and fit just right above the pockets of her shorts because it looked really cool and creative! She chose to wear her mint color sneakers with matching socks to match the mint green color present in the tee (it looked really cute). To add a pop of color contrasting the whites, she carried her hot pink clutch that added the much need vibrancy and wore a classy wrist watch in her hand and a choker in her neck almost mastering her complete look!

On the other hand, I chose to show more of my feminine side and still keeping it comfy, wore my tee tucked inside my distressed baggy jeans, teaming it up with a denim waist coat that came along with the jeans as a set of co-ordinates from StalkBuyLove! Tucking in is one of the easiest ways to make a large oversized t-shirt wearable. Also, I kinda rolled up the sleeves to make it look edgy, which I realized kept unrolling during the shoot! (Tip : You can sew the sleeves in a rolled position to prevent them from unrolling in the future)! To complete my look, I wore my black heels that matched my big black backpack and stacked a few rings in my fingers, added a 3 layer neck-chain (from the accessories section at Lifestyle) that had some mint color pendant that matched well with the tee and braided my hair on one side that made me good to go!

These were the first 2 looks that we created using our over sized tees! You can check out rest of the two looks on Poorvi's blog, HERE. I'm sure you'd love to view them too! ----- Lets us know what do you think of this post in the comments below and don't forget to share it amongst your friends because spreading fun stuff is no way bad! ;)

Photographed by : Daniel Joseph


Friday 20 May 2016

Stay Kiss Ready with Island Kiss

Hey everyone, hope y'all are enjoying summers and its special treats like anti-oxidant foods (seasonal fruits and salads) because they keep you active and do taste yum!

Today, I've got something yummier for you, and for your lips! Its quite a dilemma when you have a habit of licking your lips and nothing tastes good, especially in summers (you know what I mean)! Well, if I may say so, being your 'god mother', I felt it was my duty to introduce you to a range of tasteful lip balms from ISLAND KISS. Like, even the brand name has a kiss in there, so you know how appetizing it sounds already!

I am a total lip balm person, so much so that even my friends joke around when I make up stories about something, they say, "Yeah, we'll believe that the day you give up your lip balm." Like usual, I gasp, "Never. Without it my lips feel naked and alone." So yeah they know it too!

No matter what season it is, one beauty product I keep applying multiple times every day is a lip balm and I'm sure you too do it and have stacks of it in your hand bags (correct me if not)! I recently came across some lips balms from Island Kiss, an Indian brand that has some of the most organic flavors of all times!

These lip balms come in a fun packaging, all decked up in a 70s theme! I love how cute the tubes look too, and the colors are just so summery and vibrant. Each pack has a fun insert that can be used as a bookmark that carries all details of each product too! Coming to what attracted me most were the amazing fragrance of each of the lip balm that could be smelt even if the tube was closed! Wow that!

There are three variants available in the Island Kiss Lip Balms. Besides having different fragrances, each of these lip balms have different tints too. I've described each piece separately below, so let's take a look : 

PUERTO BERRY BLUSH - This is the Belle of the Ball, the lip balm you can reach out for when you want a tint of red color on your lips along with intense hydration. I used to apply little quantity of this product on my lips, fearing a stain like you get after eating a raspberry ice-cream, but eventually I realized it wasn't the quantity that mattered, the color actually is quite intense. True to its name, 'Berry Cheeky Tint' it can be used on the cheeks for a natural looking blush! ---- Price : 499/- 

ALMA VANILLA & INGES LAVENDER - I love the soft fragrance of this lip balm. The tint in this one is 'Birth Suit Nude' as by the name suggests, its a purplish tint but looks almost clear on the lips! Since I have a dusky complexion, the clear tint suits me well especially when I don't want to color my lips but still make it look glossy! This is my favorite of the three variants and I regularly wear this from morning to night, and always before taking selfies :P ---- Price : 399/-

CHERRY BLOSSOM FLORES - This one has a lovely, mild cherry blossom fragrance, very similar to the L'Occitane one! The shade 'Bunny Pink Tint' has a pale milky pink tint that looks just plain on anyone with medium skin tone. It appears natural and quite cool for the summer months. For winters I assume it wouldn't look as good because of its too cool pigmentation! For fairer skin tone, its the best piece. ---- Price : 399/-

All lip balms from Island Kiss have special ingredients, namely Tropical Komkum and Avacado Butter, Organic Beeswax, Stevia, Organic Carrot Seed oil, Pure Castor Oil, Rich Vitamin E Oil, Organic Macademia Nut Oil, Citrus Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil and Natural Organic Color. That makes the Island Kiss products 100% natural and wholesome!

Also, as you can see in the pictures above, these lip balms have a pretty sassy packaging. I always prefer tube packs for lip balms to pots and these tubes have an angled applicator making it easier to follow the shape of the lips!

The Island Kiss lip balms cold-pressed and made in artiste batches using essential oils and vegetable butters. These are truly emollient and hence instantly soften the lips. They work beautifully to keep your lips moisturised even when you're wearing the driest lipsticks! I mostly apply the lip balm when I start doing my makeup so by the time I am done with everything else, and only left to put lipstick, my lips are nicely hydrated and that ways the lipsticks too glide on smoothly, making my lips always kiss ready! ;)

Also, these lip balms work wonders for all those who have extremely chapped lips and need a solution to it. Girls, go for it! PS : If you're one of those who tends to eat lipstick and lip balms applied on your lips often, then this product is meant just for you! 

My rating : 4.5/5

Would I recommend it : Obviously YES!

Would I buy it : Yes. Every 3 months ( My lip balms don't last more than that)

Island Kiss products are exclusively available on myislandkiss.com, Nykaa and Flipkart. You can follow them on Facebook & Instagram for more info.


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Thursday 19 May 2016

Stay Fresh with Neesh Perfumes

Hey guys, how are you all doing? I'm sure many of you are planning for vacations, and for those who are staying back, let's catch up sometime in town, say wha'?

Well, if you're hopping out somewhere, don't forget to carry some fragrance with you to stay fresh throughout your trip! Come on, you must have already got an idea of today's post by now, its all about fragrances from a leading perfume brand called NEESH. To be true, I'd never heard of it until they dropped me an email requesting to collaborate. I went through their collection and found it super interesting because of the creative names of their different perfumes and its patented and fit into the pocket style packaging, to be true! I agreed upon reviewing some samples, and here I am, writing this for you.

Neesh, as appears to me is an unique company that sells pocket perfumes (now that's something brilliant), with a luxurious international packaging. Its products are extensively used in the cosmetic industry since they believe their products are life enhancing and incomparable, that offers their customers a delightful aromatic experience!

Now, scroll down to read my favorite picks (and you might just want to read the post till the end since there's a cool surprise for you all)!

AMOUR DE OUD : My first pick was this one, firstly because of the catchy yellow color of the pack and secondly because of its clean and profoundly smoky smell that has a striking balance of timeless musk and dark amber aromatic notes that liberates the senses in the very first spray. My every-day partner at college, offering a singular statement of determination and keeping me fresh and rejuvenated all day!

ROSE - E - MOHABBAT : As in the name, its genuinely made with love. Pure aroma of fresh rose in every spray that leaves you completely mesmerized! It has an innate ability to always keep you confident and sexy. One of the most enticing fragrances from the Neesh range, because of its luxurious components such as rose, honey and lavender!

EAU DE MEHFIL : If you're a party animal, this fragrance is just for you! It has an intoxicating base of agarwood and castroeum with a powerful balance of Arabian bakhroor, black rose and Patchouly. Its a must have for all those who want to become the center of attention since it is bold and distinctive by nature!

OUD - E - KHASS : This is the 'red carpet' of the Neesh range, having a modern interpretation of luxury. Undoubtedly, its special and the best choice for that special someone in your life! It has a lingering note of Musk and agarwood which transforms into a sharp sweet wood with Indian saffron and has the desired lavishness, eccentricity and glamorous spirits. My favorite pick that I use just before going to bed because hey, sweet dreams - my thing!

BELLA D OUD : My most favorite fragrance from the entire range of Neesh perfumes without second thoughts! This tantalizing scent offers a modern composition that combines power of musk and dark amber, delicacy of honey & berries, expressing luminous floral facets and sensual, magnetic resonance. I might sound kiddish, but this striking fragrance makes you feel like you're a free soul in a fairy land!

The best part I like about Neesh perfumes is their packaging. So easy to carry anywhere! Unlike those big bottles that eat up half of the bag space, these pick-packs are pocket sized, tiny spray bottles that can fit in any regular size clothing pockets and wallets. Put it in your jeans or that tiny clutch that you carry during a wedding, with these travel friendly pocket perfumes you can make sure to carry freshness anywhere and all day long!

Along with some spray bottles, I also got a pack of scented strip testers in different fragrances that you can use by rubbing on any of your body parts to stay fresh without having to carry any spray bottle along! I love the Attar - e - Ishq fragrance more because of its warm, sexy, crisp and clean aroma that is just irresistible. 

No one can deny the problem of body odor and a very normal fragrance cannot fight it. And that’s why Neesh came up with the idea of creating distinct oriental and floral fragrances that are extremely portable and flexible. Now, let me quickly introduce you to its four USPs :

1. Very high quality fragrance.
2. Lasts upto 12 hours (wooaaah!!)
3. Each pick pack of pocket sized bottle (of 20 ml) contains 400 sprays costing less than Rs. 1/-
4. Quite affordable and fits in every pocket.

Being the first Attar based perfume brand of India, Neesh caters their services both online and offline. Unique packaging, attractive fragrances and loads of varieties, they are committed to create distribution networks in India via popular online platforms like AMAZON, FLIPKART, SNAPDEAL and EBAYYou must check it out and order some of the pieces for yourselves. I'm sure you'll love every bit of it! 

Coming to the much awaited surprise part, I'm GIVING AWAY two of my favorite pocket perfumes to 2 lucky winners (each one gets one bottle). All the rules are up on my instagram - click HERE to participate! Make sure to follow all the rules because if you miss out even one, then you're disqualified!

Photographed by : Saumya Kumar


Saturday 14 May 2016

Walkin' English in SBL Co-Ords

A girl should be two things : classy and fabulous! - Coco Chanel

Hey girlies, hope everyone's good and taking the world on roll? :p 

Okay, so I've never done this before, but starting a blog with a quote never appeared so apt than this! You must have heard this quotation by CC very often and must be really bored, but as they say, fashion is an instant language that needs to be repeated time and again, so here I am talking about a style that I've been crushing on for long!

Coordinates (co-ords set) are a must have this season. It comes in lots of styles, varying from crop tops and pencil skirts to tops and pants, twinning in one color! It stylishly separates the upper and bottom of your body giving you a chance to master an alternative to your favorite dresses and jumpsuits! Today, I've paired up a set of lace co-ords, that includes a full sleeved crop top and a sleek pencil skirt. The coral orange color attracted me instantly and I loved this outfit so much so, that I bought it the first day it was up on the STALKBUYLOVE website (irresistible it was)! 

Scroll down to read all the details about why it took me no time to create this look..

co-ords : StalkBuyLove | heels : Talons D'or | hat : Forever21 | wallet : Lavie | rings : Zotiqq

As I mentioned above, my love for co-ords is infinite. If you remember, I posted one of the kinds, also from StalkBuyLove.com, last year on this blog (check out here) of a floral skirt and a cut sleeve jacket set. I received a lot of compliments over it and that inspired me to post about this one for you again! This lace co-ords set almost seems a one piece dress because I didn't leave any gaps on my waist, but pulled the skirt high and layered the full sleeved crop-top over it covering up my belly! It appears more like a body con now and I love the fitting because it gives a complete structure to my over all body displaying a lady-like curvy shape!

More dressy as the outfit looks, I added a black floppy hat to it, as inspired from a British look. I am a fan of hats because it changes the entire appearance instantly. This one is from Forever21 and I love how it accentuates my slightly curly mane making it appear sexy! Keeping the accessories minimal, I just stacked up a few rings in my fingers that complimented the summery orange color and carried a faux leather wallet in triple color Aztec embossing, from Lavie. You can wear this outfit at impromptu dinner parties or even in the day for lunch dates. Its undoubtedly a perfect summer must-try-on-the-go-attire! To complete my look, I chose to add a pair of solid black pointed heels to give the entire ensemble a classy and fabulous feel! ;)

PS : I would just take a moment to talk about my heels this time, since its custom designed by me via this super amazing brand called TALONS D'OR. This website allows you to design any kind of heels you want with each of its details from scratch. From the heel shape to its height and color, to the shape of the front of your shoe, to the color of the sole and strap, and the entire freaking footwear! Isn't that just so cool? You must check it out right away, because you surely wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to own a pair of self-designed footwear!


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Photographed by : Mrinal Khatnani  |  Shot at : The Cherry Tree Bakery