Tuesday 24 May 2016

Four Ways to Style an Oversized Tee

Hey guys, hope summers are treating you well and you all are having a good time! The heat is killin' me here, really! Anyway, I've got something special for you today, so keep reading.

After going through a lot of mails and messages on my social media accounts, I realized, many of you wanted me to do a collaboration with one of my co-bloggers in my city, Lucknow. And keeping your requests in mind, I teamed up with Poorvi Naithani (from Shades of Jade) to bring you 4 creative ways to wear an over sized tee!

Now, we’re all bound to have one kicking around our wardrobes somewhere : an inexplicably large men’s t-shirt that leaves us looking for ways to throw it upon us. They worm their way into our closets as freebies from your elder brother, or as the complimentary gift commemorating you’ve finished a fun run. Invariably, we simply throw them to the back of a little-used shelf and forget they exist until it’s time to paint the house or wash the dog and then we haul them out to be used as makeshift overalls. Surprisingly, however, this is not necessarily all they’re good for!

Poorvi and I put in a lot of thought to create 4 different styles using our over sized tees, out of which 2 of my favorites are displayed below :

She's wearing - tee, shorts : Lifestyle Store | shoes : Ruby Shoes (Singapore) | socks : Puma | clutch : Bandra (Mumbai)
watch : Daniel Wellington | choker necklace : Amazon.in

I'm wearing - tee, neckchain : Lifestyle Store | co-ords, bag : StalkbuyLove.com | heels : Factoryrush.com

If you remember reading my post about the opening of the first Lifestyle Store in Lucknow last month, you must remember I wrote about showing you guys what I bought from their collections! So, Poorvi and I got an opportunity to pick 2 of our favorites each from any section of the entire Lifestyle Store and after spending almost 2 hours searching for the right pieces, the FREE HUGS T-SHIRT from the Smiley World Collection caught our eye instantly and we picked one each, from the men's section! The sizes of course varied, and appeared larger than the large in the women's section. We both really wanted to get the oversized tees, so we thought of collaborating and doing a post to show you guys the fun ways we wore it!

Poorvi being the fun girl that she is, opted to team up her tee with a pair of white denim shorts from Ginger - another cool brand at Lifestyle, pulling the tee and tying a knot at one side corner to trim it and fit just right above the pockets of her shorts because it looked really cool and creative! She chose to wear her mint color sneakers with matching socks to match the mint green color present in the tee (it looked really cute). To add a pop of color contrasting the whites, she carried her hot pink clutch that added the much need vibrancy and wore a classy wrist watch in her hand and a choker in her neck almost mastering her complete look!

On the other hand, I chose to show more of my feminine side and still keeping it comfy, wore my tee tucked inside my distressed baggy jeans, teaming it up with a denim waist coat that came along with the jeans as a set of co-ordinates from StalkBuyLove! Tucking in is one of the easiest ways to make a large oversized t-shirt wearable. Also, I kinda rolled up the sleeves to make it look edgy, which I realized kept unrolling during the shoot! (Tip : You can sew the sleeves in a rolled position to prevent them from unrolling in the future)! To complete my look, I wore my black heels that matched my big black backpack and stacked a few rings in my fingers, added a 3 layer neck-chain (from the accessories section at Lifestyle) that had some mint color pendant that matched well with the tee and braided my hair on one side that made me good to go!

These were the first 2 looks that we created using our over sized tees! You can check out rest of the two looks on Poorvi's blog, HERE. I'm sure you'd love to view them too! ----- Lets us know what do you think of this post in the comments below and don't forget to share it amongst your friends because spreading fun stuff is no way bad! ;)

Photographed by : Daniel Joseph



  1. Tadaaaa I'm the first one to comment here๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
    My favorire look is ankle length ripped jeans with a purple colour top..really comfortable for dis summerrr

  2. Totally in lov wd d co ords !! And the minty color of the tee :D

  3. Akanksha singh22 May 2016 at 10:44

    I loved the look of shorts with tee.
    Its totally in for summers to beat the heat :-D

  4. My favourite look is the 4th picture where Miss. Poorvi is resting her elbow on your shoulder. I am tall like Poorvi and so I would prefer shorts rather than a jumpsuit, this summer. I loved what the both of you have done with the accessories (the choker necklace, the jewelry) Also love the sided braid! I would mismatch both of your looks to create my own!! :)

  5. Amazing pictures! I liked the 4th one the most as I like the way Shubhi is posing; hands inside pocket, the most casual and chic style of showing off distressed baggy jeans along with the tee and denim jacket. Love the combo Poorvi has made up with the minty sneakers matching with the tee print. :) ♡