Friday 20 May 2016

Stay Kiss Ready with Island Kiss

Hey everyone, hope y'all are enjoying summers and its special treats like anti-oxidant foods (seasonal fruits and salads) because they keep you active and do taste yum!

Today, I've got something yummier for you, and for your lips! Its quite a dilemma when you have a habit of licking your lips and nothing tastes good, especially in summers (you know what I mean)! Well, if I may say so, being your 'god mother', I felt it was my duty to introduce you to a range of tasteful lip balms from ISLAND KISS. Like, even the brand name has a kiss in there, so you know how appetizing it sounds already!

I am a total lip balm person, so much so that even my friends joke around when I make up stories about something, they say, "Yeah, we'll believe that the day you give up your lip balm." Like usual, I gasp, "Never. Without it my lips feel naked and alone." So yeah they know it too!

No matter what season it is, one beauty product I keep applying multiple times every day is a lip balm and I'm sure you too do it and have stacks of it in your hand bags (correct me if not)! I recently came across some lips balms from Island Kiss, an Indian brand that has some of the most organic flavors of all times!

These lip balms come in a fun packaging, all decked up in a 70s theme! I love how cute the tubes look too, and the colors are just so summery and vibrant. Each pack has a fun insert that can be used as a bookmark that carries all details of each product too! Coming to what attracted me most were the amazing fragrance of each of the lip balm that could be smelt even if the tube was closed! Wow that!

There are three variants available in the Island Kiss Lip Balms. Besides having different fragrances, each of these lip balms have different tints too. I've described each piece separately below, so let's take a look : 

PUERTO BERRY BLUSH - This is the Belle of the Ball, the lip balm you can reach out for when you want a tint of red color on your lips along with intense hydration. I used to apply little quantity of this product on my lips, fearing a stain like you get after eating a raspberry ice-cream, but eventually I realized it wasn't the quantity that mattered, the color actually is quite intense. True to its name, 'Berry Cheeky Tint' it can be used on the cheeks for a natural looking blush! ---- Price : 499/- 

ALMA VANILLA & INGES LAVENDER - I love the soft fragrance of this lip balm. The tint in this one is 'Birth Suit Nude' as by the name suggests, its a purplish tint but looks almost clear on the lips! Since I have a dusky complexion, the clear tint suits me well especially when I don't want to color my lips but still make it look glossy! This is my favorite of the three variants and I regularly wear this from morning to night, and always before taking selfies :P ---- Price : 399/-

CHERRY BLOSSOM FLORES - This one has a lovely, mild cherry blossom fragrance, very similar to the L'Occitane one! The shade 'Bunny Pink Tint' has a pale milky pink tint that looks just plain on anyone with medium skin tone. It appears natural and quite cool for the summer months. For winters I assume it wouldn't look as good because of its too cool pigmentation! For fairer skin tone, its the best piece. ---- Price : 399/-

All lip balms from Island Kiss have special ingredients, namely Tropical Komkum and Avacado Butter, Organic Beeswax, Stevia, Organic Carrot Seed oil, Pure Castor Oil, Rich Vitamin E Oil, Organic Macademia Nut Oil, Citrus Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil and Natural Organic Color. That makes the Island Kiss products 100% natural and wholesome!

Also, as you can see in the pictures above, these lip balms have a pretty sassy packaging. I always prefer tube packs for lip balms to pots and these tubes have an angled applicator making it easier to follow the shape of the lips!

The Island Kiss lip balms cold-pressed and made in artiste batches using essential oils and vegetable butters. These are truly emollient and hence instantly soften the lips. They work beautifully to keep your lips moisturised even when you're wearing the driest lipsticks! I mostly apply the lip balm when I start doing my makeup so by the time I am done with everything else, and only left to put lipstick, my lips are nicely hydrated and that ways the lipsticks too glide on smoothly, making my lips always kiss ready! ;)

Also, these lip balms work wonders for all those who have extremely chapped lips and need a solution to it. Girls, go for it! PS : If you're one of those who tends to eat lipstick and lip balms applied on your lips often, then this product is meant just for you! 

My rating : 4.5/5

Would I recommend it : Obviously YES!

Would I buy it : Yes. Every 3 months ( My lip balms don't last more than that)

Island Kiss products are exclusively available on, Nykaa and Flipkart. You can follow them on Facebook & Instagram for more info.


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  1. hello there
    my fav is puerto berry blush
    done 1st
    Hope to win
    shah_hiiral is my insta id

  2. Puerto berry blush

  3. All of the above Island Kiss lip blams are super amazing! Each of them are versatile in their own way ! But the one I love is the Puerto Berry Blush ! Because this summer I want to go Berry Blush. πŸ’‹ - Pragya Verma ( Instagram ID- @pragya4ever)

  4. Hey hun 😍
    My favrt is PUERTO BERRY BLUSH 😍😍
    it is looking so awsm πŸ˜™
    N suits u also πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
    Insta id :- amishaddreamgrl

  5. Hey,Puerto Berry Blush is my favourite among all,as the color is quite darker than others. Even if don't apply lipstick and only this I'm good to go.
    Insta id :- tripti_2

  6. I liked Puerto Berry Blush as I love tinted lips n cherry on the top is that it can be used as a blush too. How cool!2 in 1..
    Also I liked your review. You've explained everything about the balms perfectly.
    My Instagram id is shwetaaa11

  7. Actually after reading your review i fell in love with all three but as i hv to select 1 i will go for PUERTO BERRY BLUSH coz i love the kind of tint it gives u on the lipsπŸ’–πŸ˜˜.
    Insta id - shanoatz

  8. My favourite balm are puerto berry blush .it is perfectly good without adding lipstick plus gives intense hydration to my chapped lips
    Insta id-angel.girlzbeauty

  9. I love the Puerto Berry blush because it has an amazing tint in it which I love... and most imp they are organic based...

  10. Love the Puerto berry blush!

  11. my fav is puerto berry blush. It gives intense moisturisation to my lips. U look lovely.
    My -instaid - chibaditi88 done all steps.

  12. Honestly i love all of them but as i have to choose on of em ill have to choose the berry blush one. Hope to win though :) ❤

  13. Hi lovely review
    I loved all of them but Puerto berry is my favourite❤

  14. Being a foodie and a food reviewer, my heart goes to puero berry. As described it gives that raspberry ice cream feel, it has already won me over. Love to have it.
    Insta id: thewackypalate

  15. Hii..
    I love puerto berry blush. I like red tint in lip balm..
    My insta id : annurathee

  16. Hi, I love cherry blossom flores. Anything pink with that good smell n taste is just paradise. My Instagram handle is @kratikagoyall.

  17. I loved Amla Vanilla & Ignes Lavender one..I love lavender scent so much in spas n massages too..So I loved to win that variant..its instagram I'd : shru.vaity

  18. I loved all the products but my fav is Puerto berry blush cause of the red tint and who doest love berry flavour on their lips...
    Insta handle: mugdha_v

  19. favourite is Puerto Berry Blush
    Instagram id- @harveenkr

  20. Cherry Blossom Flores is my fav
    .love that color on your lips.

  21. I have always been a Cherry Blossom fan, so Cherry Blossom Flores for me!

  22. Hiii my favourite variant is the Puerto berry blush .. would love to try it.. m such a lip balm hoarder and an addict like you.. instagram id is nerd_naina.. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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  24. My favourite is Cherry blossom flores. Love mild pink tint.
    Instagram id- instaaddict.shweta

  25. Loved your reviews...:) all shades are awesome but as i have to choose one i would go for the cherry bkooson flores the one yours favorite..:) hope to win..never won any contests me never ever so fingers crossed this time too...�� my insta id is arc.turus

  26. Hello Shubhi! Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway 😍. With all the description you gave there's no mystery as why " My Island Kiss" lip balms are so exquisite. My favorite one from these is "Puerto Berry Blush" 😍 cz I am fond of that tint of red color that makes it feel so supple and awesome. πŸ’‹
    Insta I'd-- Petite_Beautiful_Mess

  27. Hi Shubhi..Thankyou so much for announcing such a useful and spellbounding giveaway. I just love the Alma Vanilla and Inges Lavender lip balm. I only use maybelline baby lips but as i have heard a lot about this Island Kiss baby..hence I amreally looking forward to try it out..
    Instagram id : Shaily.srivastava

  28. My fav is puerto berry blush
    My insta id fashiovoyage

  29. hi puerto berry blush is my favoutie because it gives tint of red on your lips and maks your lips look sassy. my insta id is paladiti31

  30. Hey Shubhi!
    I'm also a lip balm addict like you.I can never imagine my life without lip balms.And,this addiction made me participate in this giveaway (P.S I'm too late I know :P)
    CHERRY BLOSSOM FLORES is my favorite among all the lip balms :)
    Wish to win :)
    Insta Id- mansi_6

  31. Hey shubhi my favorite is cherry blossom flores ! Insta id-harshi_thind

  32. Thank you so much Shubhi😘 Everytime you organise such a wonderful giveaway which attracts me to participate in your lovely giveaways ... I think lipbalm is the think that every girl can not survive with the use of it ... As my favourite lip balm is " CHERRY BLOSSOM FLORES" now its my biggest wish to win this time πŸ’❤️ Insta id - ritu96sharma

  33. Hi, After read Your review on This Lovelies I Fall in ❤️ All of this, Desperately want to dis πŸ’žπŸ’ž
    I like ALMA VANILLA & INGES LAVENDER, it's look too tempting & also love the Colour πŸ’.
    My Insta account id is _Geet16 πŸ’

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