Saturday 28 May 2016

NIMAI in My Envy Box

Hey pretty ladies, hope you all are doing good! (let me know what you're upto these days in the comments below) Would love to hear from you :)

Well, today I'm sharing with you my first Jewelry Box from MY ENVY BOX. So, you already know that I receive the beauty boxes from MEB (a monthly subscription platform where you get a box full of luxurious beauty products from different brands) every month, which are like truly truly amazing and I review them on my social media. But, this being my first ever jewelry box from them, made me excited and I wanted to show y'all what did I get in it, here! Scroll down to take a look...

For the month of May, My Envy Box collaborated with NIMAI, a curated platform showcasing works of independent jewelry designers from across India. To be honest, as soon as I opened the packaging and read Nimai on the box, I got super excited because having shopped with them before, I kinda knew the jewelry inside my box just has to be really cool and luxurious. It took me a while to digest the fact that I now own my first, personal jewelry box from MEB curated by none other than Nimai.

Inside the box were some beautiful pieces from three different brands, namely HOUSE OF TUHINA, OLIO, SILVENSE BY VRINDA.

MEB's May Jewelry Box included :

1. Pearl Caged Earrings with Gold Polish & Grey Pearl by Silvense (worth 2800/-)

2. Classic Minimal Neckpiece in Silver by Olio (worth 2100/-)

3. Statement Electric Boho Bracelet by House of Tuhina (worth 2000/-)

Silvense is one brand that manifests in its designs the power and freedom and individuality, keeping its jewelry unique, pragmatic, clean and contemporary. Where as Olio is one of my favorites due to its crafting of handmade pieces, celebrating natural imperfections and keeping its designs minimalistic and sleek. House of Tuhina is another exclusive brand that I just can't get over. Each and every product purely handmade with love, drawing inspiration from everything beautiful that Indian design has to offer. It was indeed a box full of amazing surprises that I got with semi precious and fashion jewelry from all the above mentioned brands!

If you haven't got your hands on My Envy Box yet, what are you waiting for? Go grab some luxurious jewelry pieces at half rates of the original price, exclusively at and experience a wonderful amalgamation of beauty, purity and luxury! ----- Surprise Surprise : I have a coupon code for y'all that you can use to get 20% off on your purchase. Use : jbnew20 (valid on 1 month jewelry box subscription only).

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Photographed by : Mrinal Khatnani



  1. I love those pearl caged earrings ..done on Instagram dear..thanks for such a nice and wonderful giveaway

  2. First of all, thank you so much this huge opportunity to win this amazing box... I love Pearl Caged Earrings with Gold Polish and Grey Pearl by Silvense... Lots of love... :)

  3. Thankyou so much for this lovely giveaway 😍 My favourite of all are the pearl caged Earrings with gold polish and grey Pearl by Silvense ! I love this jewellery box 😍Hope to get lucky!

  4. wooww these jewelllery pieces are just amazing
    thanks for such an amazing giveaway dear
    i would like to have those neckpiece love to flaunht them with my floral kurta or with a top and fitted jeans
    thanks a lot

  5. Wow! Congratulations 🎊 🎉
    My favourite is the
    3. Statement Electric Boho Bracelet by House of Thank.. Hope to win this time around 😆

  6. Heyyyy, Congratulations on reaching a mile store..
    My favorite price is the Classic Minimal Neckpiece in Silver by olio
    Hope to win

  7. Anjali barnwal30 May 2016 at 20:49

    All the products are awesome but I loved the pearl caged earrings with gold polish and grey pearls by Silvense..... It's just fabulous..... Thanks for the giveaway.... done on instagram id-anjalibarnwal

  8. First of allCongratulations on turning 2.
    My favorite piece is the Classic Minimal Neckpiece in Olio.
    Done on insta. My insta id:- preett2412

  9. Hey congratulation dear... I loved the Statement Electric Boho Bracelet by House of Tuhina.. It is just woow..
    Hope to win.. xx...

  10. I love the earrings.. I am done on insta dear.. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway

  11. Totally drooling over the jwellery collection of this box. The statement neckpiece is just wow ♥ Done my bit on instagram. ♥♥

  12. sahrish fatima30 May 2016 at 23:28

    Pearl Caged Earrings with Gold Polish & Grey Pearl by Silvense

  13. Hey congratulation dear<3<3 my favorite price is the Earrings by Silvense

  14. Classic Minimal Neckpiece by Olio is my favourite among the three products in the May Envy Box.

  15. Statement Electric Boho bracelet by House of Tuhina

  16. I really liked the pearl caged earrings... They are really different and so stylish... Wish to win :)

  17. Absolutely loving the Classic Minimal Neckpiece in Silver by Olio

  18. Thank u for such a lovely giveaway 😊 I'm jewelry obsessed girl n I loved Pearl Caged Earrings with Gold Polish and Grey Pearl by they're classic n unique.. Followed all d steps.. ❤

  19. My favourite is Pearl Caged Earrings by Silvense. (^_^)
    Insta id- that_girl_from_the_mountains

  20. Classic minimal neckpiece in silver by olio

  21. "Pearl Caged Earrings with Gold Polish & Grey Pearl by Silvense"

  22. Ankita Choudhary31 May 2016 at 23:33

    Hey Shubhi .
    I have been following you since a really long time now and love your posts .
    I loved the Pearl caged earrings
    And they are looking so good on you .
    As I have heard a lot about myenvy box but have never tried it.
    These jewelry pieces are just so mesmerizing.
    Would love to win

  23. Woww amazing giveaway..thank u for such a pretty giveaway..i love the Pearl caged earrings with Gold polish n Grey Pearl by Silvense..Thanx u..done with other rules..

  24. I absolutely loved the earrings..
    I'm always going crazy for earrings and this is just perfect.Pearl Caged Earrings with Gold Polish & Grey Pearl by Silvense 😍💗

  25. Pearl caged earrings. Their looks are to die for! Just wow😍😍

  26. I just loved those pearl caged earrings . i have absolutely fallen in love with them.