Friday 29 January 2016

You gotta envy My Envy Box

Hey pretty ladies, hope ya'll are having a great 2016! A month has almost gone by like a snap, right? 

Well, today I've got you something exciting to stare on! Since its my last post for the first month of new year, I thought of leaving a mark! So, I'm sharing with you my review for the first ever MY ENVY BOX that I received recently. I had always wanted to get my hands on any of its subscription packs, and finally got it now!

This international luxury beauty and cosmetic brand outsourcing products from different top brands in India has been brought to you to discover the world of beauty from the comfort of your home! You can easily subscribe and get 5 product samples from Luxury & Prestige brands every month in your own 'My Envy Box'.

Take a look at the January edition of the curated box of skincare goodies in the pictures (and a little description) below :

Starting with the pretty box, colored in navy blue and quoted with 2016 - Happy New Year.
It almost made me drool over the beautiful font already! 

The handy box contained some exotic beauty & skincare products (in sample size), a description card and a offer voucher too! 

The products are listed as :

1. SkinYoga Oats and Roses Facewash - Roses being one of the most natural skin toners and sunblock, and oats containing natural cleansers that remove dirt and oil from the pores. You just have to mix 1 tsp of this powder facewash with a few drops of water, making it a paste and simply apply it on your face in circular motion and rinse with lukewarm water for a supple skin! This vitamin C enriched facewash leaves your skin feeling protected, clean and super toned! - Full size (50 gms) available for Rs. 1450/-

2. O3+ White Day Cream - This nutrient enriched cream with spf 15 helps reducing skin pigmentation and enhances skin tone. Also, it contains UVA and UVB protection that helps in preventing sun tan (now that's what we girls need seriously). Just take a little portion of it in your hands, rub in your palms and apply on your face, massaging in circular motion before going out in sun! - Full size (50 gms) available for Rs. 775/-

3. Mantra Kokkum & Pistachio Winter Care Lotion - I am already in love with this moisturiser because it contains so much of nourishing agents like kokkum butter, pistachio and almond oil, and all of these counter the ravages of winter, like chapped skin. Its a moisture-rich treat that quenches dry skin, helping it rejuvenate and making it glow and look younger as ever! All you gotta do is take a little portion in drops and apply all over your body for a softer, smoother feel. Full size (100 ml) available for Rs. 493/-

4. Calvin Klein Eternity Now (perfume for women) - If you've been following this blog since long, you already know that I am a keen perfume carrier; and this addictive scent from CK contains a sparkling floral fragrance, created of litchi, a quince of sorbet, with the heart of peony, peach blossom and neroli petals, and the base includes cashmere, ambrox and musk. Spray some on your neck or wrist for a longer aromatic stay! PS : This perfume comes signed by perfumer Ann Gottlieb (which is of course a love gesture). Full size (50 ml) available for Rs. 3800/-

5. L'Oreal Paris Glamshine Lip Crayon (Litchee Lust 911) - This glossy lip crayon has been introduced as the first of its kind from L'Oreal Paris as a moisturising balm to keep your lips sheer fresh and smooth, with a hint of bright pink color. It is enriched with flower extracts and fresh color off innovation! Very easily to apply on the lips just like a playful crayon on paper. Full size available for Rs. 475/-


So, These were the 5 products I received in my New Year 2016 edition of My Envy Box. I hope you liked going through this quick review, and if you did, do tell me in the comments below and I shall do more for you all! As of now, go subscribe to your own Envy Box service to receive some cool beauty & skincare goodies every month at the most modest prices! And don't forget to avail 10% off on this winter festive collection by applying the code WIN10, only at!

Photographed by : Nahid Saman


Monday 25 January 2016

Red Leather Spirit

Hey pretty ladies!

I have a good news, the temperature has finally dropped and we have started to feel the right chills; which means we can now pull out the heavy winter wear and flaunt our favorites! Yeah, the winter shopping you did last month won't go waste :D

Today's post is a much requested one. A lot of you on my Snapchat asked me to showcase "how to wear red leather" for winters, and I being a red hater since always had been avoiding it since long but finally got something really exciting that pitched my eyes and I couldn't resist buying it for myself! All details listed below.

skirt, stockings : Forever 21 | jacket : StalkBuyLove | tee : ONLY | shoes : SheSense
clutch : | rings : Mesh Bag | bracelets : Auhna Creations

For a long time ‘faux leather’ clothes and accessories tended to be cheap, tacky and clumsily-designed, until now! The explosion of trendy vegans such as Stella McCartney and Natalie Portman has seen fashion houses make better use of high-quality, eco-friendly materials, which look, feel and even smell just like the real thing. I'm not the least bit surprised that leather skirts have become an imperative part of the most fashionable closets. Who can resist an article of clothing that is both universally appealing and endlessly versatile? Certainly not me! Leather skirts are an investment-worthy item for sure, and thanks to a myriad of silhouettes and gorgeous colors, that have officially rendered themselves a fresh choice for fall & winter too! And, I recently got my hands on a sexy, red colored, faux leather skirt from Forever 21 which is one classic piece I couldn't resist owning. The pleats give it an edgy look and makes the skirt appear more feminine and elegant!  It adds curves where there’re not, it hides them if it’s the case, and creates long legs due to its high waist and mini cut; so I simply love it! 

Well, never like before, I bought not just one but two red leather clothes for myself this season (Yes! I am amazed too). While pondering over what to team the red leather skirt with, I thought of creating a coordinate look, topping it with a red, faux leather blazer. Both the products look so similar, as if bought from the same brand; but no, the blazer is from my favorite online stores -! This blazer has a single button closing and two pockets which make it worthy enough. Its quite warm too and I really like the fabric that is actually not creepy! Coordinating the faux leather skirt with the same fabric blazer became a super easy task by adding a few more essentials like a beige colored tee, tucked inside the skirt that appeared quite fashionable & posh! A pair of black, sophisticated, pantyhose stockings in the legs and my recent favorite boot shoes from SheSense almost completed the entire look appearing extremely cute and comfortable! For the accessories, I chose to add a super pretty instagram clutch designed by the amazing Puneet Gupta, available exclusively at (yeah, I know you're jealous); a few bracelets that matched the beige tee and my shoes; and a few gold rings stacked up in my fingers for a perfect chic look and I was all set to step out!

Wearing red leather never seemed so effortless and classy before, but I surely recommend this look since I believe it will enhance the most feminine side of you girls! You can try to be creative with tee colors and shoes and of course your accessories. PS : I hope you liked this post, and if you really do, don't forget to drop in some comments below letting me know the same.

Photographed by : Poorvi NaithaniSpecial thanks to her for being one of the most patient and lovely people who came to help me out with this shoot on such a short notice, being my competitor in this field of blogging herself. I just can't thank her enough!


Friday 15 January 2016

Quick Nail Art with StayQuirky

Hey girls, Hope ya'll are doing good!

Well, the meaning of manicure has been transformed in the last few years. Until recently, painted nails were a symbol of classic, grown-up elegance, but the painstaking business of painting and gluing designs and tiny jewels onto nails often lengthened with extensions to create a larger canvas, called nail art; has its roots in small local salons, but has rapidly become big business too! 

Girls tend to spend too much money getting their nails painted with different designs, using different colors. A lot of beauty bloggers are currently tipping the half-moon manicure – an updated version of the traditional French, in which the half-moon at the base is painted with a contrasting colour to the rest of the nail, as the coming trend. So today, I've got for you a very quick & simple nail art which you can do all by yourself within minutes! Just follow the steps stated below :


1. Nail Paints, 2. Nail Paint Remover, 3. Cotton Swabs, 4. Cotton Balls, 5. Cello-tape, 6. Nail Filer

Nail paints from STAY QUIRKY --  * Maroon'em Up  |  * Pastel Mystery


1. File your nails in the shape you want, round, square, or whatever!

Once your nails are filed and smooth, they'll look like this!

2. Use a lighter base with your favorite nail paint. I've used a pastel cream color from Stay Quirky.
I first applied on my left hand nails and then on the right side.

Tip : Apply the first coat, let it dry for a few minutes and then apply the second coat.

3. Dip cotton swabs into nail paint remover and use it to clean extra nail paint from the corners, for a perfect finish.

When completely painted nails of both hands, let them dry for a bit to avoid chip off.

4. Cut a piece of cello-tape and roll it on top of each nail on both hands, covering half nail and  leaving half bare.

When all the nails are covered with cello-tape, it will look like this!

5. Use a contrasting, darker shade of nail paint to paint the half part of the nail that was left uncovered.
I've used a satin maroon color from Stay Quirky.

Tip : Apply the first coat, let it dry for a few minutes and then apply the second coat.

6. Once the nail paint has dried, remove the cello-tape carefully from all the nails.

And, you are done! 
Applying nail paints plainly, with a single shade has turned too monotonous but now you have a super quick idea, right?
So go, try it now!

While you have so many different shades in your drawers, pull them out and play around. Use different colors and cello-tape to create more such simple nail designs! If not, STAY QUIRKY has tons of nail paint shades to choose from, available exclusively at! So what are you what are you waiting for girls, go get some amazing shades and add some quirk to your nails! Tip : You can add glitter or rivets to your nails while the nail paint is wet and leave it to dry! It will instantly add funkiness to your nail art designs! 

If you liked this DIY, don't forget to add a quick comment below, because I love hearing from you all!


Sunday 10 January 2016

Snack It Up with Nutty Gritties

Hola people! 

Its not that cold this year, right? Tell me if you feel the same! BTW, a lot of things have already kept me quite warm this season, including my changed food habits that include lesser pizzas and more of healthy snacks. Though if you follow me on Snapchat, you would say I'm lying, but not really! (smart laugh)

Well, as you might have noticed, I've contributed less into the food category on this blog for a past few months and to make up for that, I have chosen to add food posts more often now. Being the first one for this year, I want to introduce you all to one the most amazing food brands - NUTTY GRITTIES, that manufactures some exclusive flavors of dry fruits, and has been doing that since 1887 (that's like 5 generations from now). Wooh!

So, I recently won a giveaway from one of the food bloggers I follow on instagram, and in the gift hamper came in 3 cans of delicious dry fruits that I couldn't resist munching on as soon as I opened the box! In fact, what intrigued me more to try the content were the names of the flavors on the cover that sounded extremely unique. Upon checking the Nutty Gritties website for more, I realised they actually have all self-produced flavors that you wont get anywhere else! And, here I'm sharing with you 3 of my favorites out of their collection, as listed below :

This was the gift box that I received.
Very handy & economical. I'd suggest you to order gifts like these for your friends and family members. They'll love it!

The box contained 3 different flavors in air tight plastic cans with a tin seal and plastic lid on each! 

1. Summer Fruit Mix - This yummy preparation is a blend of dehydrated fruits like papaya, apple, pineapple, mango, black grape and strawberry, mixed with a pinch of sugar. Its sweet, exotic taste brings back some old school memories when I used to carry fresh fruits for lunch in my tiffin and not parathas to keep it healthy! Well, now I mostly eat this fruit mix after my complete meals, substituting unhealthy sweet dishes!

2. Barbeque Cashews - Who thought cashews could be barbequed? Well, Nutty Gritties imagined it and actually experimented with this unique flavor to produce one of the most outstanding dry fruits that I personally am a fan of! This dry-roasted, on the go meal consists of some specifically mentioned Mangalore cashews, barbeque powder, salt and edible gum. To be frank, its my most favorite out of all that I've tasted and I'm sure you'll love it too! #MustTry

3. Chattpataa Almonds - Spicy food is my weakness and people who know me well, know that I love munching snacks here and there that contains luscious spices! One of the finest produced flavors of Nutty Gritties is this chatpata almonds that contains California almonds, and a mix of spices like cumin powder, fenugreek, dried mango powder, salt, sugar and edible gum. It tastes wholesome and is super nutritious at the same time and its also a salutary for people who've got bored of eating plain almonds for years. I munch these while travelling, while watching movies at home and while studying or working at night too! 

If you ask me, I would definitely recommend you all to try some yummy dry fruits from Nutty Gritties since they are extremely palatable and nutritious. The brand has a large variety of exotic flavors preferring tastes for all and they're everyday experimenting with new ones too! Moderately priced for individuals, it offers products in various sized packs and also has gift packs for several occasions! So, the next time you're organising a party at home, or searching gifts for your dear ones during festivals, don't forget to order some exclusive and healthful dry fruits from Nutty Gritties, and trust me they'll serve you the best!

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Monday 4 January 2016

Festive Fusion

Hello people!! So, its finally 2016 and I'm all pumped up for a great year ahead!

Unlike others, I was in my blanket, watching awards shows on TV on new year's eve and didn't go out partying all night, but still managed to escape in the day on January 1st to celebrate with a few friends. I must say, the sun has been really kind on us this season and I'm feeling less chills this time, hi5 if your thoughts match me! So, it was thus a bright day and we went for a hop. Today I'm sharing with you my outfit for the day on new year in a vibrant, festive mood! Lots of colors awaiting you down, so keep scrolling..

coat : Etnico | tee : United Colors of Benetton | jeans : Westside | heels : Jabong
belt : Big Bazaar | rings : Myntra | necklace : Auhna Creations | sunglasses : Ray Ban

Those who know me well, know that quirky, colorful stuff always fascinates me! May it be flavorful candies or pigmented flowers. And when it comes to clothes, I try to fill in my closet with almost all the colors available in the market. But of course, I hate those winters markets that mostly sell blacks and browns expressing a myth that dark colors keep us warm. Well, ditching it this time, I went ahead and picked up a very very colorful coat for myself from an amazing brand called Etnico, that has a wide range of quilted coats with some unique, beautiful prints on them! I was mesmerized with the one that I picked since it had so many bright floral prints with variety of colors that can spruce up any boring outfit! I also loved the cut of it that perfectly suited my built and gave a shape to my upper body all by itself. 

As I mentioned above, it was a day celebration and I chose to go all colorful but keeping it subtle, I went in for a black jeans, pairing it with a bright yellow tee and layering it with a multi-color coat to keep myself warm throughout the day. Also, because it looked super stylish giving the attire a fusion look as it so versatile! I love its chinese collar and the indian style of buttons too, the pockets in the front didn't seem to be too visible because of the overlapping prints but did look presentable. Adding a statement neckpiece was the best choice I guess since it added a perfect blend of color to the whole attire, even if I removed the coat. This neckpiece is from Auhna Creations, one of my favorite online stores that has some real exclusive accessories! I completed my look by adding a few statement rings in my fingers, a studded blue belt to accentuate my waist, my super classy black sunglasses to avoid direct sun and a pair of cream colored heels to keep it all matching!

Girls, if you're reading this, I would suggest all of you to leave aside those black jackets this season and opt for some colorful coats from Etnico. They have something for everyone! Brighten up your looks with vibrant shades but don't go OTT. In other words, go stylish and put your exclusive looks forward! --- For more, follow me on instagram & facebook and subscribe to this blog by entering your email on the right side column (you won't be spammed I promise). Hope you had a great new years, BTW!

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries