Sunday 10 January 2016

Snack It Up with Nutty Gritties

Hola people! 

Its not that cold this year, right? Tell me if you feel the same! BTW, a lot of things have already kept me quite warm this season, including my changed food habits that include lesser pizzas and more of healthy snacks. Though if you follow me on Snapchat, you would say I'm lying, but not really! (smart laugh)

Well, as you might have noticed, I've contributed less into the food category on this blog for a past few months and to make up for that, I have chosen to add food posts more often now. Being the first one for this year, I want to introduce you all to one the most amazing food brands - NUTTY GRITTIES, that manufactures some exclusive flavors of dry fruits, and has been doing that since 1887 (that's like 5 generations from now). Wooh!

So, I recently won a giveaway from one of the food bloggers I follow on instagram, and in the gift hamper came in 3 cans of delicious dry fruits that I couldn't resist munching on as soon as I opened the box! In fact, what intrigued me more to try the content were the names of the flavors on the cover that sounded extremely unique. Upon checking the Nutty Gritties website for more, I realised they actually have all self-produced flavors that you wont get anywhere else! And, here I'm sharing with you 3 of my favorites out of their collection, as listed below :

This was the gift box that I received.
Very handy & economical. I'd suggest you to order gifts like these for your friends and family members. They'll love it!

The box contained 3 different flavors in air tight plastic cans with a tin seal and plastic lid on each! 

1. Summer Fruit Mix - This yummy preparation is a blend of dehydrated fruits like papaya, apple, pineapple, mango, black grape and strawberry, mixed with a pinch of sugar. Its sweet, exotic taste brings back some old school memories when I used to carry fresh fruits for lunch in my tiffin and not parathas to keep it healthy! Well, now I mostly eat this fruit mix after my complete meals, substituting unhealthy sweet dishes!

2. Barbeque Cashews - Who thought cashews could be barbequed? Well, Nutty Gritties imagined it and actually experimented with this unique flavor to produce one of the most outstanding dry fruits that I personally am a fan of! This dry-roasted, on the go meal consists of some specifically mentioned Mangalore cashews, barbeque powder, salt and edible gum. To be frank, its my most favorite out of all that I've tasted and I'm sure you'll love it too! #MustTry

3. Chattpataa Almonds - Spicy food is my weakness and people who know me well, know that I love munching snacks here and there that contains luscious spices! One of the finest produced flavors of Nutty Gritties is this chatpata almonds that contains California almonds, and a mix of spices like cumin powder, fenugreek, dried mango powder, salt, sugar and edible gum. It tastes wholesome and is super nutritious at the same time and its also a salutary for people who've got bored of eating plain almonds for years. I munch these while travelling, while watching movies at home and while studying or working at night too! 

If you ask me, I would definitely recommend you all to try some yummy dry fruits from Nutty Gritties since they are extremely palatable and nutritious. The brand has a large variety of exotic flavors preferring tastes for all and they're everyday experimenting with new ones too! Moderately priced for individuals, it offers products in various sized packs and also has gift packs for several occasions! So, the next time you're organising a party at home, or searching gifts for your dear ones during festivals, don't forget to order some exclusive and healthful dry fruits from Nutty Gritties, and trust me they'll serve you the best!

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  1. Yummy so want those BBQ cashews