Tuesday 29 September 2015

Terror of the Poor

They say glibly that poverty is a curse,
Paying for sins of one’s previous birth.
Why not loosen strings of your purse?
Charity, we know, can give the poor, mirth.

All men are equal when they’re born,
None is made superior to others,
Why then some regale when some are forlorn?
Why then about deprived none bothers?

When qualified of nation, stand in long queues,
“Why don’t you work?” asked are the beggars,
Compete they with dogs to get a bite of refuse,
At the sight of their plight, tears mind triggers.

Large chunk of nation below poverty line,
Nary a morsel, nary a letter in their destiny.
Hopeless lives, helpless kids’ eyes don’t shine,
Nary a grumble or a complaint or a mutiny.

Preached a lot “Children, waste not food”
Alas! To me a deaf ear always they turn,
Looked at me with eyes that are rude,
Values of life they never seemed to learn.

One man’s poison is yet another’s medicine,
One man’s garbage is another’s gourmet food.
Privileged tots always are in apparel pristine,
Their rags, to urchins are clothes very good.

If all were born equal, then why the imbalance?
Brought up by nature, whose children are they?
Sore wounds of society, none gives them a glance,
Are you culprit, am I guilty, what does society say?

Much loved and pampered are sweet children mine,
Unaware are they of bitter truth of society flawed.
Not are mine, nor are theirs, nor these children thine,
Are they then the unlucky children of a lesser God?

(All pictures are taken from Google)

Note : Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed. The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. I would like to sum up everything in just one line by John Green, "There are no poor. There is no Them. There are only facets of us, of the rich"


Friday 25 September 2015

Keeping it simply RAD

Yo! Wassup everyone?....................?? Oh! Didn't that sound cool? or RAD?

Guys, I've been pondering over who started this fashion of internet slangs that actually got feeded in our brains and started to boggle our lives on an everyday basis! I admit I too am guilty of using too many slangs but hey, have you ever wondered what do these two basic words mean? I mean everyone uses it, right? (laughing hard) So, RAD means Radical, which also means Cool. Whereas Cool means Awesome and Great, so untwining the secret RAD = Great. Hell yeah! Now you got it. So, shall we move further? Talking of the RAD/Cool look, I have something for you down below..Lets read!

tee : Tshirts.in | jeans, ankle boots : Forever21 | watch : Fastrack

Being girls of the 21st century, we are often looked up as modern fashionistas. But, its not always that we feel feminine and feel like throwing a cute dress upon us. Sometimes a jeans and a casual tee that sounds boyish, looks really comfortable. But when we have to go out it becomes essential to add some sexy feel to it. To be true, summers call for simplicity and we don't want to add on too much stuff in the scorchy heat! So today, I created a cool, comfy and chic look by adding just 4 pieces to my body and that came out to be so RAD and dressy! 

Starting with a pair of jeans, I am very picky when it comes to choosing from a pile of slim-fit jeans. As per me, finding the perfect fitting pair can be somewhat daunting due to the fact that most of the time they are all different. Knowing the difference between the fits, finding the perfect stretch content, the correct rise height, the appropriate leg length as well as finding a nice wash is very overwhelming and a lot of people struggle with it, including me! But I was surprised how easily I came across this blue stone-wash jeans at the Forever21 store in Delhi, as lighter washes make great summer jeans as they are more casual and keep you cooler than darker ones. Being petite, wearing a skinny jeans with a high rise, and a casual tee at the waist level I wanted something that elongates my legs for a more dressier look. I would recommend you all to not go in for a too tight or skinny jeans at other stores. Forever21 collection is mind blowing and I feel every girl on earth should own a pair from the store! 

Then, I teamed up my jeans with a black tshirt that I bought online from this amazing website called tshirts.in and the only reason buying it online was that the site offered customized tees at moderate prices (Yes I customized this tee myself - the color and the text)! 'Keeping my looks simple' is my fashion-mantra, and if you follow me on different social media platforms, you know my 'simple' fashion stories very well. Choosing to add a pair of black stiletto heeled ankle boots with my jeans and tee was the best decision, I feel. I got these from Forever21 in Mumbai and to be very frank I'm totally in love with them even though they are a size greater to mine. I pity this brand hasn't yet come to my city! Whaaat? Well, these boots are high heeled but very comfy and add instant pep to my whole look. Keeping it RAD and matching, I wore a black sports watch from my brother's collection. Many people know I'm a watch collector and have too many in my drawers, but all girly. This one from Fastrack has become my on-the-go favorie in the recent times since its a perfect piece of the sporty, catchy and on-the-place type!

At the end, this casual look can be put up in summers as well as in winters, just add a slouchy jacket in the cold weather and you are done! I would love to know what you think and whether or not it was helpful to you. Also, I don’t mind answering any of your questions, so if you have any, just leave me a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Until then, dress-up casual, be RAD and stay cool.

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries


Saturday 19 September 2015

Hanging around in MissaMore

Hi girls!! Hope everyone's having a good September!

I would really like to apologize to keep all of you waiting for this collaboration post, since so many of you kept on insisting me to do one with a blogger. Well, let me tell you, Lucknow city doesn't have too many bloggers, but I luckily came across this fabulous girl Sumbul Siddiqui recently on instagram and she turned out to be one in my city, who writes some amazing stuff on her blog - Style Bon. Well, I feel what has to happen, does happen any how, so yeah I met her and approached her for a collab post and she instantly agreed. Also, we've become quite good friends now and today we both have something for all you lovely ladies, so keep scrolling down and read!

She's wearing - slit maxi top : Missa More | spaghetti : Jockey | pants, rings : Globus
heels : WalkIn Store | bag, necklace : GK Market | sunglasses : Amazon

I'm wearing - dress : Missa More | heels : Forever 21 | bag : Hotel Shop in Jammu
watch : Quartz | sunglasses : Vogue Eyewear

Being fashion bloggers, we're both looked upon as fashionistas, not just by our friends but other girls too! But we all need to understand that not every girl has the same fashion statement or style. Being individuals, we both know what will look good upon us and how we should carry different attires, suiting upon our body structures! So recently, Sumbul and I came across a new online clothing store by the name Missa More and we both fell in love with their pieces. While she chose to get her hands on a slit maxi top, I bought a shift dress that I felt would suit my body. And, we surprisingly picked up plaid prints for both our attires!

When it came to styling both our pieces, Sumbul teamed up her top with a pair of black pants and a black spaghetti and let her maxi top open and loose. Though she had an option of closing all her buttons on the front but she let it out to flair, which also looked more like a cape! The best part about her top is that its a versatile piece that she can team up with a short dress, or a pair of colored pants and any sort of short top, which would even look good in an evening party! Coming to my short dress, I loved it for two major reasons that it was a loose fit and had full sleeves. It is also buttoned up till the waist and has a touch of a shirt which looked quite sporty and casual and can be worn on a brunch party or a casual day-out with friends! Did I mention both our outfit sleeves could be rolled up too? Anyways, so for our feet we both picked up pairs of black heels each because it went perfectly with both our attires. And, while she chose to add a little bohemian-bling to her ensemble by adding a fringe-chain necklace with a similar style bag, some gold plated rings, and mirror glass aviators; I completed my entire look by adding trendy accessories like a metal watch, a pair of cat-eye sunglasses which a friend gifted me on my birthday and a fringe bag which I got from Jammu city about 10 years back while on my trip to Vaishno Devi. You can't even imagine how carefully I keep my things so that I can use them later!

Finally, we're both in love with our clothes from Missa More and since both of us are flawed by the sexy pieces, we would recommend you to try some from the site too. There are several reasons why we liked clothes from this store, and the first one being the fabric which is so durable and comfortable; cotton-casement suitable for both summer and winter months and the quality is amazing too! Another reason is that the prints are eye catching and leave you mesmerized, not only plaids but abstracts also. To end, we also realized that be it the A-line silhouette dresses or the slit tops & maxis, all the pieces are just amazingly designed keeping in mind the different body structures but can suit to the curves of most girls. And, if you're still not convinced, you should go ahead and check out their website for some exquisite designs!

Photographed by : Nahid Saman


Thursday 10 September 2015

Co-ordinating in Florals

Hey guys! Well, yes I know you've been wanting to read a bit of poetry and sneak into my kitchen recipes since a long time but what all I fed you this whole month was crazy fashion, but I promise I'll deliver you some good recipes and poems very very soon! But for now, I really wanted to introduce you to a style I've recently discovered (though its been on the ramp past a few years) but my job is to bring to you new styles through this blog, so here it is... a perfect set of co-ordinates or as we call it co-ords!

co-ordinates : StalkBuyLove.com | zipdown spaghetti : ZARA | heels : Inc.5
bag : Flea Market (Nepal) | watch : Felix | earrings : Gifted

This is a trend not all of you will love, but I have to admit, it’s one that I am very keen on! Matchy-matchy in co-ordinates, the season’s coolest combo. Quit clashing and update your look with uniform dressing - I'm talking of top to toe textures and plenty of printed pairings. For the trendiest two pieces, team tops – a boxy crop is best – with tailored trousers, shorts with shell tops and printed blazers with pencil skirts for a polished yet pretty take on the 2-in-1 trend. Recently reading the stalker magazine from stalkbuylove.com, I came across lots of matching separates coming into the SBL website and researching upon the look I found out that its something that isn’t going anywhere! All the high-street stores from River Island, Zara and Oasis to Misguided and ASOS, all have some great styles in so there is no escaping this trend!

So because I never shy away from trying new styles, I got my hands on this pair of lemon yellow, floral printed cotton blazer and pencil skirt! Choosing from the wide range on stalkbuylove.com is always a difficult task and I took about 20 minutes debating with myself but finally grabbed this set of co-ords. Its a pretty one and indeed colorful so perfect for a summer day-out or a light brunch session! I teamed it up with a black spaghetti inside and a pair of black low heels to keep it matching with my black danglers, after all its all about coordinating from top to toe! Only the color I added to match those blooming flowers on my skirt and blazer set was a red wrist watch & a maroon, vintage sling-purse, which is about a 25 years old, damn it! I wasn't even born when my mom got it from across the borders! Well, that's how I completed my look and the best part is that I realized I can carry it from day to night and attend day-meetings and a get together in the evening because neither these co-ords looked over-the-top not made me look under-dressed for any of the events!

Now, I'll just give you some quick tips on how you can nail this matchy-matchy trend :

1. You DON’T have to go for crop top and skirt to style this look. I know the thoughts of wearing a crop top make a lot of us very nervous, but there are lots of styles now that are not crop tops!
2. Pick a print, colour and style that you love and that can be mixed and matched through your current wardrobe. If you go for a printed co-ord set you can pair it with block colours and vice versa plain co-ords look great teamed with prints and colours.
3. It is so important when buying a set that you love BOTH parts of it. You need to get wear out of them as a matching set but also on their own. It it’s a skirt and top; think about how you would wear them on their own, same goes for a blazer and shorts or trousers!
4. Keep your bodies well toned and that bulging tummy tucked in while you choose to go in for a sexy pair of co-ords because hey, nobody is guilty of blaming you for the rest, else!

Matchy-matchy sets make choosing an outfit stress-free, while mix and match separates take the trend to a DIY level, so you can put your own spin on co-ordinate dressing. So, check out stalkbuylove's co-ords collection and look twice as nice in a two piece! This season we’ll be calling on the co-ord day or night; because hey it’s time to meet your match!

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries


Saturday 5 September 2015

Time to sing "Feeling 22" without lying!

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing good!

Firstly, I would like to thank each one of you for sending me all the lovely birthday wishes. It was like a dream when I figured out the number of mails, messages, comments I got on my special day! Those thousands of wishes made me realize how much you guys love me. So, a big virtual hug to all you amazing people!

Now, while you guys watched my birthday cake video, (those who haven't watched it yet, click HERE and take a look) some of you asked me to share my birthday outfit too. So today I'm sharing with you some crazy pictures we took while I tried on the outfit. Hope you guys like it!

top : Reynu Taandon | pants : Pantaloons | shoes : Jabong
earrings : Accessorize | ring : Myntra

So, I've turned 22 and can finally sing Taylor Swift's "Feeling 22" without lying! Also, my 22nd birthday has been quite happening and I've been receiving gifts past a month. One of those gifts were this pink top I got from one of the most amazing designers in the country, Reynu Taandon. Now we all know how much girls are inclined towards designer clothes, so I be no different and I love wearing accoutres too! Receiving a personally designed piece from an established fashion designer felt like total insanity. I mean come on, Reynu Taandon has been this wonderful lady who has worked for almost all the raging actors and top models of the country and has been showcasing her ecstatic collection in India's leading Fashion Weeks past so many years. So ofcourse, I was on cloud 9. But, much credits go to Naina Ruhail, one of my favorite Indian bloggers who made me win this finely designed outfit in one of her giveaways.

I was drooling when I got this beautiful long, flowy pink top which has layers and layers of Georgette which flared even in the slightest wind. And, also because it was embellished with ersatz pearls on the shoulder-line and the button line too. The white pearls on the black outlined patches made the pink top stand out in itself and also made it a versatile piece which can be worn in casual parties or special events like weddings. The top has this white highlights on the hem and the pleated high-neck which looked really elegant on the white pants I wore below. I'll just take a moment to reveal the story behind these pants. I got them 8 years back when the first Pantaloons store opened in Lucknow's first shopping mall and these pants were actually those bell-bottoms from the '70s. I wore them like that only 2 times since then, till the last year when I got them altered into the slim-fit type which is trending now a days. So these pants are one of those few of my first mall shopping collection, and are very close to my heart! 

Now, coming back to the whole ensemble, I put on my favorite white heels with that red lining and the pointing stiletto since I wanted to keep the footwear matching but not mixing with the plain white pants. And a silver-white ring to compliment the pearl patched top. Also added my pink stone earrings which gave a special charm to the whole attire. To be true, I loved each and every detail of my birthday outfit and it did make me feel like I was dressed as a princess! 

So yeah, that's what I wore on my birthday and I hope you liked my pick. Also, I would love to see how you pretty ladies dress up on your big day. Tag me in your pictures on instagram, facebook or twitter. And, I'm leaving you guys with my birthday cake pictures below, so you can drool over that too! Enjoy!!!! :)

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries

Don't forget to watch my birthday video below, shot & directed by Think Totka.