Thursday 25 August 2016

Picket Play with StalkBuyLove

Hey lovelies! How's it going at your end?

I've been a little inactive in updating a fashion post in the past few days, amidst all the hullabaloo about my burnt face. But now that the scars are recovering, I've finally shot in an outfit for one of my favorite brands called STALKBUYLOVE!

Today's look is an inspiration from the British Royal Guard uniform, and I'm totally in love with this style that's running in vogue these days! From Kate Middleton herself to Indian beauties like Katrina, Deepika etc. are all being spotted in ensembles from the military collection, and I just can't over it too! Check out all details about my look and some fancy pictures below.. 

skirt, shirt : | shoes : | rings : Zotiqq | earrings : Silvense by Vrinda

Its a never ending story about my love for formal wear, and especially when it comes to updating my wardrobe with some sexy apparels, I hit up to Stalkbuylove and grab all that I can. Recently, while searching for some shirts and blouses on the website I came across this exclusive Kate Military Shirt in cream colour. Highlights being the front design and stiff cuffs on the sleeves, topped with golden buttons to give it a royal look! Its an extremely comfortable piece that I found to pair up with the black Ebony Pencil Skirt that I bought from the same website from their updated skirts collection. Its pretty stretchable and helps accentuate my curves, making my body appear sleek. So that's a plus point again! Since both the skirt and blouse matched perfectly and had their own charm, I kept my accessories minimal, by including a pair of designer Caged Earrings from Silvense, a few golden rings from Zotiqq and completed my look with my new favorite shoes from StreetStyleStore.

I'll just take a minute to describe my love for SSS, since they've been really kind to me by delivering some of their exclusive footwear on time. These black formal shoes (as shown in the pictures above) that I ordered were the sexiest pair I found on and they are the most comfortable to wear too, also being amazingly versatile for casual, party or formal look. The pointed front is faux leather and rest is velvet. The best part about the shoe is that it has a buckle closing that keeps my ankle secure, and has a 2.5 inches black heel that gives a perfect style to the entire look! PS : Along with this pair, I bought 4 more pairs which I'll be showing you all in my upcoming outfit posts, so stay tuned!


Hope you liked reading this post. If you did, do tell me in the comments below and don't forget to mention which is your favorite product from my entire look. SPECIAL NEWS : I'm giving away a similar black pencil skirt to one lucky winner as shown in the picture (in her size). Check out all rules to participate HERE.

Shot at : Cappuccino Blast


Saturday 13 August 2016

India On A Platter at L-14, Renaissance Lucknow

Hi guys, what's up? Hope y'all are gearing up for all the festivities that are lined up! Yeah?

Now, please consider my apologies for the delay in publishing this post. I know how eagerly you've been waiting to know all about the INDIA ON A PLATTER dinner buffet I attended at L-14, Renaissance Lucknow Hotel last week, but tbh I just wasn't in the condition of writing anything because as some of you already know (via my Snapchat), I accidentally burnt my face and still am in the dilemma seeing the scars on it! I so hope it recovers soon.

Well, I am sure by now you are quite aware with my association with Renaissance Lucknow, and I really want to thank you for being so supportive and loving all my articles that I've been writing for them past 2 months! It feels overwhelmed reading your responses too. Like for the last one, one of you readers mailed me saying "I love the way you portray each and every detail about all the food that you eat at Renaissance, it feels like I myself am experiencing all of it!" It touched my heart you know.

Anyways, so the last editorial was about the Oriental Food Festival I attended at L-14, and this time again I was invited to be a part of their Independence week dinner at the same restaurant! I surely was much excited because the place won my heart even the last time, completely. So, I along with my friend and photographer Karan Sawnani went to hog on some scrumptious delicacies as flavoured and brought under one roof from all the corners of India, as to celebrate the country's 70th Independence Week! We spent some amazing time tasting the delicious food at the buffet, and clicking some pictures for you to drool over. Scroll down to take a look at all of it below...

Both me and Karan are vegetarians, and its kinda said that vegetarians miss out on a lot while they just have a few options to choose from, but bursting that myth, let me tell you that the chefs at Renaissance make sure that vegetarians are never lagging behind when it comes to getting the best of fooding amidst the huge layout of non-vegetarian dishes. For us, the menu was a super huge one to pick our favorites from. Starting from the starters served at the table were Kurkuri Tikki, Malai Seekh Kebabs and Tandoori Aloo, while after finishing it we got up to enjoy the buffet loaded with mouth-watering main course that including variety of dal (lentil), and other gravy dishes from different states of India, and we ate Dal Makhni, Gujrati Kadhi, Paneer Tikka Butter Masala, Gutti Vankaya Kura, noodles, etc. with variety of rice and breads. The salad section was filled with multifarious assortments as well. And lastly, the desert section like always pulled me for more. My favorite being the RasmalaiMathura Peda and Petha


Kurkuri Tikki

Malai Seekh Kebab

Tandoori Aloo

Tandoori Corn

Variety of Salads


Bhaji (Curried Potatoes)

Bhurji (Indian Scrambled Eggs)

Wok Tossed Vegetables

Dal Makhani

Gujrati Gobhi Matar Ka Saag

Keema Kaleji (Minced Lamb) - Non Veg

Andhara Fish - Non Veg

Nijami Tangri (Hyderabadi Spices Flavored Chicken) - Non Veg

Mutton Tomari (Minced Lamb Preparation) - Non Veg


Guests at the dinner buffet

Oh, my fingers! But the food looks much more appetising! (hehe)


Mango Savarin

Mathura Peda


Me trying to grab the petha like.......dayyum!!

I would separately like to mention the Chaat corner they had consisting the flavours of North India to be specific. I enjoyed the LIVE Pani Puri eating session, and then we had the startling Raj Kachori to sum up our love for Lucknowi chaat. Also, I love to eat Gujrati dishes, and one of most favorite is Khaandvi. I don't really get good Khaandvi in Lucknow, but the pieces I tasted at Renaissance charmed me tons!

Chaat Pre-preparation : paapdi, kachori, mathri, bhujia, sev, etc.

Like how we love to have the authentic Paani Puri.

Raj Kachori (filled with aloo tikki, fruit bits, dahi, chutney, sev, etc.)

Dhokla (up), Khaandvi (down)

It might sound monotonous while I tell you that L-14 has the best view for you to gaze at the town outside, but I can't resist mentioning it again & again! It leaves me spellbound each time I visit there. And, lets just talk about the interiors and the ambience provided for a minute, they have something new to cater each time, like for this week, it was all festooned with colorful kites (that incidentally matched my outfit for the day too), above their open kitchen, the roof above the dining space, and everywhere. Immensely beautiful it appeared! PS : A little Chai (tea) corner completed the theme for #FlavoursOfIndia as arranged by them, that if one of my tea lover friends would've visited along, surely would've felt in love with.

Its really thrilling to see how the entire team of Renaissance manages to make you feel comfortable each time you visit at the hotel. In other words, I've started feeling like home at #RenLko already. Also, in a quick recent interaction with Chef Sachin Verma at L-14, I got to know about a variety of flavours and techniques that he and his team used to prepare some of the most authentic Indian dishes for this exclusive dinner buffet that's running up till tomorrow - 14th August, that'll be followed by a grand Independence Day Brunch on the 15th of August, 2016. Now you surely wouldn't want to miss out on that! Make reservations now.


You know I'm not much of an Indian outfit wearer, but occasionally it feels good to dress up as per the theme. So, this time at L-14, I wore a long, blue Pakistani kurta with pink, wide palazzos to that came along as a set! Accessorized the outfit minimally with a pair of matching earrings, a handcuff and rings. Completed the look with a matching clutch and heels!

kurta, palazzos : Pantaloons | heels : Steve Madden | clutch : StalkBuyLove
handcuff : Shopnineteen | rings : Myntra | earrings : Auhna Creations

Hope you liked this post! If you did, do share it across. And, don't forget to hit up to my social media that includes facebook, instagram, twitter and roposo for daily OOTDS and other cool updates. Until next time, much love!


Wednesday 10 August 2016

Wow Period with The Violet Box

Hey guys, what's happening? Hope y'all are excited for all the holidays that are coming up this month. Its gonna be a fun time! Well, it wasn't so much for me till now, since I just returned in town after giving my civils exam day before, (Yeah okay, don't be shocked, I'm half dead already.) But please wish me luck!

Anyways, coming back to today's post for my pretty girls once again, its about a period box subscription brand called, THE VIOLET BOX. A few weeks ago I shared with you a similar post about another brand selling the similar type of boxes and you all loved it. I also received a lot of messages telling me that the post appeared really useful for a lot of you too, so I thought of sharing this one now so that you all have choices. Violet Box, as I mentioned is a subscription box, that contains some cool period essentials for girls, that can help them pass through their cramps in a lighter mode. You can get the box from their website ( very easily. 

PS : Its a very new startup but has made its name wide! Check out all the details of this month's box and subscription links below.

Some of us already know that each woman spends over 1500 days of her life having periods, and it's not an easy task for us ladies to experience the whole process every single month, especially with the PMSing factor that's included! Violet Box has thus come to our rescue with a very thoughtful idea of supplying WOW BOX 1.7 to us with affordable period essentials at Rs. 899+ to help us pamper ourselves during our monthly menstruation cycle! 

I recently received my set of goodies in the Violet Box that include the following :

Food & Lifestyle Products - Its quite known a fact that women deal with random cravings during their periods, and it becomes difficult to sustain it especially when people around you cannot understand the sudden boomed up mood swings! That's when Violet Box helps you open your box of goodies and enjoy the gourmet chocolates, fine teas and refresh your mood with aromatic incense. This set includes

1. Yogi Tea from Exalte

2. Sandalwood Incense from Organic Incense

3. Yellow Roast Coffee from Blackbazza

4. Lemongrass & Green Tea from Typhoo

5. Power Chocolate Bar from Yoga Bar

6. Gourmet Chocolates from Ferrero Rocher

Beauty and Skincare Products - Every woman needs to maintain hygiene not just during the periods but throughout. During menstruation, it becomes a little more important to take care your skin and hence, Violet Box sends you the most amazing beauty and skincare products to use and experience bliss! This set includes : 

1. Hand Sanitizer from Tempo

2. Apricot Face Scrub from Just Herbs

3. Hazenut Body Lotion from Nature's Co.

4. Petal Soft Facepack from Just Herbs

5. Lemongrass Foot Spray from Nature's Co.

6. Coffee Face Scrub from Nature's Co.

7. Sanitary Napkins from Whisper & Carefree 
(different sizes depending upon your blood flow)

I personally tried each and every product from this box and hence it took me a little while to publish this review for you all, since I wanted to make sure that I do not send out a false word about any product or brand that sends me stuff to write about. I highly recommend Violet Box to all the girls reading this post, and if you care about your friends, please do refer it ahead! Its very easy subscribe to your monthly box, all you have to do is to choose from the variants available for the number of months you want to pay for, select a date, and pay! You can get your box customized too (just call on : +91 91680 57862).

NOTE : The producers of the Violet Box have initiated a social cause for women who cannot afford basic period essentials. So, for every single box that you subscribe to on the Violet website, they donate a a handful of essentials to those in need through Swadhar and WRH. I totally support this cause and would like you to contribute towards a healthier and happier world for women around us! #PositiveVibesOnly

PS : I'm giving away this period box to one lucky girl. To participate, CLICK HERE.