Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Pop Fashion 101

The fashion industry is at once the most visible and overlooked of cultural sectors where fashion statements are often both influential and philosophy-laden and, therefore, often need to be considered, analysed, or challenged. When we open our closet doors each morning, we seldom consider what our sartorial choices say, whether we tend toward jeans and a well-worn concert t-shirt or wingtips and a three-piece suit. Yet, how we dress divulges more than whether we crave comfort or couture; our clothing communicates who we are and how we relate to our culture.

Today, as I write this post for you, I feel my style and sense of fashion has evolved into popular culture by mixing both western and traditional clothing in my dressing often! Its been long that I have been combining fashion theory with approaches from literature, art, music, advertising, media studies, and sociology, which seems to have the capacity to both influence and be influenced by popular culture, and its meaning is also contingent upon context. Well, as the fashion that appears in "pop style fad" imagery too closely resembles the constructs found in the creators of high fashion, I am here to share with you a look that might act as a medium for self-expression covering a host of stellar designs!

Fashion-conscious youth like me pay attention to minute details such as color and design while buying clothes, and when you are in a creative field, anything and everything inspires you, which could be nature, architecture, colors or just anything around! It took me a few days' time to figure out that there are still some fashion-girl trends that even the most style adept have trouble mastering with total confidence. A mix of westernised clothes with Indian cuts still needs a lot of stylised blends may it be in fabric, patterns or draping, and while my recent shopping included a lot of solos (which means that I bought them not because I needed them, but only because I liked their cuts, prints and colors), I thought of creating a pop culture look which might help you solve the trend turmoil!

kurta : Anouk | leggings : Kook n Keech | dupatta : Aksara | bag : Old Buy
heels : StreetStyleStore | necklace : Shopnineteen | watch : Cheapo

When we talk of pop culture fashion, most of to what I've been reading since years is majorly constituted of the Japanese styles incorporated from the U.S. at one time. But darling, when I say fashion in Japan, its not confined to Kimonos! There's a lot more to it like skinny bottoms with long flowy shirts or dresses, astonishing platform shoes and radical makeup. Taking inspiration from the same kind of popular fashion culture, I chose to team up a pair of black Marvel leggings from Kook n Keech with a modernised short kurta from Anouk, that has the trending cat print on it, brought down straight from the runway inspired by Marc Jacobs' latest cat design collection, and a bright floral bluish-pink dupatta from Aksara, giving it an Indian twist!

Swiftly gracing this summery outfit, I added a fussy looking fringe necklace from complementing the fringe bag I hung as a cross body in brown color. By looking at the pictures you must have noticed I tried to keep the color scale of my outfit on a brighter tone as compared to the earthy accompaniments like the leather platform heels matched with a leather strap wrist watch in brown along with other accessories as mentioned. I must tell you that my heels might appear to be impractical or uncomfortable but these are one of the most comfy pair of footwear I've ever owned to look taller!

To finish off, my MUA chose to pin my hair up in a side bun, color my lips deep pink simply to match the kurta and add a few defined lines of kohl creating a checker box near my eyes making it look unconventional, and if you bump into me only to fine me sporting it on a regular day, you'd probably think I've become a wackadoo! But you'd also agree that it does look cool. Well, now that I've shown you a way to style an eccentric look, I hope y'all will try to incorporate it the next time you're fanatic over a pop fashion style, and oh, just to mention if you kept on thinking pop fashion means discovering and replicating pop star fashion, you should probably just laugh it off! :p

PS : This entire look contains all clothing from Myntra, and I really hope you liked it, and if you did, do let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have a personal pop fashion style to suggest, please drop me a message and we can cover it up in the next post maybe! Until then, lot of love.

Photographed by : Yash Athwani  |  Makeup by : Divya Vishnani



  1. Hello Shubhi,
    I love your outfit and it's so colourful can't get enough of it

  2. I love the way u carry urself🙈
    Be it any attire tradition , western everytime we get to see the new look 👀
    Keep uploading 😎

  3. Wow!😍
    Such a beautiful outfit😍
    Just love your style❤

  4. So well described the pop culture and your outfit is so apt! Details are drool worthy.. And yes! It does look really cool. You've taken it to another level.. I've never thought this combo will turn out to be this chic and my chica will look this RAD. Also, I feel it's so fresh and it complements the weather and the trend as well! A thumbsup (Y) from myside. Well written, well dressed, and WELL!, DOPE. More love and power to you girl ����❤��

  5. oh! and i forgot to mention.. i'm loving that you're trying to do something new everytime and that eyeliner thing looks super gorg. ♥

  6. Lovely mix of vibrant colors. Just the perfect pop mix for this season. 😍😘😘

  7. Harshita srivastava17 April 2017 at 05:00

    Great style...new trend of fashion...loved your eye makeup...��❤��

  8. I loved the intense eyes and accessories were gorgeous.

  9. It is written extremely well and has actually made me want to try something new . I really liked the Indian twist that you have added into the outfit.😊❤

  10. Hey this is wonderful. All new and unique. You look gorgeous 😍

  11. Pretty looks😍❤ n the outfit👌

  12. Looking fab smthng the miss n match show ur bold side!! Which enchance ur body language n personality!!

  13. Well written. Even I'm a big fan of Indo-Western looks. A blend of tradition & modern outfit always brings out the best and makes a outfit eye-catching. But sometimes we tend to overdo it & it can go all wrong , making you look fashion disaster but you made Indo-Western outfit look more unique & representative. What's fashion without adding own style statement.

  14. Complete miss n match
    Still it's just fabulous..
    Love the way you carry your dressess...
    In love with this Indo Western look...

  15. Hey,
    I really love your outfit shubhi. It's just amazing and i am seriously in love with those fashion jewels.

  16. All new style and unique. You look gorgeous 😍

  17. A nice combination of happy colors...Elegant and Beautiful look. 😊

  18. Devyanshi Tripathi17 April 2017 at 05:57

    Love your combos....awsome eye makeup and such a great mix of those vibrant colours.... love this outfit...keep posting awsmness

  19. In love with this outfit. The colours, design everything matches so well. Myntra has always been excelling in its dressing ,therefore it's my all time favourite❤

  20. Well firstly u described it jst so beautifully.. this attire had bewitched me fully its jst so ravishing something experimenting tht craves us to try this pop combo. The attire is jst so amazingly exquisite that can spellbound anyone lik had done to me.. never thought of sch dazzling combo thats so appealing i tottly loved it.. thnx for sharing ur alluring experience shubhi enjoyed ur ellucidating work that hv sorted our mind bout this fusion luv u

  21. U are looking so beautiful .. Nd the color combination is also very good..
    nd I love the way u carry yourself . .. Your eye makeup is just wow . i loved it overall �������� #makeup #dress #the_vibrant_colors #the_attitude ..❤❤❤

  22. I'm loving that ur style, ur dreesup way nd everything....u r my fashion icon☺����

  23. Stunning...quiet different look...n love those high heels��

  24. The perfect pop crunch mixer with indo-pop styling is found in your attire.Adding more grace and elegance to it.Today's era being a modernized and globalized one fashion truly plays a very importance role in our lives.And with your article, you have acknowledged and made us aware of how fashion needs to be blended with innovation.The attire is simply mesmerizing.Love the styling, the quirky eye make-up adds value to it and the sandles are simply fabulous. #GoIndo-PopCultureCrunch ��

  25. It felt so good whenever i see your posts, you know what you are a oerfect fashion icon ��

  26. Wow loved the post & your style. 😘

  27. I love how you come up with new ways each time, it's fascinating!♥

  28. Vaishnavi agrawal17 April 2017 at 07:09

    You style abd combination of colours are pretty good!

  29. Just love the outfit❤ and you are looking very beautiful��

  30. Wow your posts are surely gonna keep me up to date with the new trends. The colors of this outfit, accessories and everything is just perfect.Love the way u explain your ideas to us.

  31. That eye makeup is si beautiful and your outfit and accessories are so perfect.

  32. Uhh lknh admirable as always .....
    Such a fascinating look with vibrant colours.....

  33. Hats off to your dressing sense... Also thank you so much for the awareness u spread by your informative blog posts😁😘😘

  34. Vibrant colors , fascinating looks, Great fusion..loved it😍😘

  35. The way every piece is styled together makes it look killer����

  36. aakanksha agrawal17 April 2017 at 11:59

    perfect look

  37. Loved the way outfit has come out.�� Especially the eyeliner took my heart❤

  38. I kinda liked the idea of Indian n Western fusion..the vibrant colors of the outfit came out really good☺️☺️

  39. Looking gorgeous and colour combination is very good for this dress

  40. “I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.”

  41. U looking so preety 😍😍..ur cuteness are show ur loving personality .I like that🤗🤗🤗🤗😇 Great👍👍👍👍💐💐

  42. Vaishnavi agrawal18 April 2017 at 11:16

    Such a flawless skin you have!

  43. The ideas you come up with and the way you carry yourself is commendable.The upcoming fashionista is in the house.I really am a great fan of your each and every work.Kudos to you lady.Keep Slaying.

  44. You might be bored of hearing these 3 words, but i can’t resist saying it again - “You look beautiful “

    I like the way you dress, you know how to choose clothes.

  45. I like the way you experiment with colours in almost every blog post...you put up such popping colours together very nicely...and that's not everyone's cup of tea...😘

  46. Nice outfit...u look beautiful

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  49. Just love the attire different from the usual one and simple and elegant looking😘

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  52. I am loving the whole look and how you everything together with such sass! 😍😘

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  54. Sahrish fatima20 May 2017 at 12:26

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