Friday 29 January 2016

You gotta envy My Envy Box

Hey pretty ladies, hope ya'll are having a great 2016! A month has almost gone by like a snap, right? 

Well, today I've got you something exciting to stare on! Since its my last post for the first month of new year, I thought of leaving a mark! So, I'm sharing with you my review for the first ever MY ENVY BOX that I received recently. I had always wanted to get my hands on any of its subscription packs, and finally got it now!

This international luxury beauty and cosmetic brand outsourcing products from different top brands in India has been brought to you to discover the world of beauty from the comfort of your home! You can easily subscribe and get 5 product samples from Luxury & Prestige brands every month in your own 'My Envy Box'.

Take a look at the January edition of the curated box of skincare goodies in the pictures (and a little description) below :

Starting with the pretty box, colored in navy blue and quoted with 2016 - Happy New Year.
It almost made me drool over the beautiful font already! 

The handy box contained some exotic beauty & skincare products (in sample size), a description card and a offer voucher too! 

The products are listed as :

1. SkinYoga Oats and Roses Facewash - Roses being one of the most natural skin toners and sunblock, and oats containing natural cleansers that remove dirt and oil from the pores. You just have to mix 1 tsp of this powder facewash with a few drops of water, making it a paste and simply apply it on your face in circular motion and rinse with lukewarm water for a supple skin! This vitamin C enriched facewash leaves your skin feeling protected, clean and super toned! - Full size (50 gms) available for Rs. 1450/-

2. O3+ White Day Cream - This nutrient enriched cream with spf 15 helps reducing skin pigmentation and enhances skin tone. Also, it contains UVA and UVB protection that helps in preventing sun tan (now that's what we girls need seriously). Just take a little portion of it in your hands, rub in your palms and apply on your face, massaging in circular motion before going out in sun! - Full size (50 gms) available for Rs. 775/-

3. Mantra Kokkum & Pistachio Winter Care Lotion - I am already in love with this moisturiser because it contains so much of nourishing agents like kokkum butter, pistachio and almond oil, and all of these counter the ravages of winter, like chapped skin. Its a moisture-rich treat that quenches dry skin, helping it rejuvenate and making it glow and look younger as ever! All you gotta do is take a little portion in drops and apply all over your body for a softer, smoother feel. Full size (100 ml) available for Rs. 493/-

4. Calvin Klein Eternity Now (perfume for women) - If you've been following this blog since long, you already know that I am a keen perfume carrier; and this addictive scent from CK contains a sparkling floral fragrance, created of litchi, a quince of sorbet, with the heart of peony, peach blossom and neroli petals, and the base includes cashmere, ambrox and musk. Spray some on your neck or wrist for a longer aromatic stay! PS : This perfume comes signed by perfumer Ann Gottlieb (which is of course a love gesture). Full size (50 ml) available for Rs. 3800/-

5. L'Oreal Paris Glamshine Lip Crayon (Litchee Lust 911) - This glossy lip crayon has been introduced as the first of its kind from L'Oreal Paris as a moisturising balm to keep your lips sheer fresh and smooth, with a hint of bright pink color. It is enriched with flower extracts and fresh color off innovation! Very easily to apply on the lips just like a playful crayon on paper. Full size available for Rs. 475/-


So, These were the 5 products I received in my New Year 2016 edition of My Envy Box. I hope you liked going through this quick review, and if you did, do tell me in the comments below and I shall do more for you all! As of now, go subscribe to your own Envy Box service to receive some cool beauty & skincare goodies every month at the most modest prices! And don't forget to avail 10% off on this winter festive collection by applying the code WIN10, only at!

Photographed by : Nahid Saman



  1. You look so pretty Shubhi. Keep up the great work too!

  2. I have always wanted to get the my envy box but I always look at the price tag and go "nooooo"! mainly because I can get a three-month subscription of another box for the price of its one-month subscription.
    Anyhow, I'm so jealous of you!

    Life, love and everything else

    1. Hey Rachna,
      I know what you're talking about, but I'd request you to see the no. of contents too and of course the quality!
      PS : That's what it says duh, envy! :D

  3. Nice blog you have, thanks for posting