Saturday 29 August 2015

Cuties, back to college?

Cue the flashbacks to adorable baby pictures, when wearing dungarees was the norm. But are they okay to wear as college students? Since so many of you girls wanted me to answer this question, I have come up with something fun for you today! It would appear that dungarees are a natural transition from the increasingly ubiquitous jumpsuit and can be credited to the current '90s revival, with memorable dungaree wearers from that era including 'Jennifer Aniston in Friends' or 'Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.' 

Dungarees (otherwise known as overalls) are back again, and designers like Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren are ranking it high. This trend is not only attracting the American students, but is a rage in Indian colleges too! There are so many different styles of dungarees nowadays, from formal dungarees to dungaree dresses and everything in between. But IMO, the cutest style is the dungaree shorts. They are just so wearable in the summer heat and are an easy way to stay cool while being comfortable and looking stylish. There are tons of different ways to style dungaree shorts and you can completely change your look by adding in a few well pieced accessories together. If you're a bit perplexed as to how to wear this playful garment, I'm showing you how to look less like a Minion and more like Alexa Chung.

dungaree, bag : | top : Zara | spectacles : Vogue Eyewear
watch : Felix | shoes : Rahul Bhatia Art

Dungarees are supposed to be cute, bringing back the emotions associated with youth and innocence. Therefore, your outfit must be light. It is imperative that you stay away from heavy and bulky fabrics that cover your entire body. Like in the pictures above, I'm wearing navy blue dungaree shorts from one of my favorite online sites,, with a striped top that I got from Zara because of its soft stretchable fabric! The best thing about a dungaree is that it keeps you comfy without compromising on style as they are channelling the chic and practical style. The adjustable straps make them really versatile and easy to wear. The key to nailing this look is definitely in the fit. My suggestion would be to avoid anything too tight. As dungarees are often oversized, you need to think about your body shape and about what style and fabric will complement your figure. The details are attractive, from tabs to loops and pockets, etc. 

Coming back to how you can wear dungarees to college, I wanted to add a little cuteness to my overall look. So, I picked up my cute bow bag, again from stalkbuylove because they have the prettiest bags of all times and because it is very spacious so I can keep an extra tiffin-box in it too. And since its my on-the-go 'college look', I also added my watch and  my Vogue eyewear because hey, lenses for 6 hours - No No NO! Since you gotta walk a lot around your college campus, I would suggest to go in for sport shoes but of course keep in the style on, so as you can see I'm wearing my sexy pair of converse, with that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious art on it by this amazing guy Rahul Bhatia, these shoes keep me going on for hours from one class to another and the other and further, which is approx 5 kms walk/day. To be true, I'm totally in love with this pair in my shoe section and one more reason to put them on with this outfit was that it matched the greyish-blue & pink color of my bag! 

I must say dungarees have that effortless ‘borrowed from the boys’ vibe that can be seen as incredibly sexy. Now, if you are looking to try something new then you should check out this type for sure which is fashionable and fun and comes in a tantalizing variety of styles and colours with prices to suit most budgets whether large or small! The good thing with this outfit is that it exists in all colors, fabrics and also happens to be short. I reckon that the short version is definitely the best option for the summer. Oh BTW, dungarees are certainly considered more of a summer staple but, with the right styling, they can see you through to winters too. Swap crop-tops and T-shirts for silk blouses and cashmere knits and layer with a transitional trench or leather jacket and you are ready to go! So go, checkout the latest dungaree collection at and get your hands on some cute pieces now!

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries (Rhea Ghosh)


Wednesday 19 August 2015

Dress-up like the Retro Sun

Hi girls! Doing well?

Okay, so this post in reality had to go up yesterday, but since its my country's independence day today, I just thought of putting it up now to celebrate the pride since I'm wearing one of the colors from India's national flag. Having said that, you already know orange has become my don't-like-at-all to my all-time-favorite within a year and I love it so much so that my bedroom walls are painted orange too! Haha! Now, today I'm sharing with you a look that I created inspired by the 80's gorgeous ladies who loved lace dresses, living now an era of modernisation. 

dress : | belt : Pantaloons | bellies : Hush Puppies (gifted)
hat : Forever21 | watch : Titan | sunglasses : Miu Miu (gifted) | bag : LeDiva

At various stages of the 20th century, there is no longer the "lace golden era", but these years, lace comes back with fashion. The Lace dress has fallen in and out of favor with many women due to poor quality, scratchy lace being all that was available for many years, unless spending hundreds on a key piece. With many softer lace fabrics available now, they are not only comfortable to wear but extremely beautiful and feminine. This type is now fashionable and affordable with many pieces sporting bold colors, daring styles and sexy lace options. From the beginning of summer, lace is coming with a dash of graceful gesture, adding the midsummer night a touch of romantic and charming colors. The reason why lace is so popular till today is not because of its long and glorious history, but its sweet and graceful style!

For me, lace was always something revealing (see-through), I thought I'd never be able to wear the trend until I realized that lace dresses are made attaching an inner piece of fabric as well. And then, one day while scrolling through the Limeroad website, I came across this pretty orange shift dress made of cotton lace. The very moment I saw it, I knew I had to buy it. The floral lace from top to bottom made me drool over the piece. Shift dresses have always been one of my favorite shapes. They are elegant, pure and simple with minimalist design lines. Also, they are extremely comfortable. Since I can’t deal with tight waists in the summer, the shift is my throw-it-on-and-look-cute summer staple! I teamed up my dress with a pair of brown leather bellies since my belt at the waistline was brown too! I wanted to keep everything matching and because browns and oranges go very well together I put on a lighter shade bag, the beige! And the same went with my Fedora hat which I got from Mumbai last year and its been my on-the-go favorite since then. The best add-ons were my Miu Miu sunglasses (gifted by someone very very special) giving the real retro touch to my look and the Titan watch which I stole from my mom about 10 years ago! Even though the summer weather is becoming really nasty and the sun is making us sweat all day, the whole look turned out to be super chic and cute. 

Tell me in the comments below what do you think of this look and don't forget to tune into my Roposo feed everyday for latest fashion stories!

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries (Rhea Ghosh)


Monday 10 August 2015

Accessorizing with Pep My Persona

Hey girls! Hope you all are doing good!

I'm sure you would all agree with me if I say, "We girls love to accessorize" and I truly believe that accessories can make or break an outfit. That be said, a true fashionista can differentiate between the accents that are worth spending a pretty penny on and those of-the-moment adornments that are okay to pass up. I'm sharing some pretty pieces below, that I got from an online jewelry store 'Pep My Persona' and I'm under the impression that you are going to fall in love with these at the first sight!

1. Necklaces - I love to keep my look basic with a few unexpected accents. Whether it be the hint of a new silhouette such as a peplum or cutout, or an interesting color palette such as head-to-toe neutrals or brights – I like to think that the beauty is in the details. Our favorites in the above mentioned section would be necklaces, of course. There are numerous designs, styles, and umpteen number of colors and we all love to experiment with most of them with our outfits. In today’s case – curating fashion necklaces is something you should definitely splurge on. 

  • In the pictures below, you see two types of necklaces that I'm wearing with two different outfits! First one be the gold-copper leaf layered necklace, that I find absolutely stunning. I'm wearing it on a black top because both the top and the necklace colors compliment each other perfectly. The gold-copper leaves fall on the solid black helping me make a bold statement! Plus, its light weight makes me drool over the piece and I feel like wearing it with all my attires!

  • The other piece is a classic one. The different bright colored bead chain attached to a big statement pendant was one necklace on the site I just couldn't let go off. Many of you know that orange color is my personal favorite and I got this neckpiece for the same reason. I wore it on an orange top and it popped up as a highlight like bright-on-bright. In other words, this necklace simply took away my heart!

2. Ornamental Bra Straps -  We all know that its quite annoying when we have to give up on a dress while shopping because its strapless or backless. Earlier we allowed plain or clear bra straps to show, not realizing that it looks unattractive and tacky! But, we gotta worry no more because Pep My Persona has come up with a beautiful solution for all of us. Ornamental straps for bras are the best thing to happen to women's fashion! They are simple to attach to any strapless bra or convertible ones and can be adjusted to the desired length. From Rhinestone to beaded and colored to mettalic, bra straps are available in many designs and can be worn with tank tops, tube tops, party dress, etc. Well, lets talk about my favorite picks from the store.

  • My first pick was a Rhinestone bra strap that I'm wearing with my rust color tube top. I mostly kept myself away from wearing tube tops because I didn't want to feel uncomfortable pulling them up every few minutes when I go out. But Pep My persona came to my rescue and I got hold of this fancy bra strap that helps me keep my top at place, while giving a sexy feel to the whole look. I am completely in love with this piece also because it has a big star at the back, in the centre, which makes the strap look like a fashion jewelry at once and no one really gets to know if its a strap or simply a jewelry piece! 

  • My second favorite bra strap on the website was a very elegant one. Pink ornamental roses attached to silver plated leaves. This popping color bra strap looks really stylish and literally goes with most of my strapless outfits. In the pictures below, as you may see, I'm wearing it with a lemon yellow long top. The strap is reflected as a fashion accessory and it is certainly highlighting the yellow color of the top making it appear really pretty! My motto was only to make the whole look appear beautiful which I think I ended up doing successfully! 


You can now follow Pep My Persona on instagram and facebook for more awesome accessories and jewelry pieces. They keep updating their collection as per the latest fashion trends! Also, don't forget to drop in some comments below, telling me you liked reading this post or not and if it helped you in any way. 

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries (Rhea Ghosh)


Saturday 1 August 2015

Glitter Makes Everyone Happy

April Fool's Day is quite known a day when we all play pranks on our friends, but the sad part I feel is that we gotta wait for that one day every year, when pranking becomes official, since many of our friends tend to feel resentful otherwise! But this time, I came across a website that helps us to play glitter pranks on anybody, round the year. Since, Friendship's Day is here, and I felt its my responsibility to make it an an unforgettable one for my friends, I planned to pull a shiny prank on one of my closest friends with the help of, which is becoming quite popular day by day for sending greeting cards stuffed with heaps of stubborn glitter on your behalf to anybody you choose to deliver it. Also, this website gives you an option to remain anonymous, so your friend really won't get to know who made them shine, of course until you tell them yourself. Isn't that so cool?

Now, there's also something really special and unique that offers now. It has this new category on the website with the title MAKE ONE HAPPY; where you get to choose to add one of the three options - A meal, An ice-cream or A pair of new slippers for 1 street kid at a time, while you buy a glitter bomb for your friend. The best part is that the website team is going to personally deliver the gift to the kid on your name for free, so you know it is going into the right hands. This new initiative makes this website different from all the others of the same kind around the world. This did touch my heart deeply and while I chose to purchase a card to play a sweet prank on my friend, I chose to make another one happy too in just 4 simple steps!

Step 1. Open the website (of course)

Step 2. Choose what you would like to get delivered to a street kid on your behalf to make him happy. 

The website offers you 3 different options : 

A Meal 

The kid will be fed a proper Indian meal from a restaurant.


An Ice-Cream

The kid will be taken to an ice cream parlour and will be fed the flavour of his choice.


 A Pair Of Slippers

The kid will be given a new pair according to his choice and size.

You just need to pay 349/- for one card and that includes the gift you choose for the street kid too.
Well, choosing to make one happy is not a compulsion, but its definitely going to give you self-satisfaction. 

PS : The card still remains for 349/- and if you want some extra glitter added to it, pay 50/- more.

Step 3. Feed in the name and address details of the recipient (the one you want to glitter bomb) and your own.
You can choose to remain anonymous, but the website needs your details, so don't forget to fill in yours too!

Step 4. Click on BUY NOW and you are done.

Being a social works student, I have deeply studied the insights and the number of kids living on streets which is way more than the ones living under the shed and I feel its the duty of each one of us to help out any one in need, in any way possible and also encourage others to do so too. This initiative taken by is surely something that needs be applauded, since it helps us help others and make them smile. Well, it might sound unbelievable how easily you can prank on your friends, sitting at home and not getting your own hands dirty; and also bring a smile on the face of a needy kid but its very much true. 

Coming onto the fun part, I got some pictures clicked of my friend whom I glitter bombed, and to be true, she really didn't know what was inside, so all the reactions are natural and real. Take a look..

Well, she surely was shocked when all the glitter popped upon her, making her shine dirtily all over but as soon as she read the message inside the greeting card which read, "MAKE ONE HAPPY", she felt satisfied and proud. In her words, "I'm proud to have been chosen by my friend to be glitter bombed, if only it brings a smile on the sweet face of any kid, around the world."

Teary-eyed? Don't be! Go, open the website and order a glitter bomb for your friend now.

Don't forget to 'MAKE ONE HAPPY', because glitter makes everyone happy!


Note : Tons of thanks to my dear friend, Shivangi Singh for letting me make her look really dirty and shiny all over, with so much of glitter for this post & I promise I'll keep glitter bombing her more often! Of course, she is good at taking crazy revenges too.

Photographed by : Rhea Ghosh (Exposure Imageries)