Wednesday 31 January 2018

Exclusive Buffet Dinner at Rs.649 at COSME, Levana Suites Lucknow

Some people eat to live, others live to eat! Well, I live to commit foodie gluttony as not a single second goes by without thinking of the dishes I've not got my hands on! And so, nothing satisfies me like a lavish buffet done right with a variety of dishes and unlimited rounds of them under 700 bucks, that too at a luxury property. I'm talking about this newly launched hotel by the king of hotel chains in Lucknow - LEVANA SUITES. This swanky new property is the 'current talk of the town', and I'd been eyeing upon their lavish spread of dinner buffet since forever, which is laid every WEDNESDAY - SUNDAY, from 7:30 PM onwards, at COSME - the multi-cuisine, fine-dine restaurant.

So, upon my recent visit to the hotel, I was delighted to see the huge spread in front of my eyes, and gorged upon all that I could. I was welcomed with 1 complimentary drink (I chose a mocktail, you can pick yours from the wide selection). Started my meal with a bowl of Manchow Soup, and gradually started filling my tummy with the salads, and main course from North Indian & Chinese cuisines, and more to choose from.

COSME - the all day dining restaurant offers an array of dishes in their dinner buffet. Though I tried my favorites - Dal Tadka, Sarso Saag, Kadhai Paneer, Dum Aloo, Assorted Breads, Hakka Noodles and Manchurian. Needless to say, everything tasted wonderful! For me, good food is everything, and I'm glad that the chefs at Levana have a great knowledge of what they're serving to their guests. The dinner included best of colour, texture and flavours, blended perfectly to make the dishes appear 'out of this world'.

Manchow Soup

Spread of Salads

Dal Tadka

Sarso Saag

Kadhai Paneer

Dum Aloo

Hakka Noodles


Even though I gobbled all the food, I certainly had to save some space for desserts from their huge section to savour! I mean, you just can't miss the delectable treats at COSME, Levana Suites. They've got a perfect amalgamation of western and Indian desserts and you'd be waving with appreciation as soon as you taste them!

It's a task picking your favorites from the wide selection. From variety of Puddings, to Cakes, to Rum Balls to Moong Dal Halwa and Gulab Jamuns, I couldn't resist trying them all (just a bite of each for that matter). Just the right amount of sweetness added, which leaves you feel pleasantly smiling after a great food celebration.

Strawberry Cake

Chocolate Rum Balls

Gulab Jamun

Moong Dal Halwa

Talking of the interiors at COSME, the entire installation is a treat for the eyes! Today, eating out is often a high-drama opportunity to immerse yourself in not only good food and conversation, but in a vibe that makes the humdrum everyday world feel far, far away. And keeping up to that, the restaurant has a perfectly well-lit seating area with perfectly shaped and squashiness of the dining chairs to the exact shade and texture of the wallpaper. I love how the bar is touched with modernity and class and the ceiling is all of abstract! Kudos to the designer for blending a vibrant fine-dine with a hint of subtle marble. 

To end, if you're planning some meetings, get-togethers or family time anytime sooner, you must check out Levana Suites and hog upon their Exclusive Buffet Dinner at Rs.649 + taxes. Highlights : You can enjoy a mesmerising instrumental LIVE performance every Saturday.

For enquiries and table reservations, call : +91 7518800901 or check out Facebook.


Saturday 20 January 2018

Lucknow's First Silent Disco with a Book Cafe & More at ELEV8, Levana Suites

Hey everyone! How's it going in the new year? It's almost been a month that I've written something for you here, and I have so much to tell you all. But first things first, Lucknow is levelling their cultural game up and my excitement is irresistible! The city's been undergoing a massive makeover past one year and there's nothing that's not being brought in to glam up the town life.

With the title, you've already got hint that I'm going to share with you the news about Lucknow's first SILENT DISCO that has been recently launched at this swanky, new cafe - ELEV8, at LEVANA SUITES. Levana has been one of the most renowned hospitality chains in Lucknow and it's no secret that everything from their interiors to the food and the staff is exemplary.

ELEV8, their new impeccably run venue is a perfect blend of quaint and modern! The aesthetically designed cafe with a huge section of a fine selection of awe-inspiring books was all that the city needed, along with an indoor BAR, BAKERY and a CAFE setup which allows the nerds and their friends to chill. You ask me, what about the disco? The same area is transformed into that, every Saturday where the in-house DJ plays 2 different music channels for the guests to listen onto their wireless headphones and dance to the tune of their favorite tracks, without disturbing anyone else, creating a noisy-affair. Yes, this concept has been around for a while and I'm so glad that Lucknow's got one for it too!

What more? It's not just the indoor space that attracts me, but the outside area that we call the rooftop, looks even brighter, making your evening refined and relaxed. The subtle hues you find in the furniture, including the cabanas and decks that give you the beach feels just rightly, making it apt for you to get photographed at every corner! ELEV8 also offers a private lounge area for a gathering of 12-15 people for private parties and more, where you could also chill in blankets with headphones on and watch your favorite TV series while dining with your friends, on weekends. Now that's something out-of-the-box! As a reminder, you are welcome to carry your headphones here, while you're tuned into your silent disco channel, so you can always party under the stars!

Well, now that that I've already got you excited about dancing and chilling while drinking your favorite booze and spirits with friends, let's get talking about the food. ELEV8 offers a wide range of multi-cuisine cafe snacks that could make anyone drool over it! The food that I tried the other day was delicious, the kind of country dining that sets out to satisfy - hearty and comforting, precisely executed and cooked with confidence.

Mexican Bean Nachos - Platter full of mexican nachos with boiled beans and salsa dip, sour cream and cheese dip. A tummy filling snack for 2, with a beautiful presentation that got my heart beating stronger!

Greek Salad -  A delightful blend of different condiments like lettuce, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, fresh olives and onion with bread crumbs, perfectly balanced with spicy sauces, served with a garlic bread as side. TBH, a craver for salads like me would love every bit of it! 

Aglio Olio Peperoncino - Favorite of the lot, aglio olio wins my heart everytime! Perfectly cooked spaghetti pasta, blended with just the right amount of red chilly, sun dried tomato and flakes, served with a garlic bread to savour. 

A'La Napolitana Pizza - Thin crust pizza, overloaded with veggies and cheese. I wasn't too happy with the taste as both the crust and cheese were hard. Maybe I should try the other variant next time!

Veg Mini Kathi Roll - A crisp wrap, filled with skewed veggies & cottage cheese, served with authentic Indian green chutney to balance the taste with perfection. I loved the presentation and the delightful taste! 

Mexican Bean Nachos

Greek Salad

Aglio Olio Peperoncino Pasta

A'La Napolitana Pizza

Veg Mini Kathi Roll

Of course, no meal is done without desserts! Let's get started here.

Fruit Tarts - Crisp, sweet tarts filled with fresh cream and topped with fresh fruits. I have a penchant for fresh fruits and I loved how the Kiwi & Plum tarts were decorated with fine cuts and placements and the Cherries looked super inviting! You could gulp it in one-go.

Apple Pie - I've tasted apple pies across the city, but this one had a crisp pastry case, packed full of a well-balanced sweet and tart filling, with delicious chunks of apples. Served with apple sauce and ice-cream, just how I wanted it!

Chocolate & Walnut Brownie - Beautifully presented, textured walnut brownie with chunks of walnuts and topped with fresh chocolate sauce & ice-cream! I was already swayed by the appearance and as you must have guessed it, I didn't feel like destroying the beauty. Yet, for my job I did taste some and oh, it was heaven!

Fruit Tarts

Apple Pie

Chocolate Walnut Brownie

'ELEV8' at Levana Suites, located at 18, Madan Mohan Malviya Marg has a lot in-stored for the foodie and the party animal in you. As they claim, it's the newest glam addition to the city, and I vouch for that! LIVE musical evenings and Hep disco nights never seemed fun to me, but now that I do have a place to visit like that, come say hi when you spot me grooving! Until then, love and luck.

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