Sunday 28 July 2019

Season's Fresh : All Green 'Top to Toe'

Summer means a lot of things. It means sunnier days, happier hours and afternoons spent sipping your favourite drinks. It also means the return of summer rompers season. I know, I know — leave it to a fashion editor to derive an unusual amount of seasonal joy from a straight-up clothing genre. But seriously, rompers are a gift, and I will sing their praises every chance I get.

Rompers, in particular, are as breezy as retailers’ shortest options — while offering a kind of mental assurance you can really only get from a pair of pants. Add to that the fact that they’re basically all-in-one outfits that require zero styling work, and you’ve got a summer fashion trifecta that truly cannot be beat. Convenience, comfort and concern-free wear at the same damn time? It’s honestly a little shocking we’re not living in them all summer long.

The array of rompers on offer right now is so vast, so varied and so damn cute that no amount of grandmother shade could possibly convince me to refrain from romp-ing around all season long. I'd been looking around for a green piece since long and found one at SHEIN. It's a classic outfit with the knot at the side, and is airy-flairy just as I like it. Got a deep neck (uhm, kinda weird to look at once, but the deep cut at the back making it sexier from all angles. The length is perfect and fits my style!

Rompers not require much styling, but I choose to add accessories to complete my look. My recent craze for headbands is not hidden; it's also in trend so why not! Picked this one from SHEIN, and heels from SHEIN as well. All green under their "summer sale". Also, added a chunky, black bracelet from GLOBUS, and my rose-gold watch from DANIEL WELLINGTON on my wrist.

Along with that, I'd like to give a huge shoutout to LUCKNOW LIFESTYLE - an online shop, for sending across these beautiful earrings that I've paired with the outfit. Looks really classy; and the customised clutch bag to add panache! It's one of my favourite pieces in my bag collection, has Picker At Pace printed on one side, and a picture of mine printed on the other! I can carry it as a clutch in hand, or hang it from my shoulder like a sling. LUCKNOW LIFESTYLE does it all for you, and they have a wide range of products to choose from; and they do home deliveries real quick.

Honestly, green is one of my favourite colors; or to be specific - my third favourite color. Not that it makes any sense, but it is. I'm fascinate with the summer color and it just makes me feel so fresh to don it in the heat! Loved curating this outfit, that I can rock at a day outing or an evening party without guilt.

Let me know your thoughts over it in the comments below, and do share this post ahead with your girl friends, mommies, sisters and everyone who'd love rompers and green. Until next, love and luck!

Photographed by : Aryan Tripathi