Tuesday 30 May 2017

My First Meetup Session - #StyleCircle at Lifestyle Store Lucknow

Hello, my lovely virtual family! Belonging from different cities, states and countries, I still don't know what makes you come back here every single time and shower on me your love and blessings. But one thing I know for sure is, that you guys have been the whole sole support in my journey of blogging since day one, and it is overwhelming to see our family grow. Two days back (28th May, 2017), I completed 3 full years with Picker at Pace, and nothing would have been greater than hosting a personal meet up session, a day before, with my readers communicating with them in person. 

LIFESTYLE, one of country's top fashion brands recently launched their SS'17 collection featuring the new range that draws inspiration from the rich Mayan, Mexican and Oriental civilizations to create a bold yet intricate look, with a casual collection that has a Bohemian vibe with stylish palazzos, maxi skirts and printed dhoti pants. And, it gave me gave me an opportunity to showcase the stock amongst my followers, and interact with them, knowing them better and helping them with essential style tips and imparting knowledge about blogging as a career! 

A few months back, when Lifestyle Stores approached me asking me if I would be interested in co-hosting the Style Circle event at their outlet in Lucknow at One Awadh Center Mall, along with Kritika Khurana aka That Boho Girl from Delhi, I just couldn't refuse it. It was an amazing feeling to have been chosen as the first blogger from town to get associated with a brand this huge and co-host the event with one of country's favorite fashion bloggers at the moment. It was a win-win deal! And well, the day finally arrived and I was mesmerized to see the crowd that had gathered to greet both Kritika and me. Tbh, I never expected I had "fans". Nevertheless, the sensational feeling of being at the centre stage, surrounded by people who look upto you cannot be compensated with anything else!

Me with Kritika

The entire event was set up for 4 hours and I had the best time of my life during that time. Met around 250 different faces, hugged them, received kisses, got to know so much about their field of interest and their aims and aspirations in life! It made me feel super motivated and loved, because the energy was superficial. Most of them complimented me for my styling ideas, fashion and beauty tips and all that I write here on my blog, about travel destinations, restaurant features and even book reviews and the poem snippets. Oh yes, the compassion and kindness each one of them had was astonishing!

At the end, both Kritika and I were surprised to see how modishly the girls had styled themselves in the outfits from Lifestyle Store, as we had earlier asked them to do that, since we were giving out vouchers worth Rs. 2000 to two "best dressed" to shop from the latest collection at the store! I picked Kanika Chowdhary and Kritka chose Nainika Kalita as our personal favorites, and the smile on their faces seemed so bright and lovely!

Kanika, Me, Nainika, Kritika

Lifestyle’s Spring Summer collection has an extensive array of global trends, with striking patterns and glamorous silhouettes for the season. I love the brands Ginger and Code by Lifestyle, personally. In fact, the t-shirt I'm wearing in the pictures above, is from Ginger and I adore it completely! I highly recommend the clothing as they have the best of fabrics, styles and prints to offer.

To conclude, I would like to thank the entire team of Lifestyle Stores for having me at the event and letting me have "my moment". Also, kudos to Kritika for being a pro at the session, and guiding me along. I don't know what would have I done with out her, being all shaky and crazy!

Kritika and me with the team of Lifestyle Store Lucknow


Thanks for reading! If you have your picture featured in this post, please feel free to download it for personal use, but link it back either to this blog or me on social media (facebook, instagram, twitter). I hope everyone who came to the meet-up had a great time just like I did. Thanks for dropping by, guys. Much love!

Photographed by : Yash Athwani, Saumya Kumar, Ashish Soni  |  Styled by : Lifestyle  |  Makeup by : Divya Vishnani


Thursday 25 May 2017

Jewelry Game : Work from Home with Voylla.com

Hey there, hope all's good! I was just wondering if I could help you guys become your own boss, in some way or other since y'all keep asking me how do I work from home and manage to make money. Not that I'm telling you what exactly I do, but I've got something really cool and exciting for all you lovely girls out there who are passionate about fashion and love playing with baubles.

So, VOYLLA is an online jewelry store that offers an array of designer fashion jewellery and accessories for women, men and kids. 
With more than 15,000 unique designs, they strive to help you look your best with the latest and the finest jewellery. With more than 1,000 designs introduced every week, you have a vast variety to choose from every day.

Now, they have recently launched their ManiBag programme, which initiates you to simply sign up and tap into your network of friends, and personally suggest them with a sample collection from Voylla and help them choose from the stunning range. And, for every sale, you earn a 20 per cent commission which you can convert into cash or redeem against purchases on the site! Isn't that a win win? I too am registering myself in this new programme soon, to earn a few extra bucks, but before that, I'd like you to check out some of my jewley picks from their collection that has taken away my heart. The jewelry pieces are super trendy and so affordably priced. If you don't fall in love with these, I don't know what else would you fall for?! 

Exclusive Guitar Inspired Pendant With Chain (149/-)

Spring Designer Cuff Bracelet For Women (149/-)

Latest Classic Look Designer Oxidized Bracelet (239/-)

Combo Pack Of 6 Arm Candy Bracelets (161/-)

Fashion jewelry thrives when bold designs are in vogue and that is very much the case this season. The high fashion look is popular in necklaces and bracelets with natural components contributing to the designs. Theme jewelry in pendants, earrings, and charm bracelets has an appeal that goes beyond fashion alone because it identifies with what the wearer cares about! Incorporating metallic accessories doesn’t need to be a headache. Resist the urge and choose small metallic pieces instead, and you're good to go! 

Coming back to the ManiBag registration programme, you gotta follow a few simple steps and enrol yourself on the Voylla website to start working. Check them all out below

Step 1 :  Sign up for the Manibag programme.
Step 2 : Create a catalog of jewelry pieces you like.
Step 3 : Add products in the catalogue from suggestions, product page and offer category.
Step 4 : Save the catalogue. And preview the catalogue that you have created.
Step 5 : Share the catalogue on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter with your friends and family who may be interested in fashion jewelry.
Step 6 : You can also share from the offer category.
Step 7 : From every sale, you will earn a 20% commission of their sale.
Step 8 : Voylla cash is used only for online transactions or Once you have reached a target of Rs.1000, you can also transfer the amount in your bank account.


I hope you liked this post, and it helped you in some way or the other! If you're looking for more details about the Manibag programme on voylla.com, please click HERE. Also, do let me know if you have any other questions, I'll be the happiest to answer them all. Until next, lots of love!

Photographed by : Yash Athwani


Saturday 20 May 2017

Rips and Wings (ft. Myntra)

Hey fellas, hope all's going great! I'd been occupied with my semester exams and a lot more errands in all this while, and I know you've been waiting for this post since quite some time. The glimpses from this look, that most of you saw on my Snapchat already gave you an idea about how perfectly classy my bohemian outfit had come out to be with the pieces I picked from the summer collection from MYNTRA!

Well, after creating so many boho looks and writing about the same on this blog itself, has me feeling like I've mastered the art. But with every look that I create, I've learnt that its the most versatile and enduringly popular trends, with an almost unlimited number of ways to stamp your own character on the style, suiting almost everyone! Today's outfit is about free flowing fabrics and distressed styles. Take a look below at all pictures and details..

top : Anouk | jeans : Roadster | footwear : StreetStyleStore | bracelet : House of Tuhina | earrings : Myntra

Looking at the pictures above, I'm sure you're in love with those bell sleeves, eh? Tbh, for a very long time, I tried understanding how could someone design such huge sleeves (almost like bat wings) for little women like me who could cover themselves entirely in it! No no, just kiddin'. I was swayed by how creatively simple this red top is with those elegant kimono sleeves and a crop length that fits apt on the waist. Its a cotton fabric, lose and airy and just so perfect for this summer season! Well, it’s no secret that the style crowd loves to inject a little drama into their outfits, and the statement sleeve is the ideal way to do so, in the most contemporary technique. I got this one from Anouk's ethnic collection on Myntra and it can be rightly paired with any skirt, or jeans, or leggings, or even salwar!

Though, I teamed it up with a pair of fancily ripped denims bought from Roadster on Myntra. To westernise the look and add a touch of class to the authentic bohemian fashion, this pair of blue jeans helped me up my game! However, ripped jeans are meant to look effortless but in reality they’re so much more effort to put on. You have to gently shimmy them up your legs, praying your foot doesn’t go through the knee hole and rip all the way through, turning your jeans into jorts. With this skin-fitted pair, I almost get chills every time I run them up my legs, though it is stretchable and airy again, with those designer holes all through. PS : If you’re in any doubt that the ripped jean is a fleeting trend, you’d be wrong. Distressed denim has been around for a while and it’s not going anywhere, so you know you're picking up some right pieces soon!

Boho fashion sometimes seems tricky, but if you're a crackerjack, you know it could be just-a-snap for you. Previously, in my boho posts, I had mentioned that accessories are an important part of this style. But with this look, being the minimalist that I am, chose to embrace the dramatic sleeves of the top and the ripped bottom wear and just add a pair of nude colored earrings, with a bronze metallic bracelet twined in red thread, only to match the red mules I wore in my feet to add some girly glam. Also, added a little more drama to my eyes, creating a tic-tac-toe board with the graphic liner and did my hair into a half bun to keep it summer friendly yet sassy!

I took a lot of time to create a combination of elements that work well with my body shape, and the results are here. If you liked this post, do let me know in the comments below, and share it across to show your friends that boho trend can be ultra-classy too! And, for more OOTDs and daily updates, keep in touch with me on facebook, instagram and twitter. I'd love to connect with y'all!

Photographed by : Yash Athwani  |  Makeup by : Divya Vishnani


Monday 15 May 2017

Fashion Daily - Tees & Bottoms

Hi loves, welcome back to my blog! If you're a regular follower, you very well know that I've always put comfort over fashion. And, for those who are reading this statement for the first time, I urge you to stick to the same. I know, everyone has a personal style and they love to flaunt it. Similarly, my style is quite conventional and I love to dress easy! 

The T-shirt is such an integral piece of the wardrobe. Simple and bold, boasting relaxed fits and plain-lettered slogans on simple black or white tees, these are one of my on-the-go picks and you will usually see me dressed in different colored pieces with value crazy slogans! And trust me when I say, this trend is continuing at least for the next four years unless we have something happen in the interim. I recently picked up new tees from CLOVIA and PRINTOCTOPUS and paired with them with 2 different bottom wear from ESTROLO and created 3 basic looks that you can don this summer and still look stylish! Check 'em all out below..

Look 1 - Stay Up Late

I love to collect tees that speak my mind loud. I mean it just becomes so easy for people to know about your preferences through the t-shirt you're wearing! Since I'm a night owl, I picked this fancy tee from Clovia, that reads "stay up late", and well, I know it relates to more than half of you reading this. For an outing with friends, I teamed it up with a pair of black unconventional looking leggings from Estrolo's latest collection, and you'd be a fool to say the criss cross pattern doesn't excite you!

Also, I wanted to keep the entire look easy but classy, so I added a metallic bracelet from Voylla in one of my wrists and a classic chain watch from Fossil in the other. Chose to finish my look with a pair of dusky sunnies from Rayban and multi-colored bellies from Jolaa! And well, it looks sassy enough, eh?

tee : Clovia | leggings : Estrolo | ballerinas : Jolaa | watch : Fossil
bracelet : Voylla | sunglasses : RayBan


Look 2 - Deleting Unnecessary People

Comfort fashion is high in demand. In the scorchy weather, we all need something that's breathable and absorbing, and what would be better than cotton t-shirts that are lightly fabricated and look cool enough to don! I got my hands on a subtle red tee from Clovia, that reads the slogan "deleting unnecessary people", that caught my eye because duh, we all need to do that! I layered it with a black striped half sleeves shirt from AND to give the look an edge (and also hide my curves), and paired it with jet black leggings from Estrolo.

Stacked a few layers of bracelets from Voylla, and a watch from Diamante to get my accessory game on point! Completed the look with cute white heels to match, from Dorothy Perkins and I was all set. I have a list where I can choose to carry this look, maybe at the movies, shopping at the mall, or even a brunch. Which one would you prefer?

tee : Clovia | shirt : AND | leggings : Estrolo | heels : Dorothy Perkins
bracelets : Voylaa | watch : DiaMante


Look 3 - #BossLady

As ubiquitous in the modern wardrobe as blue jeans, t-shirts have long been a trendy tribal identifier, from rock concert tees to shirts emblazoned with logos. But the latest pieces go beyond merely endorsing a band, brand or even a candidate, and speak to the wearer’s personal ethos as much as their style! I stumbled upon a very famous hashtag "#Bosslady" recently and ordered this tee for myself from PrintOctopus. Its a brand that sells custom tees in skin friendly fabrics. Also available on the brand site are : Men's t-shirt, Women's T-shirt, Phone covers, Posters, Canvas Prints & Mousepads.

As classic it could get, a paired set of black tee with well-fitted blue jeans is my all-time-favorite! Estrolo launched their new collection of denims and I couldn't resist picking up a fad for myself. The red block patches give it such an oomph! I chose to accessorize my look with a guitar pendant and stack of bracelets from Voylla, classic aviators from Rayban and silver metallic shoes from StreetStyleStore! With the level of concerts racing high, I believe this look is one of the easiest and chicest to carry at one of those, what say? 

tee : PrintOctopus | jeans : Estrolo | shoes : StreetStyleStore
bracelets, necklace : Voylla | sunglasses : RayBan


I hope you enjoyed going through all the details about the 3 casual looks I created! If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know in the comments below, and don't forget to state which look is your personal favorite?! Until next, lots of love.

Photographed by : Yash Athwani


Monday 8 May 2017

Summer Wedding Looks at Tulip Inn Mussoorie

Indian weddings are known for their style, grandeur, tradition and magnificence. You got down on one knee, popped the question and celebrated with a bottle of the best bubbly. Now it’s time for the wedding preparations, and a trend which is really catching on these days is that of planning a destination wedding. Not only are foreigners coming to Indian shores to tie the knot, but Indians themselves are looking for exotic wedding destinations to say ‘I Do’ in style!

Hill-stations are very popular for summer destination weddings, and couples who wish a unique picturesque wedding are exploring these areas for extraordinary experience. The misty cool breeze, the warm sunrise of the lush green valley can be the best bet while choosing among hill-stations to host a destination wedding!

If you remember, a few months back (during the winter season), I shared a wedding destination post on this blog about a beautiful resort hotel - Tulip Inn Green n Breeze in Barlowganj, and hotel Tulip Inn Green Castle at Mall Road, in Mussoorie. So many of you loved the locations, and I thought I should shoot for you a few images related to typical wedding fashion, showing you how differently pretty both destinations look when thought to plan a summer wedding there!

I collaborated with the hotel once again last month, and landed there to surround myself with a surreal view of the Himalayan sunset, beautiful Doon valley surrounded by tree-covered hills, and the clear night sky with countless twinkling stars. I shot for two different looks at both the properties, and you can check it all out below..

LOOK 1 - Shot at Tulip Inn Green n Breeze

My first look included a bright green lehenga set designed in brocade full-length skirt and cut-sleeve blouse with net dupatta, bordered too with brocade! The Indian design print with golden on both the blouse and lehenga make it a traditional wear apt for a daytime function. I love how the lehenga fitted me on the waist perfectly, giving it a shape with a flair below and the blouse fits apt on the shoulders too. I chose to keep the dupatta on one side, and show off my ethnic jewelry matched perfectly in green and golden to keep it summery and elementary! Finished of my look with subtle makeup on the face and green stilettos in feet.

Lehenga by : Arushi Mehta (Aarna Designs)  |  Jewelry by : Silvette.Com

Tulip Inn Green n Breeze is a ravishing resort hotel spread over 4 floors, with 35 luxurious guest rooms, nestled at Barlowganj, just 5 kms away from the hustle bustle of Mussoorie city. It has 24x7 hospitality support that takes care of you from the time you check in till you leave! With that, some of the most attractive facilities include :  Kids Corner, Table Tennis and Gym Area, Spa/Massage and Jogging Track.


Look 2 - Shot at Tulip Inn Green Castle

The second look that I created is for the main wedding function, where I opted for a heavy lehenga set designed in black and golden, looking nothing less than a dreamy outfit (could be even worn by a bride who doesn't believe in not-wearing-black-for-wedding). I absolutely am swayed by the gorgeous set that includes a heavy net skirt with glitter patches on it, a black crop top with full sleeves and a net dupatta bordered with glitter as well! Since the entire ensemble was pretty jazzy, I chose to add a little more sparkle with my stunning jewelry, keeping it traditional and royal at the same time. Put on a 3 layer swanky neckpiece along with dangling earrings, rhine-stone maang tikka and gold glitter heels along with classy makeup to complete my look! 

Lehenga by : Arushi Mehta (Aarna Designs)  |  Jewelry by : Auhna Creations

This second property by Tulip Inn is named as Hotel Green Castle, which rests at Mall Road, girded by cedar forests on the edge of the Himalayan hillside, amidst many majestic places that have an array of sights to see! The facilities at this hotel remains similar to those at the Barlowganj resort with just a few more recreations surrounding like the Kempty Falls, Horse Riding, Company Garden, St. George Cottage, Local Shopping Market, Street Food Joints, etc..


Mussoorie is a splendid place for an out-of-the-box wedding. This hill station is full of ravishing vintage architecture and best hotels (2 of those that I mentioned above) with alluring surroundings that make sure that ceremonies become nothing less than heavenly for you, and are great for a pre-wedding photoshoots too! The summer months of April to June are warm in the day and cool at night, most suited for destination weddings, and if you are planning to tie the knot sometime soon, starting from now to mid-June is the best time to host the ceremonies.

PS : Read everything in detail about the two Tulip Inn hotels in Mussoorie, in my other post HERE, and feel free to contact me for any other considerations. Also, do let me know which of the two looks from this post is your your favorite. I'd love to read your feedback!

PPS : Tons of thanks to Hera Fatima Naqvi for travelling with me all the way to the queen of hills, and gifting me these amazing photographs. JSYK, she's my best friend from the school time and I feel I can never thank her enough for helping me with work, and not just being a shoulder to cry on for all my problems!

Photography by : Hera Fatima Naqvi