Monday 4 January 2016

Festive Fusion

Hello people!! So, its finally 2016 and I'm all pumped up for a great year ahead!

Unlike others, I was in my blanket, watching awards shows on TV on new year's eve and didn't go out partying all night, but still managed to escape in the day on January 1st to celebrate with a few friends. I must say, the sun has been really kind on us this season and I'm feeling less chills this time, hi5 if your thoughts match me! So, it was thus a bright day and we went for a hop. Today I'm sharing with you my outfit for the day on new year in a vibrant, festive mood! Lots of colors awaiting you down, so keep scrolling..

coat : Etnico | tee : United Colors of Benetton | jeans : Westside | heels : Jabong
belt : Big Bazaar | rings : Myntra | necklace : Auhna Creations | sunglasses : Ray Ban

Those who know me well, know that quirky, colorful stuff always fascinates me! May it be flavorful candies or pigmented flowers. And when it comes to clothes, I try to fill in my closet with almost all the colors available in the market. But of course, I hate those winters markets that mostly sell blacks and browns expressing a myth that dark colors keep us warm. Well, ditching it this time, I went ahead and picked up a very very colorful coat for myself from an amazing brand called Etnico, that has a wide range of quilted coats with some unique, beautiful prints on them! I was mesmerized with the one that I picked since it had so many bright floral prints with variety of colors that can spruce up any boring outfit! I also loved the cut of it that perfectly suited my built and gave a shape to my upper body all by itself. 

As I mentioned above, it was a day celebration and I chose to go all colorful but keeping it subtle, I went in for a black jeans, pairing it with a bright yellow tee and layering it with a multi-color coat to keep myself warm throughout the day. Also, because it looked super stylish giving the attire a fusion look as it so versatile! I love its chinese collar and the indian style of buttons too, the pockets in the front didn't seem to be too visible because of the overlapping prints but did look presentable. Adding a statement neckpiece was the best choice I guess since it added a perfect blend of color to the whole attire, even if I removed the coat. This neckpiece is from Auhna Creations, one of my favorite online stores that has some real exclusive accessories! I completed my look by adding a few statement rings in my fingers, a studded blue belt to accentuate my waist, my super classy black sunglasses to avoid direct sun and a pair of cream colored heels to keep it all matching!

Girls, if you're reading this, I would suggest all of you to leave aside those black jackets this season and opt for some colorful coats from Etnico. They have something for everyone! Brighten up your looks with vibrant shades but don't go OTT. In other words, go stylish and put your exclusive looks forward! --- For more, follow me on instagram & facebook and subscribe to this blog by entering your email on the right side column (you won't be spammed I promise). Hope you had a great new years, BTW!

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries 



  1. That coat is very very beautiful! Love it! :)
    You've done a wonderful job! :D