Friday 15 January 2016

Quick Nail Art with StayQuirky

Hey girls, Hope ya'll are doing good!

Well, the meaning of manicure has been transformed in the last few years. Until recently, painted nails were a symbol of classic, grown-up elegance, but the painstaking business of painting and gluing designs and tiny jewels onto nails often lengthened with extensions to create a larger canvas, called nail art; has its roots in small local salons, but has rapidly become big business too! 

Girls tend to spend too much money getting their nails painted with different designs, using different colors. A lot of beauty bloggers are currently tipping the half-moon manicure – an updated version of the traditional French, in which the half-moon at the base is painted with a contrasting colour to the rest of the nail, as the coming trend. So today, I've got for you a very quick & simple nail art which you can do all by yourself within minutes! Just follow the steps stated below :


1. Nail Paints, 2. Nail Paint Remover, 3. Cotton Swabs, 4. Cotton Balls, 5. Cello-tape, 6. Nail Filer

Nail paints from STAY QUIRKY --  * Maroon'em Up  |  * Pastel Mystery


1. File your nails in the shape you want, round, square, or whatever!

Once your nails are filed and smooth, they'll look like this!

2. Use a lighter base with your favorite nail paint. I've used a pastel cream color from Stay Quirky.
I first applied on my left hand nails and then on the right side.

Tip : Apply the first coat, let it dry for a few minutes and then apply the second coat.

3. Dip cotton swabs into nail paint remover and use it to clean extra nail paint from the corners, for a perfect finish.

When completely painted nails of both hands, let them dry for a bit to avoid chip off.

4. Cut a piece of cello-tape and roll it on top of each nail on both hands, covering half nail and  leaving half bare.

When all the nails are covered with cello-tape, it will look like this!

5. Use a contrasting, darker shade of nail paint to paint the half part of the nail that was left uncovered.
I've used a satin maroon color from Stay Quirky.

Tip : Apply the first coat, let it dry for a few minutes and then apply the second coat.

6. Once the nail paint has dried, remove the cello-tape carefully from all the nails.

And, you are done! 
Applying nail paints plainly, with a single shade has turned too monotonous but now you have a super quick idea, right?
So go, try it now!

While you have so many different shades in your drawers, pull them out and play around. Use different colors and cello-tape to create more such simple nail designs! If not, STAY QUIRKY has tons of nail paint shades to choose from, available exclusively at! So what are you what are you waiting for girls, go get some amazing shades and add some quirk to your nails! Tip : You can add glitter or rivets to your nails while the nail paint is wet and leave it to dry! It will instantly add funkiness to your nail art designs! 

If you liked this DIY, don't forget to add a quick comment below, because I love hearing from you all!



  1. This is super easy and interesting! I am definitely trying this soon.

  2. I love the colors that you have used. (Maroon being my fav)