Thursday 4 February 2016

Go Tote with Green-O-Bag

How often do we realize that what we throw away thinking of trash is actually going harm us and the upcoming generations of all living beings?! Talking of the plastic bags that accumulate into the bins and then at trash corners at the end of the lane are the most vulnerable disposals of today's time. So, what's the solution? Well, that's what you're about to read in this post - where the answer is TOTE BAGS! 

I recently came across a website called which supplies the most amount of tote bags all over the world since forever! Born in the city of Kolkata, producing over 150,000 bags every month, employing the most of backward class people of West Bengal with modern and state art manufacturing and extensive quality control system; this website has created an arena of totes mainly made up of jute and cotton fabric, because these bags can be used and re-used once and again and again! -- Well, Greeonobag sent me a cute bag from their latest print collection as a gift, to review and tell you guys the benefits of going green! So, scroll down to read a quick anatomization, plus how I styled it for a simple college look!

bag : | top : StalkBuyLove | jeans : Mango | wedges : Limeroad
diary : Accessorize | perfume : All Good Scents

I love when I get products that relate me in any way. This time I got a pretty tote bag with a printed Virgo sign, which is my zodiac, and the other adjectives printed on the bag appear all relatable too! Well, its more like a self complimentary bag that you keep seeing to recall most of the traits you and your fellow Virgo friends possess! (haha)

Totes are purely versatile to carry! Where on one hand you can use to bring grocery from stores or street vendors, filling in massively; continuing to other shopping stuff, or even take it to college on a regular basis because it can stack up long registers on the level of your shoulder. Leaving aside shopping for now, I created a quick college look with my tote this season and to be honest my friends actually wanted to know where I got it from so that they can buy some for themselves too!

A regular pair of stone wash jeans with a cute pink sweat with a furry heart patch in the centre for the sunny winters, and a pair of purple wedges to match along, I also carried my pretty pink tote bag to give a blast of the girl's colour again! Almost fitting in all the essentials for the day, from diaries to stationery and a bottle of my current favorite perfume. I've been carrying this tote to college almost daily since its so comfy on the shoulders and easily foldable too! If you're a bag hoarder, totes are 'a must have' for you, so go grab some from and you can thank me later for introducing such economical range of cotton, jute, and woven bags to you!

Photographed by : Nahid Saman


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