Thursday, 19 May 2016

Stay Fresh with Neesh Perfumes

Hey guys, how are you all doing? I'm sure many of you are planning for vacations, and for those who are staying back, let's catch up sometime in town, say wha'?

Well, if you're hopping out somewhere, don't forget to carry some fragrance with you to stay fresh throughout your trip! Come on, you must have already got an idea of today's post by now, its all about fragrances from a leading perfume brand called NEESH. To be true, I'd never heard of it until they dropped me an email requesting to collaborate. I went through their collection and found it super interesting because of the creative names of their different perfumes and its patented and fit into the pocket style packaging, to be true! I agreed upon reviewing some samples, and here I am, writing this for you.

Neesh, as appears to me is an unique company that sells pocket perfumes (now that's something brilliant), with a luxurious international packaging. Its products are extensively used in the cosmetic industry since they believe their products are life enhancing and incomparable, that offers their customers a delightful aromatic experience!

Now, scroll down to read my favorite picks (and you might just want to read the post till the end since there's a cool surprise for you all)!

AMOUR DE OUD : My first pick was this one, firstly because of the catchy yellow color of the pack and secondly because of its clean and profoundly smoky smell that has a striking balance of timeless musk and dark amber aromatic notes that liberates the senses in the very first spray. My every-day partner at college, offering a singular statement of determination and keeping me fresh and rejuvenated all day!

ROSE - E - MOHABBAT : As in the name, its genuinely made with love. Pure aroma of fresh rose in every spray that leaves you completely mesmerized! It has an innate ability to always keep you confident and sexy. One of the most enticing fragrances from the Neesh range, because of its luxurious components such as rose, honey and lavender!

EAU DE MEHFIL : If you're a party animal, this fragrance is just for you! It has an intoxicating base of agarwood and castroeum with a powerful balance of Arabian bakhroor, black rose and Patchouly. Its a must have for all those who want to become the center of attention since it is bold and distinctive by nature!

OUD - E - KHASS : This is the 'red carpet' of the Neesh range, having a modern interpretation of luxury. Undoubtedly, its special and the best choice for that special someone in your life! It has a lingering note of Musk and agarwood which transforms into a sharp sweet wood with Indian saffron and has the desired lavishness, eccentricity and glamorous spirits. My favorite pick that I use just before going to bed because hey, sweet dreams - my thing!

BELLA D OUD : My most favorite fragrance from the entire range of Neesh perfumes without second thoughts! This tantalizing scent offers a modern composition that combines power of musk and dark amber, delicacy of honey & berries, expressing luminous floral facets and sensual, magnetic resonance. I might sound kiddish, but this striking fragrance makes you feel like you're a free soul in a fairy land!

The best part I like about Neesh perfumes is their packaging. So easy to carry anywhere! Unlike those big bottles that eat up half of the bag space, these pick-packs are pocket sized, tiny spray bottles that can fit in any regular size clothing pockets and wallets. Put it in your jeans or that tiny clutch that you carry during a wedding, with these travel friendly pocket perfumes you can make sure to carry freshness anywhere and all day long!

Along with some spray bottles, I also got a pack of scented strip testers in different fragrances that you can use by rubbing on any of your body parts to stay fresh without having to carry any spray bottle along! I love the Attar - e - Ishq fragrance more because of its warm, sexy, crisp and clean aroma that is just irresistible. 

No one can deny the problem of body odor and a very normal fragrance cannot fight it. And that’s why Neesh came up with the idea of creating distinct oriental and floral fragrances that are extremely portable and flexible. Now, let me quickly introduce you to its four USPs :

1. Very high quality fragrance.
2. Lasts upto 12 hours (wooaaah!!)
3. Each pick pack of pocket sized bottle (of 20 ml) contains 400 sprays costing less than Rs. 1/-
4. Quite affordable and fits in every pocket.

Being the first Attar based perfume brand of India, Neesh caters their services both online and offline. Unique packaging, attractive fragrances and loads of varieties, they are committed to create distribution networks in India via popular online platforms like AMAZON, FLIPKART, SNAPDEAL and EBAYYou must check it out and order some of the pieces for yourselves. I'm sure you'll love every bit of it! 

Coming to the much awaited surprise part, I'm GIVING AWAY two of my favorite pocket perfumes to 2 lucky winners (each one gets one bottle). All the rules are up on my instagram - click HERE to participate! Make sure to follow all the rules because if you miss out even one, then you're disqualified!

Photographed by : Saumya Kumar



  1. Bella D Oud 💟💟💟💟💟💟

  2. Surely Bella d oud has to be my favourite because of its natural & floral fragrance ♥

  3. Thank you so much for organising this wonderful giveaway ❤️ All the perfumes are adorable but mine favorite is ROSE-E-MOHHABAT

  4. This is an awesome giveaway!! My favourite fragrance has to be Oud e Khaas!! :)

  5. My personal favorite is ROSE-E-MOHHABT 💟 I love the fragrance and the handiness of these perfumes. They're easy to keep and are life savers in certain situations.💟 Thank you for organizing such a generous giveaway. I have done all the steps on insta as well. (Insta username: _pearlsanddiamonds_)

  6. I m in love with this giveaway n my favourite fragance is AMOUR DE OUD 💛


  8. EAU DE MEHFIL is my favorite fragrance thnx fr the opportunity

  9. Hey Shubhi :)
    I would pick BELLE-D-OUD out of these perfumes because it looks promising and classy as well!

  10. Hey i would choose OUD-E-KHASS
    Wish to win ❤️

  11. I will like to try bella d oud 😘😘😘

  12. I would like to try oud- e- khass


  14. Main apne liye BELL D OUD rakhna pasan karungi, mujhy perfumes ka bahut hi showk hai.....☺

  15. Hey shubhi . A big thank you to you n neesh for this awesome giveaway .. I would love to win rose_e_mohabat ... I love fragnance of rose... I use rose pack, rose toner, rose talcum n etc etc n now want to grab my hands over rose _e_mohabat
    instagram khushi_smiles

  16. BELLA D OUD it looks like one of best we have in the option. Wanna try this.

  17. My favorite perfume is Bella D Oud..
    Thank u mam for organizing beautiful giveaway & chance to win neesh perfumes...��������

  18. My favorite is Bella D Oud.
    Thank u for organizing such a wonderful giveaway..

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