Monday, 29 June 2020

Wild Bloom Editorial with AJR - Pret Couture and JMA Makeup

Hey loves, I hope you are reading this post in good health! 

The last post has been enormously viewed by you readers and it's an overwhelming feeling to see the traffic on the blog. My team and I are extremely thankful to you for loving the post so much. Today, I've got yet another edit from the Avant-Garde series in collaboration with international fashion designer ADITI JAGGI RASTOGI along with celebrity makeup artist JYOTIKA MIRPURI AROURA.

Today's look is a dedication to the editorial fashion industry, where it's all about creating drama in our outfits and telling a story through all the garments we wear. For the story to be coherent, the different items must be in dialogue with one another, whether we choose to play on contrasting cuts, complementing accessories, or contiguous lines of tailoring, and that's where Aditi came into the picture when I first discussed the idea of doing innovation fashion with her.

We decided to artfully compose this beautiful maroon flower top which is a twisted drape in textured silk, made skilfully by cutting and crafting several layers of fabric. It's a tube on the back that can be tied, and the huge flower in the front that'll surely make some eyes pop. We started with a mood board that helped us put together the entire outfit where we opted to pair this gorgeous top with plain white pants and sequinned heels!

Avant-garde and editorial fashion is about innovating through chaos and I learnt this from the fabulous HMUA (hair and makeup artist) Jyotika Mirpuri Aroura. She explains, "The body is our canvas and any flattering makeup or elaborate hairdos we incorporate in the styling should convey a story." Hence, we decide to go really quirky with our look. The geometry favours on my face with a splash of colors till my neck. Every color plays its part, even the bold yellow lips, that add a friendly touch to the candies popped in my hair. Jyotika becomes super enthusiastic when it comes to editorial looks and that's one reason she twisted my hair into a spiral to match the twisted drape on my body.

Since this is a very colorful, angular and clean look, we thought of not adding much jewellery or anything in-between, except for these fashion nail extensions that give the entire look the much needed glam. These are a must-have for every female who likes to don pretty nails but cannot keep up with manicures. Nail artist TANYA ARORA provides sets of quirky nail extensions that can be easily applied and removed. You can check out the entire range at BUFF and SHINY.

I hope you now have a fair idea of what is avant-garde and editorial fashion. These are elegant but out-of-the-box looks we see in magazines. Editorial work is all about experimenting and being creative, so don’t be afraid to try new things. If you do decide to make a statement with your make up, mix up your textures as they photograph beautifully and further enhance the look of the skin!

Before I end, please take a look at the stunning roses below, sent to me by THE TRILLION ROSES. They have a wide range from square boxes to round ones, heart shaped and more! You can choose to add your favourite colored roses in it and order to send a box of love to your dear ones. Spreading positivity never runs out of fashion, eh?

Photographed by : ZEESHAN KHAN

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