Thursday, 16 July 2020

Princess in the Woods with AJR - Pret Couture and JMA Makeup

Hello my gorgeous readers! Hope y'all are in good health!
In the last few weeks, I've had a complete transition into my life, but what remains same is my passion to write everything I feel strongly about. Today's post is about the last avant-garde look I curated for you with ADITI JAGGI RASTOGI from her latest PRET COUTURE collection, along with magnificent makeup by JYOTIKA MIRPURI AROURA.

People often tend to confuse avant-garde with haute-couture but this collection displays a magical complexity of construction underneath a layer of apparent coherence. If you've checked out the previous 2 looks, you'd understand that Aditi's work straddles an interesting axis between what is considered glamorous and what is avant-garde. Even if her work can be viewed as a cerebral exercise on fiction-as-fashion, there is an inherent element of glamour in every piece!

This particular pink tulle gown is a haute-couture inspiration from the great Giambattista Valli, who's signature style is layering of the fabric in a way to give full-flounce to the pieces. I love how Aditi added her own charm to the net layering style with a satin band to secure the waist and created an even magical outfit that sets the bar for contemporary avant-garde fashion while also being relevant in a contemporary context. It's definitely a red carpet outfit, but can also be picked for special occasions like one's cocktail or reception! You can always achieve a bridal touch with makeup and accessories.

For this dramatic dress, I wore zero accessories but paired the voluminous gown with delicate nails from BUFF AND SHINY by TANYA ARORA (nail artist). My hair and makeup was all about understated beauty. Fresh, dewy skin with lots of blush and real flowers. Yes, fresh, real flowers on my face! From upgraded takes on floral nails to celebrities placing itty-bitty flowers in their hair, botanical beauty is everywhere. So, Jyotika glued real flowers from her garden around my eyes as it’s bold, different and perfect for the season. Also, doesn't hurt my face!

JMA also gave my hair an exotic rise with triple curling and pulled them back into a romantic updo leaving some strands falling on the face for the charming, princess-y feel! She says, "Beauteous makeup has pieces that are more than simple items, they are stories that allow you to speak without saying a word", and I agree with her cent percent.

This entire look is a perfect balance of saccharine and statement-making. Starting from daring ruffles, patterns, and colors to frothy, voluminous and show-stopping, think pink, sparkle and tulle; avant-garde fashion is here to stay.

Runway fashion designers show no signs of slowing down the progress that the current trend has brought. Now that you are more familiar with what avant-garde stands, I can’t wait for you to start discovering a world where freedom of expression means progress.

Don't forget to check out the mesmerising rose bouquet collection by THE TRILLION ROSES. They have added more colors and eye-appealing boxes to give you an enriching experience with premium flowers for gifting purposes.

This is one of my favourite posts on this blog, published in the last six years. If you too liked this look, do let me know in the comments below! 

PS : I love how this association with Aditi Jaggi Rastogi - Pret Couture, Jyotika Mirpuri Aroura Makeup, Buff and Shiny (Nails) by Tanya Arora, The Trillion Roses and Zeeshan Khan (photographer) has turned out. I proudly scream, "we are a happy team, doing happy work, making the world a happy place to live in."

Until next, lots of love!



  1. Wow gorgeous looks and charming eyes..😍🧑

  2. You look stunning😍 indeed a princess in the woods♥️😊

  3. Just wow. U look super super gorgeous ❤.

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