Wednesday 22 June 2016

Keep it Natural with SwarnKrita Soaps

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I have been procrastinating about publishing a soap review since a few months, but I finally managed to put this up today. In theory, soap is really simple. After all, it's been around since the concept of hygiene was formed. But when you're in the soap aisle, the sheer number of moisturising/energising/hypoallergenic/antibacterial combinations of options cannot even be processed by your brain, which is just commanding your hand to grab the nearest bar of soap and run.

But today, I am super excited to review the latest collection of handmade soaps from SWARNKRITA, because I’ve been using it in my shower for about 2 weeks now and I really feel you should try it too, but before that get to know what makes me love these soaps so much!

Shawn of god, this clean soap is exactly what it sounds like : Swarn (as in gold) and Krita (I assume to be 'creation'), so SwanKrita basically meaning the Gold Creation. I received two different types of SwarnKrita soaps, namely Lavender and Frankincense.

Lavender & Ylang Ylang : It is relaxing and stress relieving, anti-inflammatory and helps in a restful sleep. Also, balancing, restful and soothing; considered euphoric and an aphrodisiac.

Frankincense & Cinnamon : This soap strengthens the immune system and helps prevent infections and inflammation. It is highly energising and stimulating!

SwarnKrita has a number of soap variety and each one of them has wonderful scent to it, but no color, no extra nothing! It’s quite a unique idea these days, and I appreciate the simplicity of this bar. I'll quickly take you through all the USPs of soaps from this brand to give you a clear idea.

1. All the soaps are made using the traditional (& better) cold process method.

2. Everything is made from scratch. We see a lot of "pretty" soaps which are in fact made using off-the-shelf soap base or soap-noodles. They might look pretty but many times the soap mixer (not soap-maker) doesn't have a clue about the ingredients and ratios which give a balanced soap.

3. These soaps are cured for four weeks which makes them mild and give long lasting bars.

4. There are NO artificial colors, chemical fragrances, preservatives or other garbage added to these soaps.

5. Only containing pure edible oils like Castor, Coconut, Rice Bran, Olive and pure essential oils which make these soaps mild and best suited for getting a lovely skin. 

6. The essential oil mix gives benefits of a spa like feel right at home and instantly uplift your mood!

7. Free from chemicals/parabens/sulphates/fillers. These soaps are cruelty free. They are not tested on animals. Instead they are tested among family & friends. 

All in all, The packaging is simple and the box really fits well with the simple idea of good. Good labelling, good design, all around great! A rectangular bar that handles quite nicely and fits great in one hand. Coming to the lather on this soap, oh man. It’s big and fluffy and EVERYWHERE. First time I used it, I started turning it over in my hands and looked away. When I looked back, there was a giant pile of suds in my hands! This lather gets an A+. It also makes you just FEEL clean. 

It may not be the most moisturising soap I’ve ever used, but it’s still pretty good. When my eczema started flaring up, I reached right for this bar to help soothe my skin. It’s got all the essential oils in it, good to add some moisture and great for sensitive skin. Also, there’s pretty much nothing ELSE in it! So, I gave it a shot a few times and it works great!  

Scoring (out of 5)

Scent: 4
Moisturising: 4.5
Cleansing: 5
Lather: 5
Appearance: 4
Packaging: 5

So, for all those who don’t want any fuss and want something great for sensitive skin or something against allergies to regular soapy ingredients, SwarnKrita is your piece baby! Get it HERE.



  1. Hello Shubhi

    out of 2 i like cinnamon flavour
    never tried so eager to have n use

    amazing products...

    so cool flavour of soaps.. i mean cinnamon flavour.. how exciting

    1. If you're eager to try it, you must get it from SwarnKrita. I'm sure you'll like it! :)