Monday 27 June 2016

Period Pampering from Think Frill

Hey pretty ladies, hope all's good at your end!

Today's post is majorly for all my female readers out there. Its all about a subscription website, called THINK FRILL that offers you the best of period supplies along with assortment of goodies every month according to the box/plan you choose.

PS : I'd want to request the guys to read this post as well, since its always good to pamper your girlfriend, mom, sister or even your 'just a girl friend', especially when they're PMSing! Also, Think Frill has a different section for all men as well, offering them a wide selection of body products and grooming supplies including beard oils, shaving supplies, hair products and fragrances on their website (that's so freakin' cool)!

Now, we girls have all grown up dealing with our periods, and more so with the stigma our society has created around menstruation. We’ve got uncomfortable while shopping for our sanitary supplies, hiding them in the ubiquitous black polybags and avoiding the topic of menstruation as though it doesn’t exist. Of course, things are slowly changing now. But many a times, shopping for sanitary supplies continues to be an uncomfortable experience for many. And that’s why THINK FRILL decided to launch La Coffer – their monthly, subscription-based, menstrual care package, which takes care of all our sanitary and hygiene needs.

Since not every girl needs everything during their period, Think Frill has three different plans based on the heaviness of your flow – Light, Medium and Heavy. Under the ‘Light’ plan, they offer a total of 10 pads, panty liners or tampons (or a mix of all). This number has been increased to 15 for the Medium plan, and 20 for the Heavy plan.

Knowing that PMSing is a never ending drama, Think Frill wanted to make it better for us, and so, La Coffer also contains an assortment of goodies for us! These include body products, beauty supplies, snacks and some great deals every month. In short, Think Frill tries to do everything they can to make our 'period' happy and hassle-free, and that too at the most modest prices!

Not only do you have the option to pick and choose the brand and type of each pad or tampon every month, but also, you can switch from one plan to the other whenever you want! You can either subscribe for a month, 3 months or 6 months. Below is a description of each box as I show you what was in my June La Coffers!


Duchess Coffer : This is the coffer for all the minimalists out there - no frills or overly fancy additions. Just the simple menstrual care box, starting at Rs.150/month.

In my June addition, I got : Whisper Ultra Sanitary Pads, Sofy Sanitary Pad (XXL) and a few OB Tampons. 
Along with this, the goodies included : Two Lollipops (too soothe the sweet cravings), A bottle of Hand Sanitizer, A bottle of Body Lotion (Lavender from kronokare), a pack of Tea Bags from Typhoo (so as to beat the cramps and rejuvenate your skin with all the antioxidants) and a few discount coupons from McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Dominos (this part being my favorite)!

What are Tampons?

                             GIF imported from Google

For all those who do not know what tampons are, basically its  a mass of absorbent material, primarily used to insert into the vagina during menstruation and absorb the menstrual flow. However, using tampons may be difficult for many, especially for us Indians, because we've been using sanitary pads all our life. But trust me, a tampon is the most convenient menstrual remedy for women. It is perfectly hygienic and safe to use. It is compact and easy to carry and use!

Tip : When using tampons, they should be changed ever 4-8 hours, leaving them in for 8 hours maximum!


Princess Coffer : Not the minimalist, but not the overly fancy kind either? Don't worry, this coffer is just right - with all the bare necessities, plus a little extra something every once in a while, starting at Rs.300/month!

In this coffer, I gotWhisper Ultra Sanitary Pads, Soft Sanitary Pad (XXL) and a few OB Tampons.
The goodies included : Licorice Belts (sweet-sour candies), Lip Balm from Avon Naturals, a pack of Tea Bags from La-Plant, a pack of Wet Wipes from Pee Safe (for instant freshness and hygiene), a bag of Cornito Munchies (too add the much needed spice during the swingy moods), and lastly, some discount coupons from McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Dominos.


Queen Coffer : Go overboard with the pampering with the most extravagant of the Think Frill coffers, and be the queen that you are. Choose this overloaded box of supplies, starting at Rs.600/month!

In the June queen coffer, I got : Whisper Ultra Sanitary Pads, Soft Sanitary Pad (XL) and a few OB Tampons.
The goodies in this one included : A pack of Sweet Treat from Sour Punk, a Yoga Bar (salty munchie with chocolate coating), a refreshing Soap Bar from Oriflame, a Liquid Blush from Makeup Revolution (to give you beautiful rosy cheeks), a bottle of Toilet Seat Sanitizer from Pee Safe, a pack of Tea Bags from Clipper, and last but not the least my favorite discount coupons from McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Dominos.


Think Frill is one of the most sorted and helpful subscription websites I've come across, and I highly recommend it to each one of you reading this at the moment. Go, check out and order your La-Coffers for your next period pampering! Also, let me know which box is your favorite out of all the coffers mentioned above, in the comments below, and you might just win it from me! :)



  1. My favourite one is the queen coffer ! I luved all the boxes as thy hve amazing useful stuff Fr those days. .going to check out their site now. . Thx Fr giveaway dear. . Hope to be the lucky one this time .. insta id aknannuuu

  2. I love the princess coffer... it's amount is medium and has all products which I will like..insta Id rk3.9.96

  3. My period flow has been light since a few months but the period cramps just don't go away! So my favourite is the Duchess Coffer since it has the right amount of pampering for me.

  4. I love the princess coffer as it really contains stuffs suitable for me 😁 and I would like to try out the "OB TAMPONS" as this is the first time I came to know this πŸ‘

  5. sahrish fatima23 June 2016 at 07:31

    I believe it's a great idea to pamper yourself during periods...we don't have to worry every month..and can get all the important stuff just by ordering online with ♡THINK FRILL♡ definitely going to try it out next month.. and i will go with PRINCESS COFFER ... cornito munchies and Avon lipbalm are two things which are attracting me a lot towards this box + it competely go well with my pocket ♡

  6. My favorite one is queen coffee coz it's something that somehow all the needs which I would need in a perfect box really hoping to win this contest 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. To be honest- I would choose all three as I loved all the three coffers..πŸ˜†But since I need to choose one then I would choose the princess coffer as it has all the essentials a girl needs during her periods.
    P.S- I hope I win this..😍😍😍
    Insta id- mishti_20

  8. These are the innovative boxes, a smart move in the world of launching boxes of beauty products. I would prefer first box Duchess Coffee. This is very affordable box and have all basic essential things on it.

    Followed you on instagram @bhawnachirps

  9. Love the thought behind the boxes..and periods are the times I actually feel like getting pampered a lot..and would prefer the princess cut down or give a treat to my cravings...
    Getting treated like a princess in those days.. Can be some fun.
    insta @crazzy_pranky

  10. My instagram id-sonalisaxena77
    Name -Sonali saxena

    Duchess coffer is my fav
    As I like d boxes which are simple and just cute and precise
    Although in periods I became very lazier�� so this small but adorablelyyyy curated box is sure to beat that laziness
    I just love it
    Its affordable too��

  11. I would love to have queen caffer it is very nice and I have never seen this kind of giveaway but it is very nice for girls just loved it nd the second thing is u said boys can also participate that is very cool by which they can present it to their loved ones and forgot to mention that ur is very innovative tooo hope 2 win fingers crossed ��������

    Instagram Id:-pravallika787
    Name. :-pravallika

  12. I would love to win a Princess Coffer for my daughter who goes through lot of pain and discomfort during her period. She is my princess so she will be happy to be pampered during those days.

  13. I love the princess coffer as it contains all the stuff suitable and necessary for me �� ....all the coffers seem to be good but since i had to choose only one so i went for the princess it has many goodies that a girl requires in her daily life as well and this would also make a girl feel pampered during her periods...�� Thank you for such an opportunity...I hope to win this��
    Name:priyanka singh

  14. I lovedd this idea of Coffers ♥ Really its soo unique .. its soo different from the usual beauty subscription boxes.. I believe shluld be subscribed to them and pamper herself in those stressful 5 days.. This Concept deserves a hatsoff.. It was soo difficult to choose from these boxes coz all of them are amazing.. But if I have to choose 1 il go for the Queen Coffer♥♥♥ thanks for this beautiful opportunity. Insta id - @love4sea_shradz :)

  15. Amazing subscription box. I luved d princess coffer. This concept is very unique it will make a woman feel special in her stressful days.

  16. Hey i love the queen coffer... i suffer from heavy periods so i do then to get irritated for no reason n cranky at times! So i this the gueen coffer would be perfect to help me get through those days��

  17. And again you've brought a useful product for all 😊 The concept is undoubtedly new and great and I personally like all the coffers as they serve some great needs of any woman😊

  18. This be too good idea...N the princess coffer suits me the best

  19. Pickeratplace, just to let you know that everything you'v typed out is surely SUPER USEFUL to all the girls out there. Keep up the great job not being shy ����
    So, I'd chose THE PRINCESS COFFER. It's just right and defines me a person.
    HELP ME WIN and share the pictures with you!
    My handle : merissatms

  20. My fav is queen coffer
    I really wana win it for myself !!
    I hope i can pamper myself with it . My insta id is fashiovoyage

  21. Thanks for the giveaway I am so happy. My favourite box is the queen coffer one.As I have a 13 year daughter whose menstrual cycle has just started. Mine are not though so heavyy but she is suffering from lot of bleeding. She needs it and I need the blush as I dont have any makeupproduct except lipsticks that is why its my fav. My instagram id is ishani.223

  22. Princess Coffer for my queen :) <3

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  24. I will choose Queen coffer as I feel so much cramping and irritation so there should be some some thing really special for pampering.I can see d sanitizer which is very important during chumps and pizzas and burgers will do wonders during chumps. Insta handle :beautifuldiva30

  25. My favorite is Princess Coffer
    It's affordable and contains things that are suitable to me !!
    Hope to win!
    Instagram -@harveenkr

  26. My favorite is the Queen Coffer. It has the apt amount of stuff I need, as I have recently started with my menstruation. This box is very useful. Thanks for sharing this article with us. You bring such new things to showcase.

    My insta id : farida.fid_

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