Sunday 19 June 2016

Work To Vacay, The Eristona Way

Hey pretty ladies, how are you all?

Its been a while since you guys requested me to do a vacation outfit, and I really couldn't get the perfect idea as to what new should I post since everyone nowadays is following the same theme! But I finally thought of a cool way to display some beautifully paired up pieces, including some designer jewelry from ERISTONA

Eristona is the veritable go-to online portal for the most stunning pieces of statement, artificial and costume jewellery. It offers a wide range of fashion accessories with exquisite designs. The website features a special category called the ‘Golden Stone Collection’ which offers real stone jewellery, and registers a perfect blend of value for money and superlative quality!

As for today, I have created 2 different looks featuring all clothing from, layering it differently and adding my favorites from the latest collection of Eristona. Scroll down to view both the looks...

Look 1 - Dress up for WORK

dress, shirt : StalkBuyLove | heels : Dorothy Perkins | clutch bag : Zara
collar pin : Eristona | watch : Titan | bracelet : Shopnineteen 

For many of us, 'what to wear to work' is the biggest question every single day. Especially when its so hot like the days currently, I can say for myself, I hate wearing trousers and summer blazers even when I have to attend official meetings! So, to beat the heat, I created a quick work look with a summer dress from StalkBuyLovethat's buttoned from the front, in blue and white because the colors look really soothing, layering it with a formal white shirt having cold shoulders to let some air pass (just perfect for the summer months). To give it a more professional look, I added a greek eyed collar pin from Eristona on the shirt letting the colors match with my heels, an envelope clutch, a hand cuff from and an old gold wrist watch from 90's collection! The whole look turned out to be pretty interesting and appealing, and I'm sure you'd want to try it at least once, so take a que from here!

Look 2 - Dress up for VACAY

dress, shrug : StalkBuyLove | heels : Dorothy Perkins | hat : Accessorize
necklace, rings : Eristona | earrings, bracelets : Lifestyle Store  

Coming to this look for vacation, I created it keeping in mind the amazing times you could show off your exquisite jewelry designs with contemporary clothing and looking pretty AF! Imagine if you're attending a beach party at Maldives (since everyone is going there these days :p) and you're not one of those who want to show off your body much and still look gorgeous, this look with a cut sleeve, midi dress in a tie & die print, layered with a snowflake shrug is just perfect! All you gotta do is add a bunch of fashion accessories like I did with this statement necklace and some chunky rings from Eristona, a few matching bracelets & earrings from Lifestyle and my favorite white heels and a beach hat to complete my look. Looks subtle and sexy at the same time, no?

I hope you liked both the looks. Check out the Eristona website for more designer jewelry, they have some exclusively dope stuff. Also, Don't forget to tell me which look out of the two is your favorite, in the comments below, because I love reading your feedbacks! Much love.

Photographed by : Saumya Kumar



  1. loved the look 2 . . . lets go on a vacation!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Sumbul :)

      And, yesssss....Plan up something soon!

  2. Look 2 for me.. great work again!! love reading your write-ups, crisp and to the point!