Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The story behind Click Your Med with Entrepreneur Kareshma Khanna

"Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world." - Hillary Clinton

Hello everyone, and thanks for returning to my blog, everytime that you did to read something new that I feature here to share with you to help you in any way possible! Well, this post is something very different from what I generally write about. Today, I'll be sharing with you the story of a young, inspiring woman KARESHMA KHANNA who has taken the Lucknow city by storm with her newly launched venture CLICK YOUR MED, a hassle-free online pharmacy, delivering medicines all over the city.

Kareshma Khanna, a Lucknowite by birth, is a graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University and did her Masters in Marketing Communications from Westminster London. A meritorious student throughout, she has a working experience in Ernst and Young, Gurgaon for 2 years as an Analyst and had a very brief stint at Ogilvy and Mather as a Strategic Planner too. For the few years that I've known her, she has come out to be as a beautiful soul, doing good to and for everyone around. 

She is one of the few women entrepreneurs we have in town who works for the people, to help them and to make their lives comfortable in any way that she can! 'Entrepreneurship' as she puts it, for her is like "an educational institution – that teaches you something new everyday. It grooms you, it shapes your value system, and it makes you who you are. It is the journey of learning, growing and creating! If you ask me what kind of entrepreneur I want to be, I’d say a value creating one!" With Click Your Med, she has tried bringing in an extremely unique concept of sitting at home and ordering your medicines online just as you order food and avail quick delivery with lots of discounts; and it also saves time. Having said that, while I sat down with her to talk more about her startup, below is the actual conversation we had. 

Q.1.) How did you come up with the idea of Click Your Med?

Answer : Honestly, it was not my idea, I don’t even know how it came up. I was studying in London when my dad called me and discussed this. I just saw a great business opportunity and did few months of research before I decided to leave aside my corporate job dreams and venture into entrepreneurship. We realised that people of Lucknow are becoming net savvy and they are adopting online culture. Moreover, due to heavy traffic and hectic work schedules it becomes difficult for people to go out and buy even essential items such as medicines. Thus, it saves a lot of time to order online and we deliver medicines. Plus medical bills are a burden for most of us and if we can offer consumer discount it would reduce the cost. Our platform helps consumers “save money and save time”.

Q.2.) What does CYM actually do, and how it helps people?

Answer : It is not about how unique or big the idea is. It is how much value it will add to a consumers life. I feel our platform offers a lot of value to its users.

* You save money – we offer various discounts and cash backs.
* You save time – you don’t have to go out of your office, home to order medicines.
* You can call/whatsapp/order online – it is the most convenient way to order medicines.
* You get computerised bills with all break ups, and you can return medicines in case the doctor discontinues.
* All medicines are genuine and given ONLY after verifying prescriptions. Cold chain is strictly maintained.
* You have an online store house of all your medical records. You get monthly reminders to restock your medicines.
* You get offers services such as physiotherapists on call, discounts on other online platforms

Infact, one can order from any city and we will deliver the medicines at your home in Lucknow. Our pharmacist will go the house and verify the prescription. And, this is the way youngsters can support their parents and grandparents. It hardly takes 2 minutes to place the order. A lot of my friends order medicines for their parents & grandparents from us, and they say it makes their family feel happily connected too!

Q.3.) What all marketing techniques did you apply?

Answer : Firstly, we are making consumers aware about the importance of prescriptions. That is of prime importance to us. We are focusing a lot on Pull strategy. We have a flat 12% off on medicines, upto 3% cash back, a customised account with ones medical records and a medicine reminder system. We are making our product as attractive as possible for consumers. We believe in well-being of our customers and have tied up with different online platforms, physiotherapists to provide our customers with something better each time they order. A lot of tie-ups are in progress, you can expect something exciting for both young and old. We are also doing a lot of BTL advertising. Basically, I want to create a trustworthy and genuine brand in the field on retail medicines!

I am already quite impressed by the concept of Click Your Med and the fact that it is being led by a woman, makes me feel highly inspired too. Women otherwise are generally perceived as home makers with little to do with economy or commerce. But I feel this picture changing. In Modern India, women are showing an interest to be economically independent. They are coming forth to the business arena with ideas to start small and medium enterprises, and they are willing to be inspired and to inspire as role models. 

While chatting with Kareshma, I realised that entrepreneurship for her wasn't too challenging as it might be for other women around, mostly because she has been very fortunate to be surrounded with the best of people. As she says, "Dad is my go to person. Also, I have found my mentors and have best of friends who guide me, support me and encourage me. There are few people without whom I cannot run this business!" From the name of the venture to website development, from hiring to sales – she discusses everything with people around her including her delivery boys. She believes "you should listen to everyone you know, you never know where the best idea comes from", and really that hits right!


For all you women out there, if you read the complete post, I'm sure it did inspire you. If yes, do share this post across and help others to take some inspiration as well! After all, women inspire women, eh? PS : You can find CYM on facebook and if you're a Lucknowite, you should start ordering your medicines from because that's definitely a good idea to save on money and time, making your life easier. Happy ordering!



  1. Love the way you express your feelings thru writing di. She's really an inspiration. :) & yes! Women inspire women. Lots of love and power to both. <3

    1. Thanks Anjali. More love right back to you! :)

  2. Wow! Inspiring story Kareshma!! Way to go..

  3. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

  4. Very inspiring. Good going girl..

  5. I am genuinely looking forward to work with her to contribute towards it's success. This is a great start-up!

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