Sunday 12 February 2017

5 Quirky Gift Options for your Valentine this Valentine's Day

Hey my loves, how's the month of love proceeding for you? Valentine's Day is round the corners and most of you still haven't sorted your gift ideas for your dear one this time. If it's the first one you're celebrating with your partner, you must ensure to give something that's memorable but something out of the box. I have prepared a list of 5 things you could buy this Valentine's for your Valentine, and I can vouch for the fact that these are going to be some of the most thoughtful gifts ever! 

1. Customised Picture Bouquet, Explosion Box, Biscuit Chocolates

You're really not giving someone a gift if you're not putting your thought into it. I feel the whole idea of presenting something to a person you love means that he/she should remember you and your gesture forever! I personally am a great fan of customised and handmade gifts and something that requires to put in lots and lots of dedication.

I recently came across an online store called CRAFTY AFFAIR that sells all kinds of luxury picture bouquets, explosion boxes and handmade biscuit chocolates, etc. In fact they presented me all three of those very sweetly and it was the best thing I'd received in many years! The bouquet looked highly attractive with all my pictures placed on sticks perfectly, and decorated with rhinestones, while the basket had red feather for a soft touch. The second present was an Explosion Box, which had a lid that when removed, the square box opened into for parts with several other pictures of me and some sweet messages on each one of them from the past years. The big box included a small box inside too, which can be used to keep any knick knacks! And lastly, they gave me a decoratively pack of Chocolates that were actually Biscuits coated in milk chocolate and tasted super crunchy and yum.

Now, imagine gifting all of these to your lover with pictures of you two together and surprising him/her with the most thoughtful gift ever. After all, you cannot throw the bouquet away, and the box will always be there on your table to remind you of your dear one!

Find Crafty Affair on Instagram & Facebook. They deliver all over India.

Picture Bouquet

Explosion Box

Pack of Biscuit Chocolates

2.  A pair of Offbeat Ballerianas

Females know it well that men hate shopping with them, for hours and picking up their bags. To be honest, I doubt if even 10% of men know what foot size is their partner. And then, out of the blue when your girlfriend, fiancee, or wife receives a parcel consisting of a pair of quirky ballerinas and gets to know that you (her boyfriend, fiancee, or husband) sent it to her, its going to be an amazing moment to capture!

Frankly, women are shoe hoarders. I'm one too, and I know its never enough for them in their shoe closet! I'd suggest all men out there to grab some pretty pieces from JOLAA.IN this Valentine's and make the girl of your life smile. Jolaa, an e-commerce website has a wide collection of ballerinas, handbags, tote bags, sling pouches, home decor items for women, and sneakers and wallets for men. I myself got a pair of Lunastain ballerinas which look so stylish with multi colored serpentine lines (in the pictures below) and they are extremely comfy to wear too!

Find Jolaa on Facebook & Instagram. They deliver all over India.

3. The Crunchiest Popcorn

Humans love to eat, and you can never go wrong with gifting food to your loved one, or to anyone for that matter. But, regular lunch or dinner treats have become monotonous, and its time you up-standard yourselves by gifting something that looks unconventional and delicious enough!

THE CRUNCH BOX is India's first pure gourmet popcorn brand that sells the crunchiest and the tastiest popcorn pan India. With more than 15 flavours to offer, under the category of savoury, candied and specials, TCB gives mouthwatering options like : Chunky Munky Cheese, Classic Pizza Krunch, Smokehouse BBQ, Dark Chocolate, Mint, etc. For people who are popcorn fanatics like me, will know better how much they want to try the craziest edits of the crunchy popcorn. Trust me this time, its going to be all worth your penny. No expensive luxury items, nothing to go waste. Get your better half a few boxes of flavourful popcorn from The Crunch Box and you're sorted!

Click HERE to buy from TCB now. They customise the gift box as per your need!

4. Peel Off Lipgloss

Talking of just girls, I guess one thing that never is a bad option to gift them is some makeup or beauty products. You can choose from an exuberantly wide range of products like lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara, blushes, bronzers, etc; from lots of brands to name like Bobbi Brown, MAC, Lakme, Loreal, Maybelline and many more. But where's the oddball?

If you want to present your darling girl something wacky and still very useful, you should opt for the newly launched Peel Off Lipgloss, which is available at the most affordable rates on an online shopping portal called SHOPPING24FREAK.

I ordered a pack of 7 South Korean lip glosses since I'd been hearing about it a lot, lately. It consisted of flavours like : Chocolate, Strawberry, Avocado, Watermelon, Kiwi & Red Breen. Its basically like a lip tattoo, where you apply the gloss on your lips and peel it off like a mask after letting it rest for  awhile!

I tried the watermelon flavour, and the lip tint came off easily and painlessly, in two pieces (top lip and bottom lip). I took it slow and experienced no bleeding or skin removal. A red tint remained on my lip, similar to a popsicle stain, even after I tried rubbing it off for next several hours. So, you know its there for a while, and your girlfriend won't even have to cry for eating it up, and even you won't have to feel its taste like a lipstick during a kiss maybe! ;)

5. Two In One Luxe Necklace

You can never go wrong with jewelry to gift to the women of your life! The idea is classic. Women need new jewelry to flaunt everywhere and its again never enough in their collection. But while you're picking up something sexy for your lover, you should pitch on a piece that could be versatile. Like a multi-stone necklace I found on the BLINGLANE website, known for the best luxurious jewelry in India.

The necklace can be worn in the day over a solid tee or at night on a gown, and to top that it can be donned even as a bohemian headgear and that attracted me the most! PS : Just so you know, not every single is a two-in-one, so you should make a wise choice while selecting the best piece available! If you're looking for a fine jewelry set, or a pair of earrings, bracelets, anklets, etc, Blinglane is your ultimate online shopping destination! 

Click HERE to buy now.


With so many stupendous gifting options laid above, I hope this post helped you clear on a choice. Make sure to make your Valentine feel the most loved this time! And for any queries or discussion, feel free to drop in a message to me or connect on social media (instagram, facebook, twitter) and I'll be the happiest to revert back! Have a great Valentine's day folks. Lots of Love..

Photographed by : Jaya Agnihotri & Saumya Kumar



  1. Hello,
    Hope you are doing good. ��
    I think every girl would love these gifts but I really love the explosion box and picture bouquet so personalised and would be a perfect gift for anyone. ��

  2. Hey all the gifts mentioned above are really perfect..creative and affordable.The explosion box and the crunch box would be perfect. :)

  3. I love all the ideas but I personally think that Peel off lip glosses would be better option... So yeah I love that idea most... My insta handle Stay_beautiful_rooni

  4. Omg! Every gift is so wonderful and it's difficult to choose one and btw all your pictures are so cute. 😍
    Since I am more into gifting useful things which reminds the person everyday about me, I'll choose the lipglosses as that is the most used product by girls. ❤

  5. Hey there!! Such lovely gifts I wish could have them all�� bt I'll love to have ballerinas as im very fond of footwear's..❤️❤️

  6. I love the peel off lip gloss,its something really new to me. Insta_ thecrazysim

  7. These all gifts are soooo good. I prefer peel off lipgloss because our mood is best showno by lips smile, angry dull moddy

  8. Hey shubhi di, all the gifts are amazing, but my personal favorite are the crunch box and peel off lip glass.

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  10. I think both customized explosion box and peel off lip gloss is a perfect gift. The photo bouquet has memories an d lip gloss is a girl's best friend, so gifting a lip gloss can never go wrong and that too peel off lip gloss.

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  12. I really like the Customised Picture Bouquet, Explosion Box, Biscuit Chocolates as it's so personal & touching and I'm sure anyone would be emotional receiving this as a gift. I also loved he peel-off lip glosses as I've heard a lot abt it & personally would love to get it as a gift :)

  13. Hi,
    Every gift option is awsum....but my personal favorite is explosion box and peel off lip glosses.....such an awsum product...really a big thnx to u for letting us participate...

  14. I loved The Crunch Box gifting option the best. It is something new, different & it's a crunchy idea. With so many yummy flavours to choose from. Am sure, anybody who receives it is going to go gaga over it. #PAPgiveaway

  15. Hey.. All the gifts are awesome but the one which I loved the most is the peel off lip tattoo.. Strawberry flavour since I love cosmetics..

  16. My fav gift is customized picture bouquet bcoz I like personalized gifts on special occasions. It revive all those beautiful memories in a bouquet n heartwarming gift ��