Saturday 4 February 2017

Farewell Makeovers with Juice Salon Lucknow

Hey my pretty readers! I hope its all going amazing at your end. Talking of the boards group, I hope you're scheduling your study days well and also prepping up for your school farewell parties. If not yet, its high time you do that because farewell is an important landmark in the life of any student, whether school-going or college-going. And we all know how much our lovely lasses love to flaunt their traditional avatar on this particular occasion. In India, for girls the dress code is often 'sarees' and for the boys its a 'formal suit', and we all want to dress up and look our best on the special day!

When I was in high school and attended my first farewell party, I had a plastered leg to show off under my pretty saree, borrowed from my mom's wardrobe (well, 95% girls actually get it from their mums only). But still I enjoyed every bit flaunting the drapes too. While I also saw my brother getting his hands on one of the suits from my dad's collection during his intermediate schooling.

Anyway, the time has changed a bit and today and we all want to get dressed by professionals, who could groom us well and transform us into gorgeous looking fashionistas! And for people looking out for similar services, I have this post exactly for you, in association with JUICE SALON LUCKNOW which is a unisex service salon providing makeovers at the most affordable rates! I have 2 looks (one for female and the other for male) with pictures and their details below. Scroll down to peek in now..


MAKEUP : You are a school going girl and people are accustomed to see the natural, no make-up side of you. So you definitely do not want to look like an unrecognisable chic walking in the school hall with abundance of foundation, because of course its no wedding happening there too! As for my subtle look, the artist at Juice salon gave me bold smokey eyes with a blend of black, cream and brown that matched my complexion well. She also filled in my eyebrows and added false lashes to give the entire eye area an oomph! You can ditch the false lashes if you're not comfortable wearing it but I'd recommend to girls who have thinner lashes like me to actually opt for it! It just makes your eyes look bigger and prettier.

The next step was my face makeup which included a waterproof day type foundation with a base and concealer, and to finish off some pink blush on the cheeks. Kiran, the artist mentioned that I didn't need any contouring as my face cut is quite defined but she did put on a dark contour stick to complete the process, while giving me bright pink lips with a lip pencil and then filling in with a lipstick! 

The final makeup look.

HAIR STYLING : I am very particular about my hair, and don't really let people play with it in literal sense, but for many girls like me Juice is a place where they treat your hair as the most precious possession of yours! So you know you're in the right hands, when they amazingly blow dry your hair and then twine them into fairy braids. For my look, Kiran separated sections of my hair and intertwined two braids on one side, rolled up the other section for some bounce and then pinned it as a lose ribbon from the front onto the other side and curled the hair at the back to keep intact a soft girly look.

The final hair look from the back.

SAREE DRAPING : As I mentioned above, I borrowed a saree from my mom during my first farewell party and yes this was it! If my friends from school are reading this post they could recall it from 7 years because I kept on discussing that I want to wear a pretty pastel color saree which looks mesmerising! At that time, I draped it casually like regular saree drapes, but at Juice this time, Kiran and Mitali tried a new draping style with 7 plates and a turn at the back helping me cover up my butt with the twisted design! They also pinned up a fold on the front making it look super stylish, while the border was plated into sleek folds and tucked high up on my shoulder so that its easier to walk around, because you definitely don't want to trip over a lose saree end and embarrass yourself!

I loved the complete makeover and especially the fact that it makes me look elegant and young makes me feel like it was yesterday I was getting ready for my farewell party! The face indeed looks fresh, and the choice of my saree paired with a black full sleeved blouse with minimal jewelry including just earrings and finger rings sorts it all. With that, I'd always suggest you girls to wear the highest heels (but something that you're comfortable in) because it helps the saree fall splendidly!

The female makeover costs Rs.5000 that includes makeup : 2000/-, hair : 2000/- and saree draping : 1000/-. Well, that's quite a fair deal for the ladies!



BEARD & HAIR STYLING : Now, we all know that men take the least time getting ready but still manage to look good enough. They hardly need makeup but head and facial hair are something they're really distinct about! At Juice Salon, the process for men styling starts with a close-trimmed beard to give a designer stubble because in just 3 days again it would grown like the one donned by Ben Affleck, eh? For Prateek (the guy in the pictures here), the stylist Shahwaz gave him a sleek cut on the sides, narrowing the beard to pop up some face and accentuate the jaw, and sharpened the front under his lips to give the face an edge that looked more masculine!

Coming to the hair styling, Prateek was given the 'pompadour' style which is a type of undercut hairstyle that is unique because a large volume of hair is swept upwards in the front to create a 'pomp' as well call it. Or, in simpler words you could say, the hair just above the forehead is the highest point and gradually falls towards the back of your head as looking appropriate with your face.

Beard Trimming

Hair Trimming

Hair Cutting

Hair & Beard Washing

Hair Setting with a TIGI Hair Spray 

Hair Setting/Styling

At Juice, a men's makeover costs just Rs. 1000 which includes a hair cut, beard trimming and hair styling. The complete grooming session for less than half of what women's charges are, is another reason you should drop into this salon for styling! Also, they use the most renowned brand products which leaves everyone with no worries about their skin or hair getting hampered.

PS : To all the men reading this, if you're choosing a formal suit for your farewell party this time, do pick in some sexy tuxedos and play with colors. Darker shade shirts often look good but never refrain experimenting with pastel hues. Finish off the look with a tie, belt and formal lace shoes and some cool attitude with grace!


For all of you who are getting excited for your farewell parties but still don't know what to wear, how to dress and where to get the styling done from, take ques from this post and do visit Juice Salon Lucknow and let me know if it helped! I'd be glad to see your farewell looks as well, so don't forget to share it all with me on my social media (instagram/facebook/twitter) or you could also email it to me on! Until next time, lots of love and best wishes.

Photographed by : Jaya Agnihotri  |  Special Thanks : Prateek Nagpal



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