Saturday 4 July 2015

Accidental Coordination

Remember the days when we all were in school and started planning with our friends about what to wear for a particular celebration or function, almost a week before? Yes! We all did that. Even if we went on school trips, we definitely wanted to consult each other and wear same colors or prints and go out flaunting it together. At that time, it was suppose to be a 'best friends thing', or if I may put it like, a group of friends decided upon wearing similar styled clothes to show up to an event, so it became a 'gang thing' after all. To be true, coordinating clothes has always been my favorite part of friendship at school. No matter where we're going, I felt my friends and I should always match anything and everything we wore or carried along!

She's wearing -  palazzos : Rajouri Garden Market (Delhi) | top & heels : Delhi GK1
earrings : Flipkart | ring : Shopnineteen

I'm wearing - croptop & palazzos : AND | heels : Steve Madden
necklace & earrings : Flea Market (Lucknow) | ring : Myntra | palmcuff : Pep My Persona

Well, I recently met an old friend of mine from school days. It had been five long years since I last saw her (of course at our farewell last). It was certainly delightful to meet her again, but what surprised both of us more was that, we hugged each other realizing we wore almost similar looking clothes, which brought back the good old memories in a flash. It was so pleasing to see her all grown up to be model like and stuff, doing advertisements for big brands; and trust me she is into real fashion! So, we sat together and discussed over how this accidental coordination took place, while we had no intentions to look like twins! While me and my DELL girl started to discuss about the coordination, it became a bit obvious that since its hot in the day, we both tried to wear comfortable clothes that are easy-breezy and as this new trend, palazzo pants, looked so elegant and feminine and because it kept us cool on a hot summer day, we picked up a pair each! These palazzo trousers are extremely easy to wear, provide balance & flatter your figure and create an illusion of a maxi skirt while keeping the freedom of pants intact. These fluid beauties can make your legs look taller and they are so comfortable that you would literally wish you could live in them. With the wide variety of fabrics and prints available out there, it won’t be a challenge either. 

As per the DELL girl, "palazzos are a great choice for a girl on the go; not only are they ultra stylish, but are super comfy which is perfect for a long day." So, she chose to team up her solid lemon yellow palazzos with a black sheer shirt-top with polka prints all over and pumped up her look by adding lemon colored earrings that dangled down and complimented her palazzos. She also added a black stone ring to her fingers finishing off the accessory part over all to keep her look simple and subtle. For her foot, she chose to wear black heels which matched her top perfectly because of the polka dot detailing on the straps at the upside of the footwear to make it comfortable for her to walk. Whereas, I chose to wear my light yellow printed palazzos with a lose, black crop top which had net borders hanging at the end of the top and the sleeves. Since I'm petite, and always thought palazzos aren't meant for short girls, for my footwear I chose heels that could help me cover up my daintiness! Its a beige colored pair, plated with gold blocks and strapped up above. I only picked up these heels to match it with my gold coined neckpiece and similar looking earrings with the gold palmcuff which I recently bought from this amazing e-store Pep My Persona; and a brass ring since I wanted to add a little sparkle to the gloomy day as it was! The best thing about the whole coordination we noticed was, we both had applied the same shade of red lipstick to complete our looks (well you know I don't apply it often)!

There was certainly a lot of matching that was happening. Still, as you can see (in the pictures above), both our looks appeared quite independent as my friend wore a printed top, where I wore a plain one; and while she chose a plain pair of palazzos, I chose to pick a printed one for myself! Also, she's on a fairer side and I'm a little duskier, so it became quite unconventional! You must have also noticed, that both the 'styles' of our palazzos are different too. As, she is wearing a pair with extremely wider bottoms at the end which looks quite flowy; while I'm wearing one which is straight and more structured at the length. Well, there are countless types of fabrics and cuts of these easy-breezy wonders which make them look different in style. Most girls are apprehensive about embracing the palazzos as the fear of looking bigger than usual exists. But that’s not true and it actually helps you look taller, a lot slender and non-bulky, waist down. You can find structured as well as flowy palazzo pants and depending on what suits your body type, you can add them to your closet. If you’re considering purchasing a pair of palazzo pants, the key to maximising wearability is to consider the proportions of your outfit. Think balance! You must remember a few smart tricks to up your style quotient. Palazzos are bottom-heavy since they flare out from the knees below, so keep the top you’re wearing light and well-fitting. Add a lot of character in by sporting a stylish accessory for a diva look. Wear high heels to add height and accessorize with contrasting jewellery for jazzing up the outfit and you're ready to rock at your work, day-outs, night parties or just anywhere!

Note : All this while, you must be thinking why did I kept calling my friend 'The DELL Girl' instead by her name, throughout the write-up. Well, its solely because she did this startling advertisement for the tech brand DELL, which most of you must have been watching on your television or before various videos on youtube (if not, watch HERE), and since then she's been named so by most of our friends! And yes, it was too much fun while collaborating with Saonyaa Shashan (yes, that's her name) for this post. A big hug to her for twinning up with me!

Photographed by :Rhea Ghosh (Exposure Imageries)

Shot at : Cappuccino Blast



  1. very cute pictures shubhi,very well collaborated and co-ordinated :)
    enjoyed reading it!!!

    1. Thankyou so much for all the appreciation. So glad you liked it ;)

  2. Haha... two beauties oozing out their personas... Nice clicks... yes, those were the childhood days of coordination :)) Great post

    1. Thankyou so much! :) Well, yes its true! And don't you just miss those days? :P

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