Monday 29 June 2015

Color Popping with StalkBuyLove

dress, bucket bag : StalkBuyLove
heels, belt : Jabong | neckpiece : Gifted

Its not everyday that I am forced to refuse my friends a dress they ask me for. This time I was in such a dilemma to have done so to one of my closest friends who asked me if I had a white dress. Messing up the whole wardrobe and finding none was a hitback! Damn! So, what do you do when you're in a crisis of a color that is so basic? Obviously, go out for shopping, right? But if you get a chance to shop sitting at home, logging into the StalkBuyLove website, what's more pleasing? Doing so, I just found an elegant ivory dress that stole my heart at the first glance! I just had to buy it any how. Well, its been an exciting June 2015, I've been added to the Exclusive Friends Circle of SBL, and getting an opportunity to pick 2 of my favorites for the month, here it is, my first pick is this ivory sheer stripes dress which has brought pure love to my wardrobe! The dress is such an awesome looking piece. Mainly made up of knit cotton and the trims be of polyamide net, its a perfect blend of fabric for summer, helping me stay cool throughout the day. Plus, the ivory color is so soothing under the clouds, and the sun makes me feel all bold and bright by exposing the plainness of the same color look all hot too! This dress fits me really nicely, giving my body a curvy shape which hides my bulkiness ofcourse, since its an A-line silhouette with an elastic in the centre, it flairs up the whole style giving it an edge and the net at the top and bottom of the dress gives it a definition to near perfect. Its a true versatile piece as you can wear it at work, casual day-outs, at shopping, a summer brunch or even parties by just adding different accessories and jewelry since white goes with just any odds and sodds.

You can see in the pictures above, I created the look by adding a pop of color that is quite cute and bold (well, I know these two adjectives rarely go with each other, but that's the beauty of white, it can create magic). I added the red-white stone cut neckpiece to the ivory dress, which is complimenting the red-white footwear that I've worn. I am truly obsessed with the neckpiece which a friend gifted me. Its super chic and crazily made. The cut-out stones are so pretty! I'm also in love with my new pair of peep-toe stilettos that I bought from Jabong a couple of months back! They are very cute and really comfortable because of the platforms at the bottom, and the buckle that makes me stand tall with confidence of not tripping while walking (I've had quite embarrassing moments in heels without buckles). 

As to continue my shopping experience with StalkBuyLove, it is no surprise that this website offers you the best of fabric material and the trendiest styles across the globe, starting from apparels, to accessories, bags, and more! So, my second pick is the orange bucket bag which I'd been eyeing since a few weeks on this website. Its an absolute kicker, since it is malleable and fits the odd things I've been troubled cramming in my narrower or more structured bags. It is such a spacious bag that I can now fit an extra pair of shoes, a big lunch box along with my everyday essentials in it without thinking twice. The best part is that, its huge size doesn't force me to compromise with the look I want for the day! This bucket bag is sort of the dark horse of versatile-yet-polished handbags in my collection. Also, one of those trends that swells up when no one is looking and it seems just right for the carefully structured fashions, all wasp-waisted and ladylike! This candy orange color makes me fall in love with it over and over again, and the gold detailed chain hooped with the tassels of the color blend is my favorite part. It brings out the style right, more because it matches the same color detailing of the belt that I added to the dress, covering the elastic on the waist. The orange-gold belt is from Jabong, which I bought only because of the Lock and Key design that hangs perfectly from the buckle making the whole look really quirky! 

When it comes to styling myself in the hotter days of summer, I prefer wearing cut-sleeved dresses that be all easy-breezy throughout the day! As for this particular look, red and orange are the perfect summer colors and I've recently fallen in love with and the white color which has drawn my special inclination towards itself, you know the reason now! BTW, while going through the StalkBuyLove website, I recently discovered some really stylish pieces that any girl would want to get her hands on, specially the colors, all candy and stuff!! This website has been one of my favorites past two years and if you follow me on instagram, you already know how fond I am with their products. So, if you too want to grab some trendy clothes/bags/accessories, go ahead and checkout the official StalkBuyLove website and keep yourself up to date at the fashion chain!

Photographed by : Exposure Imageries



  1. Love the bag, the shoes... the whole look... you look super pretty in white :)

  2. Angelic and classy . . . .u handled it so gracefully and ur cute heels :) :*

  3. Beauty at its best.