Friday 10 July 2015

Personally reviewing CORNERS OF A STRAIGHT LINE

So, its been really long that I've written a book review, the sole reason being as many of you know that books have never fancied me; and if you've read the last book review I wrote about Chetan's Bhagat's 'Halfgirlfriend' on this blog, you should know that really well! But, there are some books that really make me curious and I only pick to read those when a lot of people go gaga over it! Something similar happened about 'Corners Of A Straight Line' too (the name of the book is so catchy, no?). Since its written by a writer from my own town, Lucknow, I'd been hearing a lot about this book from my friends and family members since last month when it was launched. A debut work by a behavioural scientist and a motivational speaker by profession, Chandra Shekhar Varma, this book came to me as a surprise. More because I've always heard of him as a Hindi poet, not knowing he would come up with a novel one day, that too in English keeping in mind the youth of today! Well, after reading this book for about 4 days I'm finally through with it and of course here goes the review for you...

Starting with the prologue, I could automatically connect to the first line itself where the author mentions, 'All of us have a past and so do I'. It was indeed promising, since the line brought back my past in a flash. As the first chapter unfolds, Atharv (the protaganist) is introduced as a confident journalist, a man whose journey is the key to the eruption of this book. He firstly falls in love with Siya, as she plays the strings of Atharv’s heart being a high-spirited young girl with a heart that cherished immense warmth. The dynamic woman as she appears, leaves traces of herself on the reader's mind as she does on Atharv's heart while leaving all of us in shock! (I never thought Siya would ever leave Atharv). Next, as Atharv in his behest to overcome the episode of Siya, finds a refuge in Resham, a bold, ambitious, stunningly beautiful damsel aspiring to become a top model. She had all the attributes that could enthral and captivate the senses of a man. But soon the sour state of affairs wiped the sweetness of Atharv and Resham's love only to leave tart flavors of wrath, depression and pain. As the second chapter ended here, I was already in tears, praying for no more heartbreaks! (well, this is the reason I keep myself away from novels, sciences I can't read and love stories make me weep) :P

Moving ahead, the third chapter introduces the readers to Vedita, who was a dauntless, accomplished, happily married influential woman with a facile record of business victory and achievements. She casts an indelible impression on Atharv's mind only to lure him into the forbidden arena without justifications. An extra marital affair what we call, emerges between the two which is ofcourse not entertained by many! Poor Atharv, I felt quite absurd reading this chapter, to be true! There was a point where while reading I wanted to just stop and weep my heart out. But then, as the author mentions, 'even after love ends, the story continues.....' I had to complete the last one too. (with very moderate hopes I started the last chapter). Well, it was time to know the last lady in the protaganist's life. Her name is Susan. An air hostess by profession, while travelling to Bangalore she meets Atharv. The fate brought the two of them together at the doorsteps of an Ashram that besides healing their vexed and troubled state of affairs also gave their lives a new direction and purpose. Susan was a lady of wisdom and she chose her duties above her love; and as I expected, she too left from Atharv's life! (I am extremely saddened)

To end, this work of fiction has impacted me in many ways. Talking of separations, I am really not fond of them but I loved how the author puts it together showing that despite Atharv's many commitments, true love eludes him. In a world where lust trumps over love; and greed, depravity are rampant, Atharv managed to fall for so many ladies one after the other! What kept me gripped till the end were the complexities I was actually reading about and that love really never ends. 'Corners of a Straight Line' comes out to me as simple and perceptive. The best part about the book is that it leaves an impact on the reader's mind with the comment made by the author on the Indian polity. It is thus, an unconditional storyline justified by its characters and the never ending love story of a man who is still in search of true love. I so wish a sequel to the book is released soon so that I can sleep in peace for the fact I hate reading separations, though it touched my heart deeply and bloomed some love into it too!

Overall Rating : 4/5 

Suggestions : Don't form any strict opinions about the book from any reviews you hear or read. Please go ahead and read the book yourself! Also, if you have any additions or contradictions to the review, do comment below!

Extending my gratitude to a dear friend Aarushi Mittal for helping me get a personally signed copy of the book by the author himself, Mr.Chandra Shekhar Varma.


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  1. Dear Subhi thank you very much for narrating the story in short for me.

    I already had 3 heartbreaks and I couldn't handle more of them :p

    After reading till atharv's first breakup. I decided to complete the novel in short.

    Thanks very much for the review.
    Your narration was awesome ;)
    Will remember u always...