Saturday 25 July 2015

Jumpsuitting in Pastels

jumpsuit, bag : StalkBuyLove | wedges :
owl pendant : | watch : Gucci (gifted) | sunglasses :

Spring/Summer, and today’s Jumpsuits topic, no wonder my mind literally jumps to all those (hideous) jumpsuits from back in the day, starting with Elvis Presley (and his white over the top uber glam stage outfits) and ending with those disco-kitsch uniforms of pop/rock stars from the "Rock’n Roll" age. But as much as we love (NOT) those tight spandex glittery, neon bright circus costumes, going by the name of jumpsuits, designers sure deserve our kudos for how they’ve played up, nipped, tucked and reinvented the classic-with-a-twist jumpsuit. Some gurus of style and fashion have taken this working class uniform/once kitsch stage costume and did a 180 on it, luring us with long sleek silhouettes, silky fabrics, fluidity, softness, loose cuts, plunging necklines, bare backs, halter-necks, long sleeves, prints, solid colors. Designs for day & night. For skinny & curvy bodies. For women and girls alike. Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? 

Well, the best part about having a jumpsuit is that you don't have to spend half hour hanging out in your closet, trying to match tops and bottoms and having little luck, or ending up with a bizarre look, especially when you're running late! With a jumpsuit, it becomes so much easy to pull-it-down from the hangers and pull-it-up your body. Just like the other day I got a call from a friend, asking me to meet her urgently as she was leaving in the evening! So, I chose to dress up in hurry, wearing this pastel blue jumpsuit (in the pictures above) which I recently bought from the amazing online store, StalkBuyLove, and I'm completely swayed by the silkiness of the fabric. Also, the cut of this jumpsuit looked perfect because it hides the extra fat I have at the waste and arms and thighs, and makes me look tall too (you know I always try to buy such clothes). The wonder jumpsuit as it appears to me, has pockets on the both the sides and I love it for that. So now even if I don't carry a bag, its easy for me to store my knick knacks in those lose pockets! Plus, its a full sleeved one piece, giving you an option to roll up the sleeves for a much cooler look; also I liked the chinese collar that can be buttoned up thigh and a belt on the waste to adjust it according to your fit (bow it up in the centre or sides, your choice). Now, I teamed up this jumpsuit of mine with a long owl-pendant chain, a same metal color wrist watch and a pair of purple wedges which I bought from and that went nicely with the whole look. Since it was a sunny day I wanted to try on my new pair of mirror sunglasses, so I put them on too and to be true it went quite well with the attire. Not forgetting the bag which I again got from the super new collection of StalkBuyLove, this pastel pink & steel grey bow bag added a cute touch to my classy yet comfy look and I was all set.

If you ask me though, I think a woman's style should really be whatever she is comfortable wearing, regardless of whatever the official trends happen to be at the moment. No 'ins'. No 'outs'. There is no better quote about fashion than from the fashion king himself, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld, who said that "Trendy is the last stage before tacky". So I take full advantage of his sage advice and keep wearing jumpsuits because I LOVE THEM! As a busy student by day, blogger by night, daughter 24x7 and a partner in love, I think you get the point. Life is busy! And jumpsuits really simplify my life! These in fact, are fine pieces of your collection that give you tons of personality, and this time there is no exception, its made for all kinds of styles and silhouettes. There are many ways you can wear it, from casual-chic to sportive-cool. I love how versatile this one piece is, since you can pull it up for work, casual outings with friends, on Sunday brunches, movies, shopping or just at innumerable places and occasions. To be straight, lightweight jumpsuits are a must for the summer! With their soft woven fabric and cinched silhouette, they’re both effortless and chic. 

As per me, There are just three simple rules for purchasing a jumpsuit : 
1) Keep it simple, 
2) Keep it classy, 
3) Keep it 'SO YOU'. 

In case you're still not convinced that jumpsuits are your thing, check out the whole new collection of these modernly-classic jumpsuits at StalkBuyLove and I'm sure at least one of them will make your heart drool over it! :)



  1. You are looking so cute in this jumpsuit 😘😘

  2. Love jumpsuits! Used to wear a lot of them... Now you have tempted me to buy one :) Looking great as always :)

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! :) Keep Following!

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