Wednesday 29 April 2015

The Land-locked Mermaid

The mermaid ashore,
Shakes the salt from her pores,
And walks through town on her hands,
She meets this fellow,
Greeting her with hello,
And welcomes her upon land.

He offers her,
With trust of his word,
To give her legs to stand,
She takes his curse,
Without thinking first,
Choosing to leave water for sand.

Her fin disappears,
With her so many years,
Now gone with the swipe of his hand,
With legs to walk,
She stumbles on rocks,
While now in debt to this man.

Looking for love,
One land up above,
This mermaid with beautiful hair,
With her long naked legs,
She finds love many ways,
But none to which she could care.

Her beautiful looks,
Could be written in books,
So she has to deal with the stares,
Jade by lust,
She's tried of dust,
Wanting to return to her layer.

She looks for the man,
Who gave her legs to stand,
In town but he wasn't there,
She searched high and low,
Ratting her hair in a fro,
Wishing she had been more aware.

She jumps in the ocean,
Propelled by her motion,
Panicked by the thought of this fate,
She can no longer breathe,
The salt of the sea,
As she regrets so much that she hates.

She swims to an island,
To go into hiding,
While missing her fin and her mates,
Building a fire on shore,
Seeking love once more,
Calling to sailors for dates.

Never leaving her island,
Never fearing the trident,
She's welcoming guests to her state,
Entering her realm,
Letting lust take the helm,
She's only asking for magic in fate.

Then one day on a boat,
Just one person afloat,
The man from the town appears,
He calls her to swim,
Past the break out to him,
Away from her home of years.

Her want of her fin,
Got her to swim,
Though she was breaking down into tears,
Climbing into the skip,
She begins with a lip,
Annoying this man through his ears.

He interrupts her,
She sounds so absurd,
Blaming him for her fin and her fears,
That she may never find him,
To swim free again,
Because of the magic he cast on her rear.

But she is in debt to him,
He treated her as a friend,
Her decision made her this way,
The business man that he is,
Asking for what is his,
Spreading her legs for his pay.

No longer in debt,
She wishes to be reset,
But this man wanted her for a lay,
So she jumps off the boat,
Leaving herself with no hope,
Back on her island still today.

The curious mind,
Leaving innocence behind,
Will find itself betrayed,
the mermaid ashore,
Seeking her fin once more,
Is left all alone to say...

Note : All images are taken from google. The credit for the statues goes entirely to the sculptors.



  1. Deep, Strong...inspiring food for thought
    well appreciated from a cloudy-rainy germany !

    1. So glad to read such a generous response from you my German firang. Thank you so much for all the appreciation! :*

  2. Intense!!! And beautiful illustrations!

    1. Indeed. Thank you Gauri! Your comments always cheer and boost me up ! :)