Monday 4 May 2015

DIY chocolates

It seems Halloween has arrived quite early this year since I was so tempted to get this cute looking skull & bones mould tray from propshop24 to prepare some chocolates for my friends, family and of course myself. If you follow me on instagram you already know I am a chocolate craver and many of you have also gone ahead calling me a choco freak! Just to prove it right, I though of doing this DIY post for all. Its really simple and less time consuming. So, lets get started!


1. Silicon mould tray (available at propshop24)

2. Double Boiler (Just put a glass bowl on top of a steel shoo)

3. Plastic Spoons

4.  Dry-Fruits
(I've used almonds & cashew but you can use any type of dry fruits you want)

5. Chocolate Bars (I've used AMUL chocolate, but you can use any brand)



1. Break the chocolate bar into pieces and put them in the double boiler to melt. 

2. Check consistency of the melted chocolate on a spatula or with spoon, should be thick & smooth.

3. Once completely melted, remove the glass bowl from the shoo.

4. Add the dry fruits/nuts and mix well.

5. Pour the chocolate mixture into the mould tray.

6. Fill the moulds completely & clean the sides of the tray. 
(Tap the tray from bottom to remove bubbles)

7. Keep the mixture filled in the mould tray in the freezer to set for about an hour or two.

Till then, look at these owl magnets on the fridge door, also from propshop24. Cute no?

8. Un-mould the chocolates from the tray, arrange them on a plate.

The wait is over. Your self-made chocolates are ready to serve!!! Oh they look so scarily cute!

PS : A note of Thanks to my dear friend Lavita Malik for helping me out do this post & licking away the remaining chocolate from all the spoons and plates and bowls. 

Hope you all liked this quick and interesting DIY! As mentioned above, the silicon tray that I used is from propshop24. It looks so cute that I couldn't resist ordering some more trays of the same kind in different designs though! Their website is all about cool & trendy products, ranging from house stuff to office & chic sunglasses to party props. You should go ahead and check out their stuff! Happy propping! And, don't forget to follow me on instagram & twitter for more updates!