Sunday 19 April 2015

Unfussy Fusion

Indian dresses are not necessarily boring or traditional. These clothes enable you to show off your unique and rich cultural heritage, even on western events. This way, you can be sure that you are wearing the finest clothing that provides a regal and undeniably stunning look. They can be trendy and stylish to wear too. Contemporary designs make them popular even with western women who want to flaunt a unique style!

In today's post, I'm sharing with you my love for an Indianised western outfit which helps me put my personal style across without going OTT or leaving it way too natural! Scroll below to check it out..

jodhpuri salwar & kurti : AND | stilettos : Steve Madden | clutch : Faballey
hand-cuff : Shopnineteen | ring : Myntra | earrings : Flea Market (Lucknow)

While strolling through the AND store in Oberoi Mall, Mumbai, last year I came across this really sexy jodhpuri salwar which had these decorative keris printed on it. I already had in mind to buy a kurta so I thought this would be the best  time to get my hands on one of them from the AND store itself which will also go with the jodhpuris that I picked. After about trying a dozen of them, I finalized this gorgeous looking white kurti with golden-brown zardozi embroidery as it was perfectly matching my salwar. I grabbed both the pieces instantly! I'm sure many of you can relate to the fact that we've pulled out our airy clothes since summer waves have soared in already! The jodhpuri salwar is a cotton fabric and very loose and airy. It is a pull-up with an elastic so I don't have to tie it. Plus, you can rock it from day to night since it is very comfortable and opulent without compromising with style. And same I can say for the kurti, because it is of the same cotton fabric which is said to be the best for summers. I had an option to attach sleeves to my kurti but I preferred to go sleeveless because that ways I looked a little taller wearing the whole ensemble.

An amalgamation of elements from the Indian and Western cultures is found in accessories as well, specially in case of jewelry. Usually, a light Western touch is added to Indian jewelry, so as to make it suitable for wearing with fusion wear. Apart from this, dangling earrings, and fancy bracelets are also in vogue with fusion garments. Well, for this look I kept my accessories minimal. Just picked a pair of earrings which matched my black and golden handcuff that I wore on the left wrist, put on a white stone ring and carried this handy clutch, the print of which attracted me two years back while finding some bags on this amazing online store named Faballey. The clutch gave my look a westernized touch. For my feet I chose the gold plated beige heels to add an edge to the whole outfit which I bought from Steve Madden, a couple of months back!

Coming to the reasons as to why fusion fashion has become so popular in India, because its available in so many different styles - from daring ones to modest ones. They suit the Indian body type rather well. It is more comfortable to wear, as against the cumbersome traditional Indian dresses, which is why it is being largely preferred by the working class. So, the next time you are out shopping for something trendy but comfortable to wear, don't forget to stop for a few pieces of Indo-Western fusion wear, since a well-dressed woman is sure to make heads turn. And if you manage to give the classic, traditional wear a modern twist, what would one say to that? Awesome, indeed!

Hope you girls enjoyed going through this post. Don't forget to comment below telling me what do you think of this look and also for all questions & suggestions and follow me on instagram for all my ins and outs.

Photographed by : Saumya Kumar



  1. That dhoti ( jodhpuri salwar) came in as a surprise... loved the total look :)

  2. Since only girls are invited to comment I would restrict myself.

    1. Well, it certainly didn't mean that :P
      Though next time I'm gonna see to it that I specially mention 'Guys please comment'. LOL!

  3. Undoubtedly appreciable is content, finding and viewpoint yet I wanted to add few cents. Dress is very important part of personality but what gives western girls an edge is not design.
    It is confidence. Wait, here I am not accusing Indian girls of being low on confidence. They are not but certain factors, external to her control, do not give sufficient space for Indian girls to grow.
    Coming back to dress.....dress is just 10% of personality.
    Sorry if I sounded irrelevant
    Keep up good work.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I appreciate the fact that you added some cents of your own.
      I shall go into the depth of what actually helps grow an Indian women! (though irrelevant to this post)

      Best wishes to you too :)