Friday, 28 October 2016

Harippa Flavoured Seeds by True Elements

Hi everyone, hope y'all are all set for Diwali! There's so much to prep still, and I'm on my toes for past few days due to all the festive hullabaloo at my place, and I don't even want to imagine the scenes at your place, because tbh, I feel y'all!

Well, having said that, I must also mention that I have lost around 3 kgs already in the past 2 weeks, and all thanks to my irregular food habits, with one good addition being the consumption of some flavourful seeds that happen to be my on-the-go snack! Yes guys, I'm talking about the edible seed packs I recently received from HARIPPA which is a sub brand of TRUE ELEMENTS.

For so many years, you'd never seen me trying seeds and I'm totally an unhealthy eater I swear, but since I was sent across a few Harippa packs for trial, I ofcourse did chew a little portion from each of the flavours, and just couldn't resist having another serving! The story behind the name Harippa is one major attraction, which says "Harippa is the fusion of Harappa and Hadippa, symbolising one of the oldest civilizations on this planet, and a true emotion of fun." And well, that's exactly what True Elements has attempted in their new range of snacks, bringing together ingredients from the oldest civilization, but seasoned with modern taste!

The seeds used in Harippa are hand-picked and seasoned with Babylonian-inspired spices and herbs such as rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano, cinnamon, and cumin, amongst others, to give the product a unique taste. I have three flavors from Harippa for you to check out that I did too, and choose for yourself which one you'd like to try..


These tiny black seeds come from flax, one of the oldest fiber crops in the world known to have been cultivated in ancient Egypt and China. Among all 127 world's healthiest foods, flax seed comes out number one as a source of omega-3s. It protects our blood vessels from inflammatory damage which is also provided by the lignans in flaxseeds, and with that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of flaxseeds also make them a logical candidate for cancer prevention! PS : Finding creative ways to add flaxseeds to your meals can be a challenge, but one popular technique is to incorporate ground flaxseeds into your muffin, cookie, or bread recipes, or just eat it as the sea salted flavor by Harippa! 


Well, the name already suggests the seeds come from the very vibrant sunflower. Since these seeds have a very high oil content, they are one of the main sources of polyunsaturated oil. Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E and magnesium. Numerous studies have demonstrated that magnesium helps reduce the severity of asthma, lower high blood pressure, and prevent migraine headaches, as well as reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. I have been consuming these seeds on a regular basis since the time I researched upon them and tbh I have started feeling the difference already. Thanks to Harippa for adding the yummy chilli garlic flavor to it, which makes it even easier to devour!


I am a watermelon lover, and when I think of the health benefits of the fruit, the seeds probably never came to my mind. Like you probably think about the sweet, juicy pulp, with the seeds an afterthought and maybe good only for spitting contests, right? Well, the fact is, watermelon seeds make a great snack when they have been dried and roasted. They are a great source of Vitamin B and highly rich in protein. Its health benefits include regulating blood pressure and treating coronary heart disease, which is obviously the best part! Also, when late night hunger pangs strike, my current choice is a pack of Harippa watermelon seeds in tangy oregano flavor, because its uber delicious and so light in texture!

Many of us have been enculturated to think about the nutritional dimension of our food intake in terms of the government’s RDAs, focusing on getting the 'right' amounts of carbohydrate, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. However, I believe this focus on the quantifiable dimensions of food versus the qualitative elements has profoundly lead us astray. We bear witness to this in the fact that Indians are some of the most overfed yet simultaneously malnourished people on the planet. It is no wonder that we are dying by the droves, with heart disease and cancer representing the most common causes of premature death.

So, now that I've told you about a nutrient-packed super-food which costs just Rs.99 and can greatly reduce the risk of dying and not only this, but dozens of other life-threatening conditions, would you take it? True Elements is a health foods brand aiming to be the most trusted health brand in the country and I highly recommend its products to each one of you and your families because the best part is you can add these seeds conceptually in salad, oatmeal, burger buns, health bars, soup, crackers, parfait, or even laddoos for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Go guys, grab your favorites from True Elements - Harippa now, and pledge to stay fit forever!

True Elements seed packs available at : Flipkart, Amazon, HealthKart, Giskaa, Snapdeal


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