Monday 17 October 2016

Tulip Inn, Mussoorie - An idyllic wedding destination

Bonjour people! What's up? 

I hope y'all are gearing up for the festivities that are round the corner and also the wedding season that's approaching! For many of you who are planning to get married in the coming months, this post should help you land at a beautiful wedding location, if you're fond of hills and cool breeze!

So, if you're following me on social media, you must remember I went for a weekend getaway to Mussoorie last month, with a group of other bloggers from Delhi and Chandigarh! Since it was my first blogger's trip, its kinda special and you already saw how amazing my stay was with them at TULIP INN GREEN N BREEZE. This is a resort situated in the Barlowganj area just 5 kms away from Mall road, Mussoorie and is a really cool property to check into!

Well, many dream wedding begins with beautiful landscapes merging with far stretched clear skies, beautiful tree/snow covered hills, a pleasant breeze, surreal surroundings, a flawless mix of daylights and the perfect picture with happy beginnings! And here I show you the Tulip Inn Resort at Mussoorie where your wedding dreams will dance itself into reality creating memories for a lifetime!

Opened in 2007, Tulip Inn Green n Breeze Resorts at Barlowganj provides best of facilities, latest amenities within a stylish and intimate environment. A pretty 3 star hotel spread over 4 floors also has 24x7 hospitality support that takes care of you from the time you check in till you say bye and leave! With that, some of the most attractive facilities include : Kids Corner, Table Tennis and Gym Area, Spa/Massage and Jogging Track.



Hotel view from front

Hotel view from one of the balconies

The building looks even prettier at night..

The best waiting area (outdoor) from where you can see the hills and feel the breeze right into your face.

This was my favorite spot at the hotel which during the weddings is dressed up with carpets and chairs for ceremonies (as in the picture below), with the perfect valley view.

Now that you've seen the exteriors of the resort, its time I tell you how synonymously pleasing the interiors are! Yes, I'm talking about the accommodation and other facilities that are present for all! So, Tulip Inn Green n Breeze offers three types of rooms, categorized as : Standard, Studio and Duplex! All the rooms look lavish with clean, sleek walls and immpressively comfortable beds, a large wardrobe, resting chairs and tables, television, dressing table, and other side tables! The washrooms are facilitated with hot water geysers and other needful stuff. Like a must have add on, I guess all rooms at the resort have a balcony with a striking view that everyone wants at a hill station, so all in all all the rooms are perfect for each one! 

Such a cozy bed that made me fall asleep in seconds..

View from my balcony

This 3 day trip for me was a much needed one, since I'd been longing to relax for a while! Each day spent at the resort was like a blessing. Tension free sleeps, sweet dreams at night, waking up to a pleasant view and cold mornings with hot cup of coffee at the restaurant was all that I longed for! Also, did I tell you about the delicious food they offer at their restaurant and the banquet (that can gather upto 350 people at one time for all your pre-wedding ceremonies like engagement, sangeet, tilak, mehndi, etc..) during parties? From intimate dinner receptions to marriages to meetings, you can enjoy sumptuous barbeque, a-la carte, cocktails and bonfire with multi cuisine menu for an elegant breakfast, a lingering lunch, or even late night dinner. So that's a win win again! 


Banquet Hall

Seating arrangement at the banquet (can be arranged as per your choice)

I was 3 years old when I last visited Mussoorie and I clearly have no memories from then, but this trip gave me a surreal feel of being surrounded by beautiful tree covered hills looking down the Doon valley, the phantasmagorical view of the Himalayas at sunset, and clear skies giving me a brilliant display of twinkling stars of the milky way & the flickering lights in the valley. It’s a great get-away especially for folks who stay in Metros without an access to a nearby hill stations. The wedding can be a refreshing change & quite out-of-the-box!

Also, the city surely has a wonderful romantic air to it. Long pines, canals, prepossessing orchids, waterfalls and exquisite architecture makes it a heaven for pre-wedding pictures. The beautiful sunsets also make sure that you get really awesome ceremony pictures for those early evening functions! Take a look below..

Tulip Inn owners have another property in Mussoorie by the name TULIP INN GREEN CASTLE situated at Mall Road itself which is another perfect holiday destination for you with family or friends! Facilities at this hotel remains similar to those at the resort with just a few more recreations surrounding like the Kempty Falls, Horse Riding, Company Garden, St. George Cottage, Local Shopping Market, Street Food Joints, etc..

PS : It can be a perfect honeymoon destination for the newly married couples as well, and for those who are interested can check out their packages HERE!  

Tulip Inn Green Castle

Conference/Banquet Hall

Restaurant with Pool Table


I hope you all liked reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. My trip to Mussoorie with an amazing group of fellow bloggers went fantastic. I had so much fun interacting, learning and exploring places with all of them, and I need not mention it since you've already seen me blabbering about all of it on my social media. And, for those who by any chance missed watching the whole story, click HERE to take a look at the video I made sharing my entire experience. Until next time, lots of love and warm hugs!

L-R : Richa Jaggi, Rishika Kumar, Priya Chauhan, Me, Sudipto De, Ankit Sharma, Himanshi Goel
Malvika Gupta, Rubby Singh, Roma Malhotra, Nalin Sharma, Gurinder Pal Singh



  1. The writing forced me to plan a trip soon. Beautifully written. (:

    1. You should surely visit it! ;) And thanks for appreciating my work every single time Ayush!

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