Thursday 25 August 2016

Picket Play with StalkBuyLove

Hey lovelies! How's it going at your end?

I've been a little inactive in updating a fashion post in the past few days, amidst all the hullabaloo about my burnt face. But now that the scars are recovering, I've finally shot in an outfit for one of my favorite brands called STALKBUYLOVE!

Today's look is an inspiration from the British Royal Guard uniform, and I'm totally in love with this style that's running in vogue these days! From Kate Middleton herself to Indian beauties like Katrina, Deepika etc. are all being spotted in ensembles from the military collection, and I just can't over it too! Check out all details about my look and some fancy pictures below.. 

skirt, shirt : | shoes : | rings : Zotiqq | earrings : Silvense by Vrinda

Its a never ending story about my love for formal wear, and especially when it comes to updating my wardrobe with some sexy apparels, I hit up to Stalkbuylove and grab all that I can. Recently, while searching for some shirts and blouses on the website I came across this exclusive Kate Military Shirt in cream colour. Highlights being the front design and stiff cuffs on the sleeves, topped with golden buttons to give it a royal look! Its an extremely comfortable piece that I found to pair up with the black Ebony Pencil Skirt that I bought from the same website from their updated skirts collection. Its pretty stretchable and helps accentuate my curves, making my body appear sleek. So that's a plus point again! Since both the skirt and blouse matched perfectly and had their own charm, I kept my accessories minimal, by including a pair of designer Caged Earrings from Silvense, a few golden rings from Zotiqq and completed my look with my new favorite shoes from StreetStyleStore.

I'll just take a minute to describe my love for SSS, since they've been really kind to me by delivering some of their exclusive footwear on time. These black formal shoes (as shown in the pictures above) that I ordered were the sexiest pair I found on and they are the most comfortable to wear too, also being amazingly versatile for casual, party or formal look. The pointed front is faux leather and rest is velvet. The best part about the shoe is that it has a buckle closing that keeps my ankle secure, and has a 2.5 inches black heel that gives a perfect style to the entire look! PS : Along with this pair, I bought 4 more pairs which I'll be showing you all in my upcoming outfit posts, so stay tuned!


Hope you liked reading this post. If you did, do tell me in the comments below and don't forget to mention which is your favorite product from my entire look. SPECIAL NEWS : I'm giving away a similar black pencil skirt to one lucky winner as shown in the picture (in her size). Check out all rules to participate HERE.

Shot at : Cappuccino Blast



  1. the shirt and the skirt together look stylish.

  2. I love it that you're rocking monochrome like no other! Wish u a speedy recovery.

    1. So glad you liked it! And, thanks a lot for your wishes :*

  3. I loved every piece from your outfit. The detailing on the shirt is very impressive. The shoes too are so unique and beautiful. :) I want such a black skirt from a very long time now and I think this one would look good on me too. I would love to win it from you. :) Insta handle: @aartika.d

  4. The favorite part about your outfit is you. The way you carry yourself and pose for the camera are indeed remarkable. Stylish to the core I live your dressing sense and the blouse is the best part of the entire look. It's where the class belongs...
    Raj Smriti

  5. i am loving this set and you ovio..! also, the color of the outfit is my current favourite and i loved how you styled it with these pretty and antique earring and rings(how the tassel and silver is enhancing the beauty of it!). so, basically i am loving everything. ♥
    your burned face can't stop you from being YOU.. and you're beautiful. :) take care and much love and power to you girl. :)
    salute you for taking the risk of ordering anythng from SSS. haha lol. jk. xD
    insta handle - anjalii_rajput
    who want that skirt so bad! *sigh* ☺☺♥

    1. Haha! SSS isn't that bad either, girl! You sure can take the risk. Just drop them a reminder mail after 21 days for your product dispatch. :)

  6. Shubhi u nailed it!!! Love the way you have carried this dress.

    1. Thank you so much Sumbul. <3 (PS : Its a skirt & top :P)

  7. I like best in your outfit is the way you pair it.. perfect.. Location.. matching.. You give different look to all outfits.. till date.. your jogging n yoga track part was awesome..

    Thank you
    Hiral Shah

  8. Hey.... i love your attitude and confidence to carry yourself.. its the best thing you have in you... for watever you wear... you are lovely with your nature of self strength that you have ans wen it comes to your dress it is just perfect. loved the shirt with is going perfectly with the outfit ��❤.. all the best for your other blogs.. keep writting..☺

  9. hey shubhi di!
    hope you're doing well.. :)
    i am a new new follower of yours but i have heard about you and your blog and also, how you makesure to put your everything in whatever you do and let me mention the girl behind all this info.. it's @anjalii_rajput :p
    well.. lemme come to the point now :p
    so, i havn't watched all your posts yet(but i am gonna do it, write after writing this). i love how you're carrying this skirt and top and also those pair of shoe are ♥ the whole luk is making you look sleek and slender and at the same time CHIC. also, i love the collection of stalkbylove they're so unique and chic.
    loved your post and you. :) ♥
    ps- i request you to make anjalii_rajput win! :p lol.
    insta handle - asthamishra505

  10. Loved the way how you are rocking the monochrome look *_* You accessorized it so well and that red lips. Perfect. Loved it. :*
    Instagram handle - @humbleraka

  11. I really like the whole outfit but it is ur shirt which is making this skirt look more gorgeous n more STYLISH...ur shirt is the main eye catching part here..n along with ur shirt the next part which is making the whole outfit looks OUTSTANDING is ur shoes..really love that shoes..very trendy n going well witg this skirt..ur hangings n ur rings also adding up to thjs gorgeousness...n the whole outfit is looking so stunning as this is a very attention seeking combination of everything...n u wore this that makes it more gorgeous..

  12. Sorry was so much thinking about ur outfit that forgot to tell u my insta detail
    Insta handle- @sehija_world
    By the way..u r looking FANTABULOUS in this outfit..

  13. hey there! :)
    i love how you styled this monochrome luk.. u're looking absolutely stunning! and how u carrying this dress with so much confidence is pretty awesome.. i too m a huge lover of SBL, thr collections are so drool worthy and they know what really girls want. you're also a SBL girl as i have seen you doing so many blogs of SBL outfits! loved everything in this post bdw!.
    have a great day and life ahead also, a speedy recovery. ♥
    insta - abhilasha020

    also, ANONYMOUS coz i don't have an account to post with.

  14. OMG ! you look absolutely gorgeous.. it's difficult for me to choose one thing which I like the most about your outfit..coz each n every thing is complimenting the whole look... but still I specifically like to mention about the skirt's so eye catching ..actually I want to be an air hostess and for the walk in interview also I have to wear a pencil skrit ..which I found lil boring but this is one from stalk buy love is formal as well as stylish .. I hope to win ..and if not I would like to request you to put up some looks for formal interviews please ❤❤❤
    instagram - @sahrishf_1

  15. Hey Shubhi...Thankyou so much for the wonderful giveaway
    The best part about your outfit is that it is from StalkBuyLove.It is a trusted brand and anything bought from that site would be awesome and it would make u look and feel special.Also apart from that i like the way you style it n carry it with confidence.When u have the confidence of carrying urself well everything falls in place. Thats what i am seeing in ur pics above. You r a true SBL babe.

    My insta id- instaaddict.shweta

  16. Hey Shubhi firstly I wish you a very speedy recovery of the burnt marks.
    You still look soooo gorgeous in the pictures and it's difficult to make out as if something happened. Your smile has hidden everything �� . The thing I liked most about your outfit is the small detailing with a overlap flap on the skirt. Not many must have noticed it but I did. This is not one of the usual black skirts but is different and the flap makes it different. I even liked the shirt style and its detailing givibg it a royal look ( and why not, after all it is Kate Middleton inspired so royalness had to be there ��).
    I would love to win this skirt and then wear it both as informally and formally.
    Insta handle:classy_and.fabulous
    Get well soon.
    Thank You.

  17. Thank you for this lovely giveaway.
    I like the skirt which you combined with beautiful shirt.You looks beautiful.I love the pair.

  18. I love the entire look. The skirt is perfectly matching the shirt and the shoes too. You have a very unique style of putting the simplest looks appear best!