Thursday 4 August 2016

Tinted Track ft. Bewakoof

Hey guys! Hope y'all are doing well. Now before you burn your brains thinking about why the title of this post sounds like a loners poem or a new song in town, let me tell you its only because of the RAD location we shot it at. Lol!

Well, coming back to today's editorial for you, this one's in collaboration with a super quirky clothing brand called BEWAKOOF. I know you're almost dying of laughter, but trust me that's the only aim of the engineer duo behind this e-commerce start up and naming it something so fatuous! But isn't it so catchy as well? Like who would've thought to buy a pair of active pair from a website that names itself a 'fool', but then it's the most in demand nowadays, and I'm surprised too! So, I teamed up two of my favorite products from their website for this post, and I'd want you to scroll down to check out all the pictures and a few details about it. I so hope you like it!

t-shirt, joggers : | shoes : Funkfeets

People who know me well, know that I've always put comfort over fashion. Like, I'm one of those girls who literally wear pyjamas to a friend's birthday party without giving an eff to who thinks what, only because I feel comfortable in it while dancing crazy! Also, as I broke the news in one of my previous posts, that I do run to shed a few pounds from my body, so its quite evident that I'm a thorough collector of active and leisure wear. But when comfort meets fashion, its like my favorite thing in the world, and Bewakoof is one such website that delivers comfy fashionable happiness to all!

Now, as you've already seen in the pictures above, I've paired up a black graphics tee from Bewakoof's latest collection of t-shirts for women with a pair of solid pink jogger pants with edits on it too, that I picked from their new range of joggers for women! The contrast that I chose for myself is toberly chic, as they would call it because the print on my tee says 'sotally tober', where as on my joggers it appears as 'tres chic', quite antithetical a combo it is but its SO ME! I really like the pre-washed fabric of both the products, as it appears soft on the skin. When it comes to sizing, I prefer lose tees, but this one actually fitted my body perfectly giving me sufficient space to breathe as well, and the joggers are extremely stretchable for if one wants to loosen or tighten a bit on the waist! I'd been running on railway tracks up and down, sitting here and there and this complete outfit served me the best! Also, I love the fact that the jogger pants has pockets, it saves me from stress I tell you. All in all, the prints, the colors, the quality of the fabric, everything is 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'!

PS : A bewakoof like me, wearing bewakoof top to bottom is no more a bewakoof, so if you want to carry a bewakoof-no-bewakoof look, head over to and get your hands on some amazing active/leisure clothing of all times! They have a wide range of top wear and bottom wear, and that too at the most affordable prices. #MustCheckout

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Photographed by : Daniel Joseph


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